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One day with tubeless tyre

I was very anxious that day because the lockdown time was prohibited to go anywhere. There was also a lot of boredom in the house. For many days I was thinking that I wish I could go somewhere and that day I got that chance by luck😀. That day I had to take the exam for the post of Army School teacher, thought that both will be done and I will give two and a half hour paper and after that I will roam somewhere😀.

The examination center was slightly ahead of my college and was about an hour away from my house. I was relaxed that day by preparing online offline and all the way but sometimes I think I do a little more preparation but I know that the more I relax now, the better it will be to concentrate in the exam, instead I thought how to fix it Now what is the answer to all the questions, I do not know that it is not necessary, no matter how much preparation, the syllabus of the exam is never complete😉. 

Before the twelfth board exam, my teacher said that at least two hours before the exam, it should be completely relaxed, so I too got relieved😁. After keeping all the essential things from hall ticket to mask, started thinking about going from Scooty or rescheduled with a motorcycle, Scooty will be right, I can give a comfortable exam by keeping my helmet, mobile and necessary things in Scooty. Thought let's check the condition of the vehicle once😎.

One day with tubeless tyre

But what is it that Shivam went with Scooty😅, no matter what, I will go by motorbike😇, I went inside. After a while, Papa started looking for Scooty and when asked, Mother told him that Shivam has been taken and will come. But what is it, he went away with motorbike, now what will happen to me😕, I could not stop him because He was asking to go to the canteen together in the morning, so I said how much time I have to come back, today is my exam. He asked at what time I will go. I said I will leave after 12 noon, after that, he went away being angry and saying that you should take the exam😡😡.

Just a while ago, I wiped the motorcycle with a cloth and cleaned it by starting and checking that let's get well. But now what shall I do to give exams😱? 

I came out and looked here and there and then went inside the kitchen where mother, sister-in-law and wife were all three. I told that there are no scooties and motorcycles outside and my departure time is near. Mummy told that Shivam has gone to get something for himself, he will come soon. I was a little relieved to hear this😅. After a while Shivam arrived.

After some time I also got time. After eating the apple. After following the custom of licking curd and drinking glass water placed on the threshold, I put the key in the scooty and saw, oh, is it going to run out of petrol, only one stem is visible in the meter😞.

One day with tubeless tyre

It is good that a new petrol pump has been opened nearby. I was also a little angry at Shivam and Papa😠. Then I thought it's ok sometimes it happens😇. Then as soon as I reached the petrol pump, As I stood up to the lineA man there interrupted Please stand there not hereIf you have patience, stand here, and if there is a hurry then stand thereHe said this jokingly, I thought it is good that I stand there and there is no line and it will happen soon😊. 

After filling the petrol, as soon as the exit happened, the same man again interrupted Tank lid is not closed properly, the petrol would bounce on the way and he fixed the lid. I said thanks to him.

By the way, have searched everything on Google Map😊.It is good that a new petrol pump has opened nearby, otherwise it would have been difficult for me to go for my exam today. But little did I know there were going to be more problems.

One day with tubeless tyre

As soon as the scooty began to open at the opening of the signal in CBS (a very busy street of this city), the scooty was not starting, the rear vehicles started coming forward and the scooty started on trying twice😅. 

When the scooty started running, it felt like the tire would slip, Hey what! Looks like the tire is punctured😓. A man riding a bike overtaking from behind laughed and said the back tire is punctured, I smiled and nodded yes and said, "I know😅."I thought it was good that I had left the house long ago. Now have to find a puncture repair shop and get this tire repaired and reach the exam center on time.

While driving slowly, I started looking for a puncture repair shop and on the way, many people said, "Tire is puncture, I kept walking silently, what answer would I give to them😏." As soon as I crossed the colony, I saw a puncture repair shop at the barrier and went to the shop👀. He said seeing the tire, it will not be here, it is tubeless tire. He pointed to the west and said go ahead and take the right.

I arrived at the shop driving Scooty in some way👀. The shopkeeper started checking the tire and I was immersed in my thoughts by looking around💭. This was my first experience of puncture tubeless tyre👈. When he said something, I asked Is it puncture? He said hey! hold the handle of the scooty and press the brake. I thought there is no problem (I was feeling that I was stupid but funny😉). And I can reach on time to do the exam😇.

 After a while, he filled the air in the tire and said that there is no puncture, I thought it was okay. I asked how much money he made, he said five rupees as soon as I opened the wallet, I saw that there is no change money, all are notes of two hundred and five hundred😏. I asked him would you have two hundred change?He said no. I asked him if there is any food and drink shop nearby and I saw there shops were closed.

He said no problem I said I have to pay your money. He said, come at the second time and pay offI said, I do not always come here, I look forward if a shop will be open, then I take change. But even then no such shop was open, now I thought let's go to the exam center on time, what a good man this is, after the exam, I will pay for it😇.

As I travel, Panchavati towards the bridge, the rear tire gave the same reaction, it seems that it is puncture, he has not seen it properly, I do not know what he was seeing for so long. Oh god! how can I reach the exam center on time😬

Then I might have thought that something must have come down, so a little slip must have gone😅. Then I came close to the signal on my college road. Sometimes I had to come on this road everyday. Today, after many days, I was traveling on this road and felt relieved that now I am going to reach the exam center and Here comes the Akash Petrol Pump opposite exam center😊.

