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Experience letter

Today I went to my office after a long time, almost a year later in the hope that today I will get my experience letter. By the way, I never want to go to office again but it is helpless because it has been a year since I left the office. According to the rule, the experience letter should have come in my email account after 45 days of leaving the office. 

After all, five years of life has been given in that office, you should take the experience letter. By the way, my work is of only 10 minutes but I will see how much time it take.

Experience letter

Then I remember that I forgot to tell Kunal. We had decided that we will go together to get the experience letter. Thought it will be easy to reach office and call him. I didn't think before that I had to go to the office to get the experience letter. I came for another work which did not happen. After all, if I do not go today, I have to go sometime. There is less petrol in the motorcycle, there is also an ATM on the way to withdraw money and I will fill petrol on my way back.

Experience letter
go to office

After withdrawing the money, I parked the motorcycle outside and walked towards the HR department, looking at the familiar places there. I was stepping into the office for the first time after the lockdown. The rules of distancing were followed because of corona pandemic. 

When asked at the reception, I told that I had come for the experience letter. Then when the lady at the reception asked which department I was in, then the security person standing next to the side revealed the name of my department. I laughed and said- "What! Have you recognized it". He said- "I work on this, I recognize everyone". By the way, I was surprised because I had recognized him but that is a different thing, but after a year of identifying me, he too with a masked face. 

After that Madam with security called me in the HR department and told me to wait. Sitting there on the couch, I started thinking that once upon a time I was waiting for my turn for the interview and now I am waiting for my experience letter, I do not know how I spent so many years here and now also to come here. I do not mind, I do not remember that bitter experience, nor to do any job, such a place is not at all, better improve your skills and start your work. as soon as I will get my experience letter i will out from here.

Experience letter

It was too late. I said at the reception it is too late. Tell them. They said okay sit down, they will call you now. I sat back and waited and started thinking I don't know why it is taking so long, whatever, Today I will take my experience letter anyway.

Experience letter

I was looking around while waiting. Two girls were sitting in front of me, probably sitting for an interview, and on one side a person was engaged in mobile, I thought it was amazing, man, his mobile signal is coming, my mobile  is not coming to restart In spite of this, anyway, the signal of the mobile either does not come or comes at this office. A while back I tried to call Kunal, but the phone did not work due to the lack of signal.

I was just waiting to see that the face with an identity was first in my process, after I joined, later the he was shifted in other process. After a long time we met. He was also talking about leaving the job, but there is not even a job outside. I said if there is a plan to do something on your own, then leave the job because very bad time of job is going on. 

Then security person said, walk out and talk a little bit, we came out a little and started talking, there was no disturbance, because of Corona, apart from one or two processes, everyone has working from home.

Experience letter
security man

After some talk, he went on break. I thought if I had come out a little, I would have put the phone to Kunal.

After trying twice, finally the phone rang, and on calling the second time Kunal picked up the phone. At first the voice was not going properly, then when the voice started coming, I told that brother, I am coming to the office, HR office has been started, two processes have also been started. Let's take the letter. His answer came, guests have come to my house, I will not be able to come today. I said never mind, come later, I too came from other work, thought today I will look here too bye bye.

Experience letter
waiting too long

After talking to Kunal, I came back to that place and sat and waited. But how long should I wait then I made a failed attempt to talk to a person sitting nearby, I said- "Hello brother have you come to give an interview" ?, Hey! But he is not responding, then i understand that this brother has put earphones in ear and is engaged in playing games, although brothers is he who I noticed earlier that his mobile is getting signal and my do not. Well after a while he went and then two more people came and sat down. After a while, I tried to talk to one of them and after all what was going on from morning to noon, I was getting bored anyway I am not a machine.

Experience letter

Then I started talking. I asked- "Have you come for interview"? There was a little tension on the face of that man and and he told that his son has joined here. Work from home is on but there is a problem in his system, he has gone to get it fixed. You ask my son the rest, I do not understand anything else. I said that you rest assured, I am not going to take any interview, I am doing time pass like this. Then when he asked if you had come for the interview, I told him that I had left this job long back, today I have come to collect my experience letter. Then his son also came there and he pointed towards his son and told that you should ask the rest of the things from him. Hearing this his son also got tensed and started giving me his interview that hi sir i have completed my bb a and m b a and joined here three days before. I smiled and said that relax, I am not taking any interview, I was asking for such time pass. After that he sat down but he did not stop speaking in English. Then I tried to close it by saying all the best, in our country, English is not just a language, it is a status symbol who speaks as best as it can is smart.

Experience letter
to laugh

They were also done in a while and they left. I then started getting bored and started thinking about things here and there.

