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How important is behavior in our life that it should be understood by everyone. When I think of behavior, I remember an incident from school time. In those days, along with studies, I was also interested in school work like speaking news on stage, giving orders, speaking ideas, participating in drama etc. Because of all these things, I was a well-known face of my school.

Once I spoke a thought on stage about behavior. I went in front of Mike as usual and said something like this - "Hello today's good thoughts, behavior is bigger than religion. Because all the work that happens in the world depends only on the mutual behavior of people. So, behavior is bigger than religion. After my idea, there was applause as usual, but a teacher who taught social science and was also my class teacher and also looked after the work of the stage was very impressed.


He came on stage and praised that today's thought is very good and can be adopted in life. I was standing on the back stage and hearing all this I smiled looking at the student standing by my side and he also smiled looking at me. My good work was being praised in front of the whole school.

After that I came towards my class after the prayer was over and started opening the door of the class. Then a sweet voice was heard - "Rakesh, today's thoughts What was it?" I looked back and saw that she was a girl from my class. She was also very good in studies and looks and was attached to the stage like me. I was also very good looking and everyone liked my way of talking. 


She was impressed with me, I knew about it, but it seems that today she has been affected a bit too much. I said - "I have already spoken" (said with love) She was looking at me smiling. By the time there was some talk ahead, everyone had started coming to the class from the line. I also went inside the class. 

That day the thought was also written on the blackboard in front of the main office. There was a slight increase in respect in the school that day. Friends were appreciative too. Well that day also passed like other days. 

But if I talk about behavior, then behavior is not just a word, it is not even a thing to be happy by speaking in the form of thought on stage. It is not limited to just attracting a male or a female. Well, there is a similarity in air and behavior that we cannot see both but they can feel good or bad.


Importance of Behavior - What is the importance of behavior in life or why behavior is important for everyone, it can be gauged from the fact that in a book like Chanakyaniti, it has been said that behavior is bigger than religion and in the world all the work of the people depends on the mutual behavior of the people. For example, if we talk about a man who has all the knowledge about religion but does not treat anyone well, will people like to go to him? Would people like to work for him? Will he really be able to do some good work for the people?

 Kabirdasji has rightly said that "Pothi Padhi Padhi Jag mua Pandit Bhaya Na Koi Dhai Akshar Prem Ka padhe so Pandit Hoye".This means that in this world there were people who were good in studies, discovered new things, created new things. They have come and gone in this world. But truly life is lived by those who are expert in both work and behavior. Difficulties also come in their life but their approach is different because they know how to deal with work as well. They have an understanding that when a problem arises, how should we behave and how not. When and how people should and should not be treated.

Good behavior

There are many such things in this world which were not there before like electricity, computers, vehicles, smartphones etc. without which it is difficult to even imagine living life today. But think whether the world would not run without them or there would be no work. These things are good but if they are not, it is also good. It means to say that whether there are things with facilities around us or not, but by treating each other well and with mutual understanding, a solution to any problem can be found and life can be lived properly.

If the behavior is good then many people can live a good life even in a small house and if the behavior is not good then even two people cannot live properly in a big luxurious house which has all the facilities.

I have also seen such people in my life who were expert in their work, were also very successful but their behavior was not good with anyone, mostly they used to behave well only with those who benefited in their work i.e. showy. Behavior by which they benefit in money or business, due to which those people were also not happy in their life, despite being successful.

After giving them the last farewell and still remembering them, this thought comes to me that if one day we have to die like this, then why not live well before dying. All their fear, success, ego, wealth were left behind. People were sad even during their life and even after they died they were sad and crying too. To live and die is not in our hands but as long as we are living we can live well. We can treat everyone well and be happy ourselves and allow others to be happy too.

love and affection

If everyone has a good outlook towards life. Keep calm to yourself, enjoy life, be loving with everyone and treat each other well, how good will this world be. But before that it is important to understand what is behavior?

Behavior - How we behave in front of someone in any situation is called behavior. Our gestures, way of speaking, how we are towards ourselves or in front of others is called behavior. It can also be said that according to our circumstances and mood, how we treat others in anger or happiness is called behavior. Behavior is done by everyone whether it is human, animal, machine or anything.

There are two spellings of behavior in English "behaviour" and "behavior".

"behaviour" in British English and "behavior" in American English.

Examples of behavior

He is known for his good manners.

She gets irritated quickly so people are afraid to talk to her.

It's fun to sit and talk with him.

The teacher got angry at him for not completing the work and the teacher scolded him a lot.

On reaching the office late, the boss called him to his cabin and talked to him.

Everyone keeps fighting with each other in his house.

For a while his jokes seemed good, after that there was a lot of trouble, it seemed with whom I have sat.

They misbehaved so they were dismissed.

A leader should always treat everyone fairly and equitably. One should not be discriminated against.

On showing the roti, the dog came to me wagging its tail.

The weather is not good nowadays. It was cold yesterday and it is very hot today.

My smartphone turns off every now and then.

This machine makes a lot of noise these days.

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