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keep quiet - good or bad

Friends, somewhere we all have this confusion that if any problem comes, then how should our reaction be. Should we speak or remain silent at that time. It is better to speak or to remain silent or it can also be said that a problem can be solved by speaking or a problem can also be solved by being silent. There have been some incidents in my life through which I have tried to find the answer.

keep quiet - good or bad

Cycling on railway platform - In those days we had newly come to the Dhrangadhra. Dhrangadhra is a place in Gujarat. My father was a soldier and his posting was done in Dhrangadhra. In those days, the only means for us to go anywhere was the bicycle, through which my father used to go to his regiment and also to other places.

I had learned to ride a new bicycle in those days. I loved cycling, so whenever I got a chance to ride someone else's cycle, I did not leave that opportunity.

The same thing happened that day too. My father reached Dhrangadhra railway station to meet some of his acquaintances, taking me along with him on a bicycle. After reaching the station, he sat at one place and started talking to that acquaintance. I got a chance and went out to ride a bicycle. After going a little further while cycling, a man tried to stop me but seeing him, I went ahead without giving any gesture.

keep quiet - good or bad

When I was going back on my bicycle, that man appeared again to me. There were other people with him. They all stopped me. The man was speaking in Gujarati. I was watching and listening silently. I understood from the age of the man (who was older), the gesture, and the behavior of the people around that that man is a senior railway officer and cycling is not allowed on the platform.

One was an unintentional mistake. Couldn't even understand the language. I was just watching and listening to them silently.

Seeing me immediately silent, the officer and the rest were surprised. One of the men standing there said moong che. So much so that I understood that those people are considering me dumb and deaf and in Gujarati language dumb is called mung.

keep quiet - good or bad
advantage of being silent

They thought me dumb and deaf. They also took pity on me. On the orders of that officer, two people started leaving me. After walking some distance, those people asked me to go out of the station in the language of gesture. My eyes fell on Papa and I walked towards him and was saved by the grace of God.

That day I survived because of my silence. That thing is different that I had not figured out any idea that if I remain silent then those people will consider me dumb and show sympathy towards me. At that time I was a student of class 6th and at that time I could not understand what to do, so I was completely silent and the solution of the problem came out on its own. Keeping quiet here proved beneficial for me.

Recalling that day, I feel that if there are situations in life when we do not understand why this is happening, who is responsible for it, what is its solution, etc., then we should not take any wrong step. Instead we should keep ourselves calm. keep patience and try to understand. Sometimes it's better to be quiet.

Handcart thug - One day I was returning home from extra class. As usual, my eyes fell on the elderly vendor who used to sell chocolates, biscuits etc. I had twenty rupees at that time. I bought five chocolates for one rupee by paying twenty rupees to that hawker. After taking the chocolate, I stood waiting that he would return the rest of my money. He kept fixing his stuff here and there and looking at me after a while said in a stern manner, you have got chocolate, now go.

keep quiet - good or bad

 I was a child at that time and that too alone. I was completely stunned by his behavior and kept on calculating all the way, then it came to know that chocolate is only for five rupees, he has not returned my fifteen rupees. But I didn't have the courage to tell him this. I remained silent. Didn't even tell anyone in the house about that handcart. It was harmful for me to remain silent here. I should have spoken without fear. Should have told in my house too.

Friends, anyone can go wrong, whether he is big, small, educated, illiterate. I am not saying that one should speak in a wrong way or behave in a wrong way. Right from love but one should have the courage to say wrong as wrong and right as right.

Government Dispensary - One day while playing football in school, I slipped and fell and got hurt in one finger of my hand. My father was a government employee, so I went to a nearby government dispensary for treatment. It was evening, there was no line, only I was the only one of the patients. But the checking employee was busy talking to his fellow employee. I was waiting for more than an hour. After some time one of his seniors came over there and said a patient is sitting and you are talking. He immediately replied to his senior Sir, he has just come, ask him. He lied very confidently. I didn't say anything, just silently watching and listening. While I should have spoken against him.

keep quiet - good or bad
watch time on clock

His confident lying proved to be beneficial for him. Keeping my silence instead of speaking the truth encouraged his bad habit.

It is not a bad thing to remain silent or not. Many people have a habit of talking a lot and many people do not like to speak much, they like to be mostly silent.

We must know where to remain silent and where to speak. It is not good to remain silent where one should speak and it is not good to speak where one should remain silent.

keep quiet - good or bad
Keep quiet

keep quiet - good or bad

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