One day with tubeless tyre

Google Map is also saying this, it should be according to the map, let's go a little further, sometimes there is a difference between the address of the map and the real address😎. Then I went ahead, roamed all the streets of that area, asked the people and after looking at the Google map, reached the main road in front of the petrol pump, again thought that people are telling this and the Google map is telling the same, then that exam center is the 

One day with tubeless tyre
main road

same should be💭.While searching, I got a little tired and I was also sweating a lot. And I was confused because even after reaching the right place, the exam center was not available. More than giving the exam, it was getting difficult in finding the exam center. After all, the exam center should be here only. And I try to get it on time, it is good.

Thinking, I caught sight of a boy who was almost my age and was definitely coming to the exam. I asked the boy about the exam center. He pointed to a building nearby and said that this is it. I said "That's it!" Hey, I had already come here, there is no board above, so it was not known how much I roamed😅. The boy said that there is a board at the bottom. I thanked him and walked towards the building. Seeing near, there was really a board at the bottom and the name of the building was written on it. But when it comes to exam center, the board is always up and big, so this misconception happened😕.

That is, I had reached here earlier. Due to confusion, I was wandering here and there even after reaching the right place. The exam center was in front and I was roaming all around the locality. I saw this in movies. This happened with me too. There was a problem in finding the exam center but I reached the exam center on time.

Well never mind I reached the exam center on time😀. Keeping in mind the Coronavirus, while completing all the formality of security, I sat in front of the system at my designated place and started looking around. The building looked very old, the whole system was improvised. The paint on the wall was also uprooted and there were slight cracks. Looking at the wall in front of me, I had my eye on a calendar with a picture of a beautiful model promoting an energy drink😉. I thought it looked very good. My eyes fell on calendar dates and I was shocked by what year 2019! But now 2020 is going on! Have I walked back a year by traveling time? Messing up since morning😓. I saw the building on the side outside the window, that building also looked old. But when I looked at the computer screen in front of me, then the time, year, and date were correct, the calendar is a year old😅.

One day with tubeless tyre

Even after this, the problems did not subside. The problem of the system came up twice. Once on another system, I was shifted. After a while, I was again put on my system. Time was also wasted, yet I quickly solved the paper. Many questions that have been detected while revising have been skipped. I solved a question. But there was no time left to look at other questions again😓. The system ran into problems again after the time ran out. The paper was not submitted at all. After informing the people there and after repeated attempts by those people, finally, my paper was submitted😌. There was a doubt in my mind that it was not submitted correctly. But it was also reassuring to end the paper😅.

One day with tubeless tyre

Now though, let me go to the washroom. Stopped urinating for a long time. A boy was standing outside the washroom. He said that there is no kundi(similar to lock) inside and only two people can go at a time. I waited for my turn and after getting light, as soon as I started the tap to wash my hands, the water came out of too much pressure and the spills fell on my clothes. Though let's also right, problems have been happening since morning😏.

One day with tubeless tyre

I got out and reached near my scooty and saw that there was absolutely no air in the rear tire, the tire was punctured😓. A man exiting from behind said brother tire is puncture. I said smiling that I know😅.

After that, I took Scotty and went to find a shop to fix the puncture and I thought about that Shop keeper, what did he fix? Just fooled. Now I will not go to pay him😠. I next saw a puncture shop. I went there and showed the tire. He said that Won't be here, it is the tubeless tire. He pointed to a petrol pump at the back and said, "Go there,😊👉 there your work will be done."

Going to that side, I started thinking that Thought I would roam somewhere after giving exams, but now it will be too late. Now the puncture should be cured and reach home on time😅. Soon the darkness will also begin. I reached to the shopkeeper and said -  Is it puncture? This is a tubeless tire😊. He looked and said that this is not a tubeless tire, This is a tubed tire😁. I was shocked as to why the shopkeepers were calling it a tubeless tire😕😅! Anyway, This was my first experience of Scooty's tire puncture.. When my father bought this scooty, I didn't know because I was in the office at that time and I do not know much about scooty or vehicles😑. But the biggest shock for me that day was "tubeless tires😂"!                         

One day with tubeless tyre

The shopkeeper said take the tire new👨. I said not now. Now fix the puncture. When will you get a new tire? This tire has been worn out👦. I said this is not the case, I have come from far away and live towards Devlali. It will become dark as I go. Now if puncture work is done quickly then it is good for me. By the time the puncture was healing. Till then I was listening to the song on mobile, sometimes looking around and sometimes I was immersed in my thoughts. There was also a lot of hunger but it was risky to eat outside as Corona feared. The lockdown was opened but the news of Corona not being closed. It took time but the puncture recovered and Scooty became fit to run. Scooty became fit to run.

One day with tubeless tyre

By the way, this time also I was asked to hold the handle of the scooty and press the clutch. This time I heard right and did the same. This time there was no problem of change as well and I got change money as well. Thought I would eat some light foods later😊. I thanked them and left for home😇. While leaving home, I thought that I would go somewhere after the exam. But now it is good if I reach home safely. Anyway, it is not necessary that we should be the way we want. Well it doesn't matter, then later I will go to some good place to entertain myself. Sometimes a decision has to be taken according to the situation. One should not give up hope and effort.

One day with tubeless tyre
waning evening

The evening was falling, darkness was increasing and hunger too. In the Waning evening, I was returning home in the growing noise of increasing darkness, hunger, and the crowd of the city😇. And life was going on together, with good - bad, weird - poor experiences with him. Looking forward to the next morning😇. 

One day with tubeless tyre
Next morning



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