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One Approach That Can Solve Many Problems of life

Today after yoga and walk, I was taking morning sun on the terrace of my house. Thinking about the country, society and today's situation, this thought came that if we believe that our body is our temple, mosque, church or every building where it is believed that God's is the habitat.

One Approach That Can Solve Many Problems of life

How good it would be if we take care of our body as God's place. Just like we take care of a place of worship properly and with a lot of heart, as if there is no kind of filth there, so much care is taken of cleanliness. Care is also taken that there is no wrongdoing there. There is a ban on bringing anything bad or harmful. If there is any deficiency or any problem comes in any part, then proper remedy is taken immediately and with great reverence. Similarly, if we take care of our body like don't keep dirt around us. Take great care of the cleanliness of the body. Avoid any bad habits which are harmful for the body. Do not eat or use anything that is harmful to the body. And if the body falls ill or if there is any kind of problem, then remediate it with full dedication and devotion. Avoid postponing the problem of the body for any reason and make it a habit to remedy it quickly. Because any problem starts from a small level. So it is better to solve the problem in the beginning.

One Approach That Can Solve Many Problems of life
right idea

Now if we assume that our body is a temple, then it would be correct to believe that our God is also in our mind. We can talk to him whenever we want, we can pray any time, we can discuss right and wrong etc.

Now if we believe that the body is our place of worship and God is in our mind, then it would also be correct to believe that doing any kind of exercise, doing yoga etc. is like worshiping, which serves the mind along with the body. Good and nutritious food will be like offering to God, due to which the body will be healthy and the mind will also be good. Someone has rightly said that a healthy mind develops in a healthy body.

If the body is healthy then our mind will also be healthy. And if the mind is healthy along with the body, then our attitude towards everything will also be positive and if our attitude is positive towards everything, then it may be that many problems of the world will be solved like unnecessary debate in the name of religion. Get rid of wrong customs, get rid of separatist thinking, get rid of thinking that harms nature, get rid of non-vegetarian thinking etc.

By the way, these are my personal views and it is not necessary that everyone agrees with it but if everyone agrees then how good can it be. No one will get sick too much and if he does not get too sick, he will be saved from spending more on medicines and diseases. It doesn't matter if you are a little sick or a physical problem, but I can hope that there will be no possibility of getting any major disease.

One Approach That Can Solve Many Problems of life
good thinking

I have seen many such people around me suffering from illness and coming on the verge of ruin because if there is any disease, if it increases beyond the limit due to any reason, then it can prove to be fatal and can also spend all the deposit.

However, to deal with such a situation, there are options of insurance policies nowadays and they are also promoted with loud noise and people have started giving great importance to policies. This is a very good thing, things like insurance policies should also be given importance. But one should also think that why is there a need to give importance to all these things. After all, if understood properly, your health is in your own hands. If we want, we can keep ourselves free from diseases by being health conscious and if we want, we can make ourselves a home of diseases due to carelessness and wrong habits. Health awareness and right habits can also get rid of unintentional illness or any physical problem. Apart from this, we can also adopt the option of insurance policy as a precautionary measure. By the way, the kind of situation nowadays, it is very important to take an insurance policy.

Apart from this, I have said other things like quarrels and unnecessary debates in the name of religion can end because when you start considering your body as the place of worship and adopt good habits and start giving importance to brotherhood, then you will start thinking positively. There will be no question of temple, mosque, church etc. Apart from this, instead of spending money and time on unnecessary rituals, money and time will be used on something good. The problem of separatism, whether it is family, may be due to the lack of ideas between two people or due to the lack of ideas from two groups. There can be solutions because I believe that due to good health, when everyone keeps positive thinking, then negative things can stop happening in the society.

One Approach That Can Solve Many Problems of life
positive step

Apart from these, I talked about getting rid of the non-vegetarian thinking, although this is my personal opinion and most people will not agree with it, but But I think they all know that there is life in those creatures too and on killing or doing wrong to those creatures, those creatures also suffer as much as we do. Just imagine, who would be such a father-like god who would like that one of his sons (humans) would be happy if he shows devotion by killing another son (beings) in the name of custom or by hurting those creatures for his selfishness. We should follow the principle of live and let live.

It is also true that in order to satisfy its hunger in this world, one organism kills another. Why is it like this, we leave it to nature or to God. But that nature or God has made us better than all living beings we can think what should be or what should not. If science is to be believed, then the digestive system of the human body is not meant to digest non-vegetarian food. Non-vegetarians are more likely to have digestive problems. You can also know this by doing Google. But whatever it is, we can solve the world's problems with our body and our thinking.

Just think, this one approach can solve many problems of life.

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