Looking in front, I thought how I was when I came here for the first time and was attracted by seeing the outer glowing floor like clean floors, cleaning, lights, glass doors etc. After so long, I can guess here that any new boy of this city who comes here after graduation can be impressed because its first impressions are always good for anyone. That saying is also that first impression is last impression.

Experience letter
office building

Now sitting and waiting too much, then felt i need to go for toilet, cannot even use the washroom here because there is no access now. Then I asked at the reception- "How long will it take from morning to noon"? After that, I went to the washroom after asking the security person. It is good that there is a washroom facility in the parking lot. When I came for the interview, I had to walk a little distance and use the construction washroom. Earlier there was an option of bushes but due to the formation of buildings, it is also not an option. For my safety, he asked a nearby person that where is Gent's washroom, because nothing was written there.

Experience letter

After dealing with the washroom, I thought why not ask a knowledgeable friend or else they would continue to rotate me like this. Let's call Sunesh sir, put the phone twice, but he doesn't seem to be anywhere. Now, whom should I call? Yes, manas, he is the Wikipedia of all these matters. Manas picked up the phone in one go. Talking about a lot of things and also memories of this office. Then after hearing my problem he told that my experience letter did not come after 45 days, so I sent a mail to hrconnect. My experience letter had come to the mail in three days, two times, they are pressurized from above, so work is done, I will send you the format, send the mail in this format. I said good, it's a two-minute job.

Experience letter
mail format for experience letter

Experience letter

After sending the mail, sitting in the same place, my eyes went to the parking lot, the parking full board was still there, I thought that the problem of parking is still the same, because of the lockdown, the work from home is on and here for the trial purpose There are one or two processes.

Experience letter
no parking

Thinking here and there, I was looking at someone coming towards the office, it seemed familiar and I recognized that she is anushri and she too recognized me. We both shook hands towards each other and moved towards each other and then started talking. "Are you joining back here?  I jokingly replied - "No, I have come to apologize to these people with folded hands. Hey I am kidding, it has been a year since I left my job, I have come to collect my experience letter today. I'm never going to join back "😅😄.

Experience letter

When she asked what are you doing nowadays, then I told her that I have given an exam to go to the teaching field and am also doing blogging. There is work to write articles and if I do very well, earning will also start.

she said, well, you are doing blogging.

I said yes, all these jobs are not going to happen to me, now I have to do my own thing.

Then she said that we also want to shift to another city.

Then I asked her that your -------?

she said yes my husband is in the same office above.

Then I said, what is the problem when both are together? There is not much growth here, so Okay see y you, will be late, I will also walk to see if work is done or not.

Experience letter

Then she left. I also came to the reception and said to the Madam at the reception, it is too late, what is the time taking in the experience letter? Madam at the reception put a phone call to HR and I spoke to the HR man, he asked- "Did you put the resign"? I said- "Yes sir and i served three months notice perio"Then the HR person said that send mail on hrconnect your experience letter will come on your email."

Then I told that I have already sent mail on hrconnect.

He said- "When you sent"?

I said "half an hour ago".

He said- "Okay you will get the experience letter on the mail".

Then I asked- "When will it come"?

The answer came - "should arrive in two days".

"Ok thank you sir" 😄.

"Welcome" 🙏.

And I started leaving the phone. Then I turned and said to the madam that asked him why he did not informed me in morning and took too much time from morning to afternoon?

Madame kept smiling and I went out of there.

Thought I will now go home, it is too late, hunger is also very much. Now petrol will be filled tomorrow, today's work will go on.

There was an accident on the way, I felt a bit surprised because I had an accident while going to office a few years ago at this place. This is just a circumstance and nothing else. Then I reached home and in a while I got a mail that you do not need to do anything anymore, your request is in the process and you will be informed.

Experience letter

I felt a bit relieved after reading this and I called Kunal and told him that brother does not need to come to the office, I am forwarding a format on WhatsApp, send the email to hrconnect in the same format.

After talking a little to Kunal, I sent a thank-you message to Manas and by the evening the experience letter had arrived on my email, after that I started writing whatever I felt today, when I was sitting in the office, I was bored. Had just thought that I will definitely write about my day because today with the experience letter, the experience of the day was different from the rest of the days.

Along with getting the experience letter, I also realized that as far as possible, before doing any work, what is the work, how to do it, etc., like if I had planned in advance and I would have known that If I want to send mail on hrconnect and in which format, then I don't have to wait so long for that day. But on the basis of whatever happened, I can say that the things that happen in life, whether good or bad, something or the other is learned, so as far as possible we should live our life happily and keep learning.

Experience letter
But on the basis of my true experience, I do not claim that everyone should have the same experience as it happened to me and everywhere, especially in the job places, it should be the same as I experienced. But anything has its own side. I have kept my aspect through this article only for the purpose of giving information.

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