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I was thinking about myself that I quit the job😟, I do not know how successful I will be in the exams I have given😟, my wife's taunting and pressuring me to do the same job over and over again 😟 Do not have to do such a job exactly as I have left the job😏.Better then improve my skills and start my work😇. father's taunts about job😞, mother's frustrating things about job and comparing by both with others who are more successful than me😞

The son is still young but he will have to get admission in school and the expenses will also increase😟, It is good that I did not waste earnings and paid attention to the simple life and savings from the beginning of the job😌😏. But for how long I will have to make some arrangements on the basis of saving. After thinking all this, it started to look like this world is a sea of ​​sorrows. Weep as long as you live😨😭.


Then on the basis of my inner experience, my reasoning ability responded that why am I feeling that all is bad? Answer was due to "stress"😇. These problems and this world are not as bad as they are feeling due to stress😇. If the stress is removed from these problems, then these problems are nothing👎😇. There are problems only because there is a solution to them too 👼. It is our job to find them😇. The solution is also found on searching, sometimes sooner or sometimes late😇.

Wasn't there a bad time in life before this😄Whatever was to happen, it kept happening. I also failed during school days. At that time my parents and I were very depressed and also under stress for some time😞? But today it is understandable that the time was not to be depressed and tense 😇. I had to think about what is the problem? Why is it? How is it? What is the solution? What is the other way? That time passed in tension could also pass through happiness😇😄?


While thinking this, my inner confidence was activated ✊😇and said what the hell is this stress! How things have come and gone in life💪😇. Why should I be disappointed😇? After leaving the job, I improved my way of living😇. I wake up early in the morning. I go to sleep early at night and go to full sleep, do exercise, do yoga😇, spend as much time as possible with my family, I feel very happy after doing my household work😊😇. How nice it is to play, talk, study with my son😁😇? Apart from this, improve my skills such as writing, drawing, fitness information and research on how to work from home and learn about fun things. Keep reading something or the other😎😍.

Why think what others think of me😏Why should I do a job that I am not interested in, by listening to others😏? What should I decide to do? Why should I not take it according to myself 😏? Why should I become a victim of mirage 😏?The word mirage means deer's thirst or desire. The word Mriga means "deer" and the word "trishna" means "thirst", "desire", "aspiration". Thinking about the job, I remember this word because the meaning of this word, I had heard from one of my teachers during my schooling that a deer is wanders far and wide while smelling a fragrance. In search of which that fragrance is coming and the interesting thing is that the fragrance for which he keeps wandering so far away is not coming from anywhere else but from inside. In the same way, after working for so many years, I feel that instead of working with someone else, I can hone my skills and work for my livelihood myself, that is, I can start my own work. I believe in my shining skills and myself that I can do it and by working hard without fear, success will definitely come. 

And in this way I continue to be free from my stress due to my self-confidence😍. Sometimes the taunts are heard, sometimes the heart hurts 😞, but for me the final decision is mine because instead of focusing on others, I pay attention to my skills and do my work with confidence✊👼.

If you want to do any work in life, to do a job, to start any new business or work, then you should believe in yourself. Understanding your skill, you should hone it. One should have the courage to overcome the fear and find a solution to the problem. One should have the courage to say right as right and wrong as wrong. Must learn from mistakes. One should not get discouraged on failure and should understand the reason with patience and should find solutions and keep trying continuously. Have confidence in yourself more than what people say.

All these things are necessary for a successful life and for a stress free life. But let's understand in a little detail why it is necessary - suppose you do not know what talent you have. If you have a lot of degrees, then you will keep running blindly after many jobs without understanding what abilities you have and what kind of work you should look for based on that. Even if you do get a job in some way, it is more likely that you will not be satisfied with that job. That's why we should know what skills we have, how to improve it and what work we have to do based on that. In this way, you will remain confident about your work and also have a positive attitude and you can avoid feeling stressed about the work.

You have talent, it's a good thing but you should believe in yourself that you will do it. If you hear negative things of others, look at others or for any reason think that it will not happen to me, when it is not done to so many people, then where is it going to happen to me, this work is not so easy, this work is of no importance Who asks nowadays such works etc. If you will not start by coming into such things, if you do not try, then there will be no such work, especially such work which you want to do for yourself. And you may be unable to achieve what you want in this life.

What about people There are many types of people in this world, their way of thinking is different, they have their own views about anything, their ways of speaking are different. You may not be perfect for everyone, be it your family members or outsiders.


Due to my skill and self-confidence, I have been able to put these ideas in front of you today and I also hope that my ideas can be useful to someone And try again to be free from stress and be successful😇👼😍.

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अनुभव पत्र

सुनें 👉 आज मैं बहुत दिनों बाद अपने ऑफिस गया लगभग एक साल बाद इस उम्मीद में की आज मुझे मेरा एक्सपीरियंस लेटर मिल जाएगा। वैसे मै ऑफिस दोबारा कभी नहीं जाना चाहता 😓लेकिन मजबूरी है 😓क्योंकि एक साल हो गए ऑफिस छोड़े हुए😎।नियम के मुताबिक ऑफिस छोड़ने के 45 दिन के बाद  मेरे ईमेल एकाउंट मे एक्सपीरियंस लेटर आ जाना चाहिए था☝। आखिर जिंदगी के पाँच साल उस ऑफिस में दिए हैं एक्सपीरियंस लेटर तो लेना ही चाहिए। मेरा काम वैसे तो सिर्फ 10 मिनट का है लेकिन देखता हूँ कितना समय लगता है😕।  समय  फिर याद आया कुणाल को तो बताना ही भूल गया😥। हमने तय किया था की एक्सपीरियंस लेटर लेने हम साथ में जायेंगे😇  सोचा चलो कोई बात नहीं ऑफिस पहुँच कर उसको फ़ोन कर दूंगा😑। मैं भी कौन सा ये सोच कर निकला था की ऑफिस जाना है एक्सपीरियंस लेटर लेने।आया तो दूसरे काम से था जो हुआ नहीं सोचा चलो ऑफिस में भी चल के देख लेत्ते हैं😊। आखिर आज नहीं जाऊंगा तो कभी तो जाना ही है इससे अच्छा आज ही चल लेते है👌। गाड़ी में पेट्रोल भी कम है उधर रास्ते में एटीएम भी है पैसे भी निकालने है और वापस आते वक़्त पेट्रोल भी भरा लूंगा👍।  ऑफिस जाना  पैसे निकालने