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Seems mild but the issue is serious

An issue that does not come up in debate but keeps coming on people's tongues. On which a lot of research has also been done. If you search on the internet, you can find very interesting information about it, which is very useful. It is an issue which is in everyone's life. It affects everyone's life whether it is a matter of health or career. It is also very neglected in our society. This is not a riddle, I am talking about sleep.

If I say on the basis of my personal life experience, the sleeping person is looked at with a very inferiority complex in our society. My father was a government employee. They were being transferred to different places. Due to his transfers, I sometimes stayed in my village and sometimes due to his transfers I also got a chance to live in different places. My school days, college days were all spent in different places. One thing was common everywhere. Not letting you sleep full and then taunting you from sleep. For example, if the answer to a question does not come or is wrong, then you will get to hear when I was explaining or telling, then where was your attention? Were you sleeping at that time? How much will you sleep, wake up now or else you will repent.

Seems mild but the issue is serious
Good sleep

If we talk about school time, then it had become a trend at that time that the more one used to study awake at night, the better it was considered to be good. And in my house, the example of such boys or girls was given in this way "The boy or girl of Falana Saheb wakes up at night to study. Such children are successful. It is not a concern at all. Have to do some homework and eat and sleep. Tell this to wake up too, if you don't get up, apply two slaps and wake up in the morning and ask to read, remember the morning's reading.

Initially due to fear and later I assumed that the more you study, the better it is. Whether you understand it or not, just wake up and keep on rote and get good marks in the exam. At that time I had also heard somewhere "he who sleeps loses and he who wakes finds".

Sometimes the work of writing was so much that it used to be 2 or more in the night while writing. Sometimes it was my own fault, I used to do a month's work in a day by disturbing my sleep.

Seems mild but the issue is serious
sleep deprivation

For the exams, one had to study for a long time at night. Had to wake up early in the morning and study again. Slowly the school days passed, the college days passed and this cycle of disturbing sleep continued. Sometimes by compulsion and sometimes of his own free will. The effect of this was that till I was in a small class, I used to get good marks by rote. But as I got older I found it difficult to concentrate in studies. It started getting more cold and once there was a cold, it would not get better soon and later it came to know that I do not have a cold, it is a problem of the nose, which always has a cold-like condition and sometimes there is difficulty in breathing. Due to this problem, I was also admitted to the hospital for a week. Indigestion problem also started. Sometimes I couldn't sleep even after trying hard. I also used to exercise for a long time but there was no difference of exercise on my body. Although there were other reasons for all these problems, but one of the main reasons behind all these problems was not getting enough sleep.

Seems mild but the issue is serious
not feeling well

Gradually the days of studies were completed and the days of struggle for employment started. Now the taunts of the job took the place of the taunts of studies. Filled many forms, gave many exams, wandered in many places, did many things even for pocket money. But the process of disturbing sleep was going on, sometimes compulsively and sometimes with pleasure like watching a movie with friends, talking at night, sometimes sitting in a group and sometimes by messaging or phone.

It is said that no one's hard work goes in vain. I didn't go either. Due to continuous efforts, finally one day got a good job worth saying. But even here sleep had to be compromised. The work was of research, but if we talk about the timing of the job, as it happens in private jobs. Work is done in shifts. My shift was from noon to midnight and had to work even longer if needed. Even now I had to listen to the taunt of more sleeping in the house. Now the family members should also understand that the person who works till midnight and spends some time on the smartphone, if he sleeps a little during the day then what is bad. No matter how late I slept, I used to do yoga and other exercises in the morning, due to this I looked very fit and was also good looking. But indigestion and other problems were not completely cured

I started researching all these problems. On doing research, it was found that whatever these problems are, the reason for them is our changing or wrong lifestyle. Sleep also has an important role in all this. When I did research on sleep, I found that sleep is a natural process and very important. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is very important for us.

Seems mild but the issue is serious
plenty of sleep

 Benefits of sleep

 During sleep, many biological activities take place in our body.

Cells are repaired. New energy is available. Molecules like hormones and proteins are made in the body.

Seems mild but the issue is serious
sleep is necessary

 The better we sleep, the better our mood will be.

 Sleep helps strengthen our heart.

 Sleep strengthens our body's ability to fight diseases.

 Sleep improves memory.

If you are passionate about staying fit then good sleep is very important for you to perform better in exercise and maintain good health.

Good sleep increases the ability to work and produce.  And so on.

If you don't sleep properly -----

If we do not get enough sleep then our brain does not work properly.

Seems mild but the issue is serious
sleep deprivation - bad mood

Memory is not good.

Lack of sleep weakens the body's ability to fight diseases.

The risk of getting diseases like cancer, diabetes can increase.

There is a bad effect on the digestion process.

Thinking can be a problem.

Chances of having an accident increase.

You will not feel refreshed.

You can be irritable. And so on

We need to be aware of sleep. If someone is sleeping too much, then instead of taunting him, needs to think why he is doing this? What is the reason? Whether it is studies or career, always compromising with sleep is not only wrong but it is also dangerous.

Since the lockdown, many people are working from home.. If you want, take 7 to 8 hours of sleep and feel its benefits and spread awareness around you too because it seems mild but the issue is serious

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