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keep quiet - good or bad

Friends, somewhere we all have this confusion that if any problem comes, then how should our reaction be. Should we speak or remain silent at that time. It is better to speak or to remain silent or it can also be said that a problem can be solved by speaking or a problem can also be solved by being silent. There have been some incidents in my life through which I have tried to find the answer. Thinking Cycling on railway platform  -  In those days we had newly come to the Dhrangadhra. Dhrangadhra is a place in Gujarat. My father was a soldier and his posting was done in Dhrangadhra. In those days, the only means for us to go anywhere was the bicycle, through which my father used to go to his regiment and also to other places. I had learned to ride a new bicycle in those days. I loved cycling, so whenever I got a chance to ride someone else's cycle, I did not leave that opportunity. The same thing happened that day too. My father reached Dhrangadhra railway station to meet some of h