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My first WhatsApp group

Due to not changing according to the changing times in life, due to the confusion and running of today's life, sometimes something happens to us that we are ashamed to remember it and there is a lot of laughter too. A similar incident has happened to me too, remembering which I feel ashamed and also laugh. This incident is from 2017 when I used to work in an office. I have used the same words and styles which we use in our daily routine, due to which some styles of speaking words of Hindi have been used in English translation so that I can make you feel as much as I was feeling.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
group of two people

It was almost half an hour since my office shift started that afternoon I was discussing something with my new group leader Sagar. Then my old group leader Harish came towards me. And told me- "Rakesh I forbade you to request leave on WhatsApp group. If it is very urgent then message me personally on WhatsApp". Harish who was my old group leader and now may have been shifted to another new process. I did not get his views and we used to argue a lot. The tales of me and Harish's arguments were famous all over the floor. They were so famous that everyone used to wait for new updates. To put it simply, I and him were not in harmony. But he had not completely shifted to another process yet. I always had to send requests for leave to him.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
office conversation

We had developed a sense of friendship while working together and arguing with each other. A kind of belonging had started between us, due to which the problems between us were almost ending. But for everyone else we were opposites to each other. So now I come to the day when Harish said that if it is very important then send me a personal message on WhatsApp. I said-" I said- "Yes, that's why I didn't request holidays on WhatsApp group. I have personally messaged".Sagar was also listening to us. Harish laughingly told Sagar that he has made only me and a group of his own. Well, I did not pay much attention to his words and started fulfilling my target by sitting in my place.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
work in office

Meghna and Prayagi were sitting next to me, with whom I had a good friendship. Omraj was sitting at the place behind me, he was also one of my special friends. After talking to Meghna and Prayagi for a while, I started to complete the target. On the other hand, Harish and Sagar were laughing while talking to each other, perhaps they were talking about me. After a while Sagar called Omraj and laughingly told him something.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
laugh at something

After that Omraj came laughing and pointing to Meghna and Prayagi said - "You know! What a new scandal he has done!" I was surprised to see what happened to him and both of them were also surprised. Then Omraj told that he has made his own and Harish's group. Meghna started laughing and said - "Then what happened, what is the big deal in this!". Then Omraj said-"But who makes a group of only two people!". As soon as he said this, those girls and Omraj started laughing badly and I also started laughing.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
laugh too much

I realized at the same time that I have formed a group of two people, that too with Harish the tales of whom and my arguments are famous all over the floor. Everyone even used to say that these two keep fighting like husband and wife. Still I tried to justify my side and kept my side that I did not know that I had unknowingly made the group(Though later everyone also said that yes brother, the mistake was not yours, it was WhatsApp's).Meghna laughed and asked- "what you used to do in that group?". I said used to send leave requests. Everyone was laughing badly, no one was stopping laughing. I didn't know what to say and what to do. Still, I was justifying myself, I stopped laughing and said that he should have told me what was the need to spread this talk. Those people started laughing more.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
uncontrollable laughter

At this time, Sagar came to me, everyone became silent, everyone felt that now he will tell many things to him. I also felt that now he will give me a speech on right and wrong. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me .I also started looking at him by controlling my laughter. But I could not stop my smile and the shame on my face. He too could not stop laughing and ran to his place laughing. After that other people also started laughing more and I also started laughing with my head on the table. Meghna asked me - "Are you crying? "I raised my head laughing and said - "No! But what has happened"!

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
smiling faces

Then Prayagi said- "Delete that group". I could not understand anything, I was saying anything, I said that group is one year old, it has memories of one year. They started laughing again as soon as I said this. Then Prayagi said - "What is the matter of old memories in this? Delete it soon or else people will make fun of you". She laughed again and asked - "Tell me what is the name of the group"? I said like this - "Group is not named". Then she said - "Well, made a group and do not know the name, it does not happen". Then I told- "Yes, I remembered the name of the group is "Hi Harish" and also there is smile face". After telling this, everyone started laughing even more. Everyone's condition was getting worse while laughing but no one was stopping laughing. Meghna's jaw was starting to hurt. And even if a little laughter was being controlled, then looking at me, it was starting again.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
smiling face

Prayagi said- "You did this deliberately, didn't you? Because there are arguments between you and him. I said- "No, it is not so. I have also come to know today that I have made a group and that too for a year this group is also running. He did not tell me even once. He would have asked once why you have created this group. I think he also understood yesterday". Hearing all this, everyone kept laughing and on that day everyone's condition got worse. I was laughing at myself and was ashamed of what I had done. What to say about Harish, he did not ask me even once and also spread that I left his group twice and he added again both times.

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
smiling while thinking

One of the reasons for what happened was that I was not updated with the changing times in my life. I got a new job. I had taken a smartphone for the first time from my salary and started using it. Earlier I did not have a smartphone. Due to not having a smartphone, I was not aware of social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. When I used WhatsApp for the first time, I was getting confused a lot. In this confusion, a WhatsApp group of two people was formed from me. That's why it is very important to stay updated with the times.

By the way I like to be simple But now it is also understood that we should also keep pace with the changing times And I should also keep information about new things so that no such incident happens as happened to me. That group was the first WhatsApp group in my life that I had created myself. And because of this group I was the admin of my group leader. Hearing what happened to me makes me laugh but it is not necessary that the same incident happens with everyone. 

My first WhatsApp group (with English translation)
laughing while talking

By the way, there is one thing where nowadays people suffering from epidemic, sometimes inflation, sometimes unemployment, sometimes family and sometimes social problems there is definitely a joy to be found by reading and listening to such incidents. For a while, people forget their stress. I still laugh a lot remembering this incident that happened to me. I hope you enjoy reading this and have a lot of fun.

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