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Is it necessary to go to gym ?

Those who are health-conscious and want to build a good body, they must have once said that can the body be made only in the gym?

Is it necessary to go to gym ?

You must have heard from many people, especially in your friend circle talking about health. I want to go to the gym but what to do I do not get time to go to the gym. I do not open my eyes in the morning. And after this it is a matter of course that if you cannot go to the gym then do a workout at home. So the answer is that there is no such thing in the house that is in the gym as there are lots of equipment, trainers, and seeing people exercising, we also feel like exercising or say that there is such an environment. Lets feel like exercising.

Is it necessary to go to gym ?
exercise equipment

So the answer to all of this is that if you have a strong will to exercise and build a body, then you can make a good body by exercising anywhere in the gym or at home.

Willpower is fine, but how can equipment like a gym be brought home? Suppose those who have a big house and who can buy them are fine. But what about those who live in lesser places? Can't buy equipment like gym? What do people who have more people in their home and have enough disturbance?

Is it necessary to go to gym ?
What to do

The first thing is that every problem is solved. If the solution of some is found out quickly, it takes time to solve some, but the solution is definitely found.

If we talk about problems related to exercise, then the best and positive thing that I feel for the common people in today's time is that through the internet, a man can know a lot about the solution of his everyday problems. And with his willpower and reasoning, he can also find a solution. In the same way, through the internet, we can get information about which workout to do. How to do ? If there is no equipment, then how can you exercise without equipment? If the time is short, then what exercises can be done in a short time? If there is less space problem, then what exercises can be done according to the place? How can you adjust the time table for exercising according to the situation? And so on.

Is it necessary to go to gym ?

That is, you can exercise anywhere, whether home or gym. You just have to have the will to exercise.

Full body workouts that can be done in less time, without equipment and anywhere - in today's time everyone is busy with his work, so it is difficult to find time for workout. And even if time is taken out, it is difficult to continue it continuously.

Many times people get influenced by someone and decide and start exercising, whether it is joining gym or exercising at home.

But this enthusiasm either lasts for a few days or there are some situations like some day some more work has come and after completing that work you feel more tired and do not feel like exercising. After a few days or a few months, you started feeling that whether you should give so much time to exercise every day.

Sometimes it also happens that you are exercising very diligently and something happened to you as if your health gets worse and after a few days when you are fine then you start feeling that what exercise should I start now? Will have to start again and this time I will not be able to exercise as much as I was doing earlier.

Keeping all these things in mind and based on my experiences, I have come to know about some exercises and do it myself, which I would like to tell here.

Jumping Jack - Jumping jacks are a fast-to-do workout. You can do this exercise while enjoying it as a sport or considering it as a form of dance. It can be done right after standing even in a low place. This is a very easy workout.

Benefits of doing jumping jacks

1. Practicing this daily can get relief in the problem of sleeplessness.

2. This exercise benefits almost all parts of the body.

3. By doing this exercise, the muscles of the legs, muscles of the abdomen, muscles of the hands are benefited. Doing this workout daily also warms up and also helps in reducing fat.

4. By doing this exercise regularly, the muscles and bones of the body keep getting stronger.

5. This increases blood circulation throughout the body. Blood pressure is controlled. Reduced risk of heart attack.

How to do jumping jacks

1. Stand up straight.

2. Keep your arms at your side.

3. Jump up and spread your legs.

4. While jumping and spreading your legs, join hands by moving your hands above your head.

5. Jump again and bring your feet to the old position ie bring your feet together and bring your arms down.

6. Come back to your normal position.

7. You repeat it again.

Jump squats - The jump squat is an exercise that works the legs, hips, arms and muscles together. The jump squat also combines cardio and strength training. It is considered a good exercise for the whole body. The jump squat exercise is done by keeping the front part of the thighs, hamstrings, hips in mind. This workout is considered better for losing weight. The special thing about jump squat is that you do not need much space and any special or other equipment to do it regularly. This workout can be done easily at home too.

Benefits of doing jump squats -

1. Doing jump squats daily gives rest to the heart and lungs.

2. Doing this daily helps in reducing weight.

3. This builds muscles and strengthens muscles.

4. It helps to tone the butt, legs and abs.

5. It is believed to help strengthen bones.

6. By doing this, you get relief from problems related to back and waist.

7. By doing this, both aerobic and cardiovascular exercises are done.

How to do Jump Squat - Jump squat is a bit difficult to do as compared to a normal workout. Therefore, while doing this exercise, there is a need to be careful and keep some things in mind.

