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How I got over my bad habit

That day it will be at half past eight in the night. I got a phone call from my younger brother-in-law, that too a video call. I was watching different videos on Facebook at that time, which is my daily habit. I don't know why even though I don't want to, I watch videos before sleeping and watch a lot, even knowing that watching so many videos is harmful, still I watch.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
viewing on smartphone

 Some time ago I had completely overcome this habit. I used to put away my mobile after 7 pm. For alarm also I have bought and use a small alarm clock. Because many times it used to happen that I used to keep an alarm in the mobile and keep it nearby, because if it was in the mobile, then I used to feel like watching something or the other. And if you start seeing once, then you do not know the time while watching and after that you have to bear the brunt of not getting sleep at night for the whole next day. Like getting up late in the morning after sleeping late in the night and doing all the other work late and even if you get up early forcibly, then due to incomplete sleep, there is no feeling in work, laziness, work is not done properly and on health. also have a bad effect

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)

As I said earlier, I had overcome this habit sometime back. To control this habit, I used to tell myself this repeatedly while doing yoga, especially while doing meditation asanas and still say I have to leave that bad habit, I have to sleep early at night, wake up early in the morning after doing yoga. Have to go running too. In the evening, keeping my smartphone at home, I used to walk on a mountain a little away from my home, about eight kilometers away from my thoughts, and after that I used to come and exercise. And thus I kept myself away from the smartphone for about an hour. And in this way slowly I got away from the addiction of smartphone. 

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
very nice

 I used to go to bed early at night and wake up early with full sleep and after doing yoga and running, I would get more time to do my career related and household chores. And slowly my hard work and good habits paid off. I am fond of writing, so after searching a little, I got the job of writing a blog. And gradually I started getting more online jobs because I started using the smartphone to an extent and search for the right things. While searching like this, a day came when I found a work from home job which was related to a voice process. I was doing the rest of the work from home. The salary of that job was also very good. That job was of sales, so the incentive was also getting very good. Seeing the offer letter it seemed that the job is very good and the salary is also very good.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)

But it is said that it is not necessary that the thing which looks good from outside should be as good from inside as well. And time keeps on changing, change is the rule, sometimes good days come in this world and sometimes bad days come. Bad days started for me too. While working for a week, I understood that this is just a hoax, they only have to sell their app and they wanted to increase their customers as much as possible. After talking properly for two days, those people started pressurizing everyone to sell the app, that too without giving training in voice process and the language of those people also started getting harsh. Those people also started using words like donkey for us. I didn't like this job.  I thought I should leave this job now.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
This is not right

I started doing research on Google about that company. However, I should have done this earlier. Now as I am, I am human, and mistakes happen to humans, I have also made mistake.. After searching and reading people's reviews, I came to know that this company turned out to be the same as I felt and was thinking. After that I talked to some of my experienced friends about it. Those friends gave the opinion that leave this job, it is a cheating company, they only have to see their benefit. Nowadays, there is a lot of cheating in the name of online jobs, be careful.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
be aware

I decided that leaving this job, I should apply for jobs in good places and good companies based on my experience. For a week, due to this job, I stopped doing other work like writing blogs. I was thinking of writing a blog and at the same time started doing research for other things. Right now I was in these confusions that one day something happened in front of me that I had to face both physical and mental problems. Due to which I became very restless.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
felt bad
Well, the physical wound was gradually healed through medicines and because I pay a lot of attention to yoga practice, exercise and fitness, 

I did not have much physical problem but mental problem happened a lot. To avoid this problem, I have taken many measures. After doing yoga in the morning, I started running more than before. I started keeping myself more and more busy throughout the day. In the evening, I went to the ground and started exercising more than before. By nightfall, I felt so tired that I fell asleep as soon as I went to bed. But where does the mental trouble end quickly? I used to get a lot of sleep while eating food at night, I used to think when should I go to sleep. But when it was time to sleep, I would start seeing pictures of that accident that happened to me and I would be filled with anger, tension and sadness and my sleep would disappear after that no matter how hard I tried I could not sleep quickly. It's not that there was no one to explain to me. But I know how I was feeling.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)

Just like this, one day I adopted the habit which I had given up. I picked up the smartphone again and started watching different types of videos and trying to amuse myself. By the time I saw all that on my smartphone, my mind would flow and I started coming out of that tension. But at the same time it was felt that this is wrong. To escape from one tension, I was getting surrounded by another kind of tension.

