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Practical life and education

One afternoon, taking a short break from my work, I was walking and sunbathing in the gallery of my terrace. What is it now that it was feeling cold that day. Then my eyes fell on two kites flying in the sky. It was nice to see those kites. Seeing those kites, I was thinking, I was also fond of flying kites when I was a kid and in the village. I have flown many kites, sometimes by buying them and sometimes by making them from newspapers. I don't know whether I will be able to fly kites like this now.

Practical life and education
standing in gallery

That's all I was thinking while watching the kites flying. Then a woman living in my rental came, covered with cloth with something in her hand and asked about the mother, then I told that she would be in the kitchen downstairs. She went downstairs and I started looking at those kites again.

I saw a kite got cut and started falling free somewhere in the air. If I was a child now, I would have run to loot the kite. Seeing that cut kite falling, I remembered that evening of my childhood.

Practical life and education
kite in hand

I was flying kites from two floors of my village house, that too with a stitched reel. I had dropped the entire reel and the kite was flying high. It was flying so high that even that big kite looked small.

While flying a kite, suddenly the reel left my hand and started flying in the air. I was scared and also sad that now the kite is gone. I was watching the kite and the reel fly away in the air. I watched as the kite's reel was moving away touching the other terrace where the wheat was spread. Just like that, the reel got stuck in the branch of a tree on the side of the roof and the kite kept flying in the air.

That tree was right next to that roof and some of its branches were attached to the roof. I was thinking a while back that now the kite has gone. Seeing this brought my life to life and also felt happy. I started descending quickly to get the kite.

Even today there is no ladder to get down from that roof. One has to descend and climb only with the help of bricks protruding from the sides. And being a child, it was a simple thing for me and my siblings. Instead of falling on the bricks, my foot fell to the side and I swung. My mother saw me from the courtyard and seeing this she got scared and started saying - "Oh my God! Will this boy fall! Don't go on two floors from today!

I again set foot on the bricks and got down quickly but with little care and ran quickly towards the other two floors which were after the second courtyard. There too, with the help of bricks, an old window and a wall, the two floors had to be climbed. I ran quickly and climbed the two floors. The kite was still flying in the air with the help of that branch. I carefully removed the reel from the cast and started wrapping.

Practical life and education
wall bricks

Now whenever I go to the village, while roaming on the roof, I definitely look towards that corner and remember that one day it happened.

Those two floors are still there, but the tree that got me back my kite is no longer there. Now some houses have taken its place. And that kite does not even remember what happened to it later. Well, whatever it is, now is neither that time nor that childhood.

Practical life and education
that corner of the roof

But life is not even what it was then. Everyday was new. There was newness in everything. Those moments were full of newness, happiness and adventure. As we got older, books had an impact on our lives. And where to live today, whom to meet, where to die, how to live. Everything is decided on money, career and status. Living life in real sense or living life happily is a kind of challenge.

Believe that books, education, money, career, status are necessary in today's life, but how good it is that they give us a chance to live life properly and practical. Do not become a reason for restriction in living a practical life.

Practical life and education

It would not be wrong to say that the book world had started distancing us from the real world since childhood.

If I talk about myself, for good school and good studies, I left my village in my childhood, as well as the brothers and sisters of my relationship who were more than real siblings at that time, My friends of the village, We have our experiences of every season like going home from school getting wet in the rain, getting fritters on mango tree in summer season. Seeing those Tikoras, one felt the summer season and there was a different feeling for that season. When mangoes came out of those tikoras, we had our own fun of eating them by plucking them from the tree.

Practical life and education
ripe mango

We used to have only two ways to pluck mango, either climb the tree and pluck the mango either with a stone or a stick. In both the tasks, we had become expert in climbing on a tree or any high place and also in aiming. And both these skills came in handy when I grew up in NCC and I also noticed that there are many such tasks in the army in which these skills are useful like climbing a high wall, aiming with a gun. However, there is a difference between aiming with a gun and aiming with a pebble.

It is not that such skills are useful only in a particular kind of job, they can be useful in our everyday life at some point or the other. To understand my issue more correctly, I would like to tell about an incident that really happened from my life.

Practical life and education
learn practically

In those days, along with college, I was also learning computer from one place. That day three of us friends were talking about something standing outside the computer class in the gallery of that building. Suddenly one of my friend's slippers came out of his feet and fell on the gallery-like place on the second floor and we were on the fourth floor. The friend said that it seems that now I will have to go outside without slippers and have to buy new slippers.

Practical life and education
take off carefully

I said there is no need to panic, I will bring it now. I was adept at climbing and descending, so I got down carefully and quickly with the help of pipes and brought his slippers and gave them back. In those days, the attitude of the people there towards the people who came from Uttar Pardesh and Bihar was not good or rather there was a misconception that the people there are not good.

This friend of mine had a similar misconception. I felt bad about him, but I also understood that he wanted to know from me on the basis of what he had heard. He was pure in heart, what he felt like and whatever was in his mind, he used to say it immediately without fear, so my friendship with him was also good.

Practical life and education
speak right without fear

After that day his attitude changed that people of any one place are bad. While returning his slippers to him, I felt a feeling of favor and a respect for myself in his eyes. That day I was no less than a superhero for him.

This kind of helping spirit and the skills learned from practical life cemented my friendship and fostered a sense of humanity. On this basis, I can say that from the practical life I was living in the village, I was learning many useful skills in life. Just needed the right guidance.

Practical life and education
strong friendship

Well, the answer to this question is yet to be found whether life can still be enjoyed while fulfilling the responsibilities as it used to be in childhood, despite having troubles and mistakes.

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