1. To do a jump squat, first warm-up the legs well.

2. After this spread the legs at an equal distance. spread the legs as far as

 that you can stand up easily.

3. Now bring the toes of the feet 30 degrees outwards.

4. Tightening the abdominal muscles, tilt the body as if your body is forming in the shape of a chair.

5. Remain in this posture for some time by bringing the thighs parallel or parallel to the ground.

6. While doing jump squats, keep in mind that if you are doing jump squat exercise for the first time, then try to do 2 to 3 sets at a time. Or reduce it in the beginning but do it in the right way and later you can increase it according to your capacity.

Flat - This exercise is also known as Hindu push up. The Hindu pushup is a variant of the pushup that gained immense popularity among traditional Indian wrestlers and the Indian martial arts style due to its benefits and the benefits that led to the exercise being called the Hindu pushup. For centuries Indian traditional wrestlers have been doing Hindu pushups to strengthen their upper body. The great fighter and actor Bruce Lee and the great wrestler known as "The Great Gama" also gave special importance to this workout in their workouts.

Benefits of Hindu Pushups -

I love  Hindu Pushups because of it's unique properties and benefits and I keep practicing them continuously. This style of pushup stabilizes and strengthens joints, works more muscles than any other type of pushup, and has been included in strength training for centuries.

1. Improves Flexibility - Friends, practicing yoga brings flexibility in the body, two types of yoga asanas are used in this same exercise, one is upward facing dog position and the other is downward Practicing both the dog position and the dog position can give great results in the flexibility of your spine. If there is flexibility in the body then it will reduce the chances of you getting any kind of injury.

2. By doing this exercise, the body's ability to do more exercise and do other things keeps on developing continuously.

3. It can be helpful in curing physical and mental problems caused by today's lifestyle. As it is helpful in correcting the posture of the body due to sitting in the same position for a long time. Because this exercise can be learned at work place and after a little effort, there is very less chance of getting bored while doing this exercise and with the passage of time you will find this exercise very interesting and its effect on your body and mind. Positive effect will also be visible.

4. By doing this exercise regularly, your body will also become attractive, the body will also get strength, the body will also be agile. And such a body holds importance not only for wrestlers but for all those who want to be successful in their respective fields of work and live a good life.

How to do Hindu push up -

1. Begin this exercise in downward dog pose, with your hands shoulder-width apart, your entire body in a V shape, and spread your legs apart and hips wide.

2. Bend your elbows and lower your chest until it is just above the floor, going into plank pose.

3. Keeping your arms straight, raise your head and torso up and down and go into the upward looking dog pose.

4. Lowering your head and torso, raise your hips and return to the downward facing dog.

5. Repeat until you complete the set as per your ability.

Hanuman Dand - This exercise is named after a Hindu deity Hanumanji and it is believed that by doing this exercise, our body can become strong and healthy like Hanumanji. This is also a kind of flatness and by doing this you can get all the benefits that have been mentioned about the above exercises.

How to do Hanuman Dand -

1. First plank position or it can also be said that keeping the toes of hands and feet on the ground, keep the whole body parallel to the ground.

2. Take the right foot near the toes of the hands, the leg should be bent at the knee.

3. Apply dips and repeat for the toes and feet of the other hand.

4. Keep doing as much as you can according to your ability.

There can be other ways to do this exercise. I have mentioned here what I have done.

Plank - This workout is also a workout that strengthens almost the entire body and keeps the body balanced and in shape. This exercise is also considered very appropriate for reducing belly fat. It is even more beneficial than sit-ups and crunch exercises in strengthening your core muscles. Doing this has a great effect on almost all the important muscles of the core area.

How to do plank

1. Lie down on your stomach.

2. After keeping your elbows under the shoulders, lift the whole body straight up.

3. While lifting the whole body on the elbows, keep in mind that neither your waist and hips have to be raised too high nor too low, that is, to keep them equal.

4. After that, by contracting your stomach, stay in this position for as long as you are able to stay. Every time try to stay in this state a little longer than before.

And you can do many such exercises which will not take much of your time, will not require much space, there is no money in it. You can watch videos by searching on your internet recharge and once you learn those exercises, they are useful to you for the rest of your life.

But keep in mind that you should warm up well before exercising. Even after a workout, there are some stretching exercises that you should do to relax your muscles.

You do not have to do full body exercises for two days in a row. You have to keep a gap of one day. Like if you are exercising today, don't exercise tomorrow, do it the day after.

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