When doing yoga, especially meditation asanas, often repeating in my mind that this is wrong, I should give up this habit now. And remind myself throughout the day that from today I will leave this habit. But as soon as the night falls, I feel tempted to look at the smartphone and then I start thinking that I have been working hard all day, I see a little now, what difference does it make to see a little, I will turn it off from tomorrow and the smartphone away I'll keep But where does the mind fill a little? Doing little by little, it becomes too much and despite having an alarm due to sleeping late at night, getting up late in the morning, doing yoga late and doing all the work after that too late. The morning run was also missed. I was not able to do the rest of the work as before. Thinking about that mistake of the night would make me feel bad. But in the night again the mind gets tempted and all the same again. It is also true that hard work and efforts do not go in vain. I kept trying to control myself everyday. Meanwhile, I applied for jobs in many places. and resumed many of  works. Yoga in the morning and exercise in the evening also started doing better and its good effect was also visible on my health.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
to remember

Now coming to the day when I got a video call from my younger brother-in-law while watching a video on Facebook at night and I also felt the disturbance. When I attended the call, after talking to my brother-in-law, I got a chance to see and talk to my son who is just three years old. It was great to see him after so long and talk to him. He is very naughty and very cute also seeing his actions, I forgot my sorrow and laughed a lot. 

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)

 Then I remembered that when he was here, I used to tell him stories from some books at this time and he also listened with great pleasure. He also remembered the characters of those stories - Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Pinky. By the way, I have saved these books from my time and today my son also likes it. When I showed him these books in the camera and asked 'Babu do you remember these? You like these stories, don't you? He started looking carefully and told his maternal uncle that I have to go to my father. I laughed and after talking for a while the video call got disconnected.  

But as soon as the call was cut, the video started again which was stopped due to the call coming and I started watching the video again even though realizing that it is wrong, now I don't want to watch it. But saw less that night than the rest of the night. 

But the next night I started watching the video again and started watching too much and feeling too much wrong, still being watched and had this thought in my mind, better than that I would have read the story books, it doesn't put pressure on the eyes, you get to learn something new with entertainment. I still enjoy reading stories equally and some memories related to them are also refreshed. I had forgotten these books ever since the son went to his maternal grandmother's village.

Still, I kept watching the video and watching more than ever. I was also feeling very bad that what is happening, why I am not able to control myself, knowing that to wake up early in the morning I need to go to bed early and this is happening every day.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
having something in mind

 After that I came across another video in which it was told that by watching too much smartphone and spending more time on social media, a kind of chemical is created in our brain and due to that we are more attracted to watch all that than before. Our ability to do other things decreases.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
brain effect

It was also told in it that to avoid this, you have to keep your smartphone away and do such work in which you are interested. Then I meditated in Padmasana posture by keeping my smartphone away, remembered God and kept repeating to myself that now I have to leave this habit and wake up early in the morning to do yoga and go for a run. After that I fell asleep but could not get up early in the morning because I had slept late at night, that too after doing a lot of exercise in the evening, it was necessary to take eight hours of sleep.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
But in the morning I thought it right to take the story book instead of the smartphone and sat with the story book on the commode too. It is fine in the morning but what about the rest of the day? All my work is online and no matter how much work I do, I will see something that will make me want to watch the video again at night. Then I remembered that in the video I saw at night, it has also been told that at least one day should be kept in such a way that mobile, laptop and internet are not used at all and that chemical produced in the brain stops. I thought why not do the work of writing that too with a pen on a copy. Anyway, I love writing. Why not write all this so that it can help others who are facing the same problem as me.
How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)

And then I spent the whole day away from the smartphone and the internet, writing for a while and finally I finished my writing and got control over my mind. Now I would like to say that no matter what the problem may be, nothing is easy at all, but by trying and working hard, we finally get success.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
self control

By about ten o'clock in the night I finished this article and I was feeling very happy in myself. My eyes were also feeling relieved. After several days of torture, my eyes were getting rest. After finishing work, I took a walk on the terrace and started talking to my wife on the phone. I was feeling very good because of controlling myself, due to which I also talked very well with my wife.

After coming to my room, I put the smartphone away and lay on the bed. After writing for a long time and after many days, I was feeling a lot of pain in my neck and fingers of my hand, but this pain was nothing in comparison to the happiness I felt in my heart. 

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
happy in heart

While sleeping at night, those feelings started re-awakening in my mind, but not this time, now I have controlled myself and today I am not cursing myself but I am happy with myself. After that I slept well and woke up early in the morning and I myself was very happy that yes I have done it, I have overcome my bad habit. I was feeling better in my mind, body, in every way and full of new energy. The more I say about this, the less I feel. But I can hope that after reading or listening to these things of mine, if you are struggling with any kind of problem or disorder, then you will definitely get success after trying.

How I got over my bad habit (with english translation)
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