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How I got over my bad habit

That day it will be at half past eight in the night. I got a phone call from my younger brother-in-law, that too a video call. I was watching different videos on Facebook at that time, which is my daily habit. I don't know why even though I don't want to, I watch videos before sleeping and watch a lot, even knowing that watching so many videos is harmful, still I watch. viewing on smartphone  Some time ago I had completely overcome this habit. I used to put away my mobile after 7 pm. For alarm also I have bought and use a small alarm clock. Because many times it used to happen that I used to keep an alarm in the mobile and keep it nearby, because if it was in the mobile, then I used to feel like watching something or the other. And if you start seeing once, then you do not know the time while watching and after that you have to bear the brunt of not getting sleep at night for the whole next day. Like getting up late in the morning after sleeping late in the night and doing all