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Listen - When I'm close to her The mind is filled with happiness Feel like dancing Everything looks good When I am away The mind is filled with sadness  I worry about Remains a bit afraid Nothing feels good How does this attachment even make us feel Sometimes becomes a reason for sadness So it sometimes becomes a reason for happiness You can also watch this video 👇                             Attachment video she was unknown to me I was unknown to her Over time we grew closer What a moment those were, she was my identity and I was her identity. Over time we drifted apart, our paths changed Even though we are separated, we are connected to each other Even after being far away, I feel close to her and she is close to me. What a strange thing this attachment is. What a strange thing this attachment is. Due to which he became our own despite being a stranger. Those with whom it did not happen or did not exist became strangers even though they were ours. The one with whom it happened i