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focus and success

We have all read and heard many stories in our lives whether they are related to any religion, are related to any corner of the world, or are related to any language. These stories are very funny and are very good to listen to. Whether these stories are true or fictitious, we do not know, but if we consider these stories, then in these times too, they help us to decide how to live, what is right, what is wrong, etc. 

focus And success

One such story is of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. In it, Guru Dronacharya, who was the guru of the Pandavas and taught the Pandavas the use of war and weapons.

Once, he decided to test the archery of the Pandavas by hanging a fake bird on a tree. He called all the Pandavas and told that all of you have to turn and shoot on the eye of the bird hanging on the tree. Everybody was ready.

Guru Dronacharya called everyone one by one and before aiming, he asked one question, what do you see in front of you? His answer would be that I could see the sky, the tree, the leaves, the bird, etc. Hearing this answer, Guru Dronacharya did not allow anyone to target the bird's eye. And thus four out of five Pandavas did not pass that test.

focus And success

Then finally came the turn of Arjuna, who was one of the five Pandavas. Guru Dronacharya also asked Arjuna the same question, what do you see in front of you? Arjun replied that I can see the eye of the bird in front of which I have to target. Hearing this answer, Guru Dronacharya gave an opportunity to target Arjuna and Arjun also hit the target perfectly.

After this, Guru Dronacharya told everyone that just as Arjuna's focus was only on the eye of the bird while targeting, whatever goal we have in front of us, our attention should also be on our goal at that time, should not focus here or can also say That one should concentrate on one task at a time and should do it properly. This story makes us understand the importance of focus in our life.

Just imagine if Arjuna had been thinking of some other weapon at that time instead of focusing on the bird's eye, such as wielding a sword or wielding a mace, would he have been able to clear that test and aim at that fake bird's eye.

Like the hero of this story is Arjun. Similarly, all are heroes in their respective lives. Everyone has their skills, their shortcomings and their goals. We all have to refine our skills and identify the shortcomings and remove them, keeping in mind what our goal is?

focus And success

While setting goals, we have to keep in mind that we have to do only one thing at a time. As the hero Arjun of this story had to aim in the eye of the bird, then his focus was only on the eye of the bird and not on the things around it. If he had focused on other things, he would not have been able to target properly.

I and my friends have suffered the mistake of not focusing. In those days, after graduation, we had become a group of friends. The reason for that was that some of my friends were from school. But the real reason was that we all wanted to become officers in the Indian Army and all had taken full training of NCC. We all kept dreaming of becoming officers, we used to prepare for it in every way, mental and physical.

In those days, I had adapted my entire routine according to the routine of the army. Since I had also been an NCC cadet and had experience with the timetable and way of living from the start of the day to going to bed, it was not a big deal for me to get into the army routine. Waking up early in the morning, doing yoga and other exercises, preparing for the exam during the day, going out in the evening to play a sport and exercising again and talking about the exam with friends or discussing an issue in a group . This was my daily work. Always used to dream of becoming an army officer and after completing NCC training, it had started to seem that now we have become eighty percent officer, just by working a little more, we will become hundred percent officer.

Because we were all from middle class family, it was not easy for us to focus on one thing. Sometimes under the pressure of family members, sometimes in the desire to get a job quickly, we used to fill whatever form came out and go to give all exams. Preparation of even one could not be done properly. 

It is also true that my friends and I were working hard to become an army officer, but instead of focusing on just one thing, we used to fill whatever job form came out, thinking that if it did not happen. So it will happen in someone. For this reason, it used to be that there used to be a lot of disturbance in the routine we followed, even though we were motivated, we could not give our hundred percent in the preparation of army officers because all the examinations had their own syllabus, at different places. Had to go, sometimes tired of traveling, sometimes ill, had to give so many exams, then it was difficult to give time to everyone and focus on everyone. All my friends who failed like me may have other reasons for their failure but one of the main reasons I understand is lack of focus.

In those days, there was no online facility to fill the form like today. Most forms were filled offline. The process from filling the form to sending it was very long and tiring. One had to go out of the city to give exams. Due to not being able to focus in one place, neither we could clear the officer interview nor any exam.

If we had prepared something after taking into consideration something, we would surely have got success. For example, we wanted to become officers at that time. We should have paid attention first of all, what is an officer? What are his responsibilities? What qualities do we need to become officers?

focus And success

What are the drawbacks in us, why , how can we overcome them? If despite all the preparations we are getting rejected, what could be the reason behind it? We should try it in the future or find another option so that our time and hard work is not wasted. If I say in other words, setting one goal at a time and taking all its positive and negative aspects into consideration should prepare properly.

Based on this article, we can understand how much importance of focus is in our life. I hope that this article will give you the right guidance and at least you should avoid making the mistake that I and my friends have made.

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