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सुनें 👇 जब करीब होता हूँ उसके  lagaav मन खुशियों से भर जाता है  नाचने गाने का मन करता है  सब कुछ अच्छा लगने लगता है  जब दूर होता हूँ उससे  मन उदासियों से भर जाता है  उसकी चिंता सताती है  एक डर सा बना रहता है  कुछ भी रास नहीं आता है  ये लगाव भी कैसे कैसे एहसास कराता है  कभी उदासी की वजह बन जाता है  तो ये कभी खुशियों की वजह बन जाता है आप यह वीडियो भी देख सकते हैं 👇 लगाव (कविता ) वीडियो वो मुझसे अनजान थी मैं उससे अनजान था  समय के साथ साथ हम करीब आये  वो क्या पल थे वो मेरी पहचान थी मैं उसकी पहचान था  समय के साथ साथ हम दूर हो गए ,रास्ते बदल गए  हम अलग होकर भी एक दूसरे से जुड़े हुए हैं  दूर होकर भी लगता है मैं उसके करीब हूँ वो मेरे करीब है  ये लगाव भी क्या अजीब चीज़ है  ये लगाव भी क्या अजीब चीज़ है  जिससे हो गया वो पराये होकर भी अपने हो गए  जिससे नहीं हुआ या नहीं रहा वो अपने होकर भी पराये हो गए  जिससे हो गया वो दूर होकर भी करीब है  जिससे नहीं हुआ वो पास होकर भी दूर है  सच में ये लगाव का खेल बड़ा ही अजीब है  किसी ने इसे बरक़रार रखा और किसी ने इसे तोड़ दिया  जिसने तोड़ दिया उसका साथ टूट गया  जिसने

Miss the old days

old days Why does the mind yearn for those things Whom I can't get back Why do I remember those days, the places where I can't go back Even if gone, it cannot bring back the time spent I know that time varies The world also changes And there is also an air of new expectations in the mind Still don't know why the old days are lacking How can I forget those days The moving wind, the trees, and plants swaying in the wind, The scent of the first rain, the birds' twitter, Walking on the roof of the house, seeing the stars in the night sky, They are all the same Yes I am grown up now Previously I depended on my mother and father but now I am standing on my feet Someone has some expectations from me Someone will pray for me Someone will ruin my heart Still don't know why the old days are lacking Childhood was also strange, I thought when will I grow up But today, it seems that childhood toys were better than a smoke drop car. I am thinking I should live these moments also

Where are we going

Riding on paper horses in the woods of brick, stone, and concrete, dreaming of progress Remember that childhood village Flowing river, floating fish in the river Floating people, children jumping in the river True of heart but raw of intellect My village kept moving slowly along the roads of raw roads, bullock carts on footpaths, bicycle tires, and crops waving with the far wind. You can also watch this video👇 Where are we going (Poem) Do not know why when I am away from my village My village comes to my mind Maybe it makes me feel that something is left Or just annoys Probably tells me to stop here Tackle the problems here And push me forward then get the whole world on it Show the whole world what I am Smoke spewing factories are not right here Life is there with green swaying crops in the fields Explain to the world its true value Development can also occur without harming nature Show it by doing it here Time is moving at its own pace When I see a needle moving in a clock hanging o

I wish I could do that!

In the midst of this boundary Between the slight knock of the clock's hand on the wall between the fluttering of the pages when the wind coming from the window touches me  I look outside and think of feeling the wind. I wish I could walk with you Had lots of fun in curly clouds Raced with flying birds re-flying a stuck kite Any river or spring water Flying in the air I feel so close Lead the way to someone To remove the sadness of a sad person, I would have showered flowers on him. For a while watching me fly, He would have mistakenly forgotten his sadness. Sometimes climbing trees Sometimes hovering over the fields  Sometimes flying far into the open sky. I wish I could do that! I would fly away to my village whenever I wanted I can fly back whenever I want Then I thought why do I have such thoughts When the work becomes more and the restrictions increase Then in the mind to see the outside world and live freely Wish gets more strength And then comes this thought I wish I could do

Just like that - Bring change and get newness in life

Walking Life never lasts the same. There are changes in life. Whether we or our  surroundings, things change  according to all the time like weather, our body sometimes according to age or sometimes according  to  health. It is said that change is the rule of this world . We cannot do anything that changes according to the will of God or it can be said that it is according to the nature . But by making small  changes in our life, we can improve our life. By doing the same kind of work every day and following the same timetable, we start feeling very bored and there is no fun in life no matter how well we are doing. Sometimes we should make such changes which are different from the rest of the days, so that there is a feeling of newness in life and maybe you get to learn something new or understand something new in life. Sometimes we all have heard in our life that no matter how bad and good the time and condition are, we get to learn something. Changes play a very important role