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Bold steps should also be taken in life

Bold steps should also be taken in life but why should one take it. I would like to tell this to you through an incident that happened in my childhood.

Whenever I mention bicycle, I definitely remember that evening incident in the village when the key of the cycle was lost and I found it again.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

It happened that at that time I lived in the village with my mother and elder brother. We had other relatives in the village and also brothers and sisters. When my father was in the army, he used to come occasionally or once a year for a holiday. Me and my elder brother used to go away from the village to study in the schools of the district. We both used to go to different schools. I used to study in a private school and used to go to school in the same school bus. But there was no bus facility in my elder brother's school, so father bought a new cycle for elder brother. I was also very fond of cycling and learned to ride a new cycle. Sometimes I used to hit the bicycle here and there.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

That evening I had to go to the fields outside the village to defecate. In those days there were no toilets in the village. Even if there were, in very few houses. People mostly used to go out for defecation. I wanted to go by cycle but my elder brother refused to give me the cycle. He used to put restrictions on me a lot. But I had a lot of desire to ride a bicycle, that too a new cycle. I was young at that time, could not stop defecation for a long time, there could be disturbances.

My mother had also said that if I give a cycle, I will do it soon, otherwise, if it is late, I will do it right here.

A year before that day, it had gone wrong. It happened that I had come to the village from outside and the rainy season had started. I had an upset stomach that day. But I did not say anything to anyone in the house because it was time to go to school in the morning that no one should feel that he is making excuses for not going to school. But that day the school bus did not come and I came back home. As soon as I came home and changed my clothes, my father took me and made me sit near the barber. I even told my father that I am in love(I feel the pressure). He said that going for a haircut will take some time. I thought it would be soon. But where it was early, it was too late and my pressure was increasing. After getting my hair cut, I went to my mother, she was preparing to give me a bath. I said I felt hard, I am leaving. Then mom asked to go with dad. I said I can't bear it anymore. I insisted on jumping and started leaving very quickly.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

But the mother was afraid that he is new in the village now. She sent Dhappu (my relative's brother) after me so that I should not go anywhere. He came running after me and I was now running as fast as a marathon. Dappu was running after me shouting - "Hey Rakesh stop! I am also coming along. Hey will be lost alone." But where I was about to listen, the matter was now unbearable, it could have gone wrong at any time. One, during the rainy season, there was water everywhere on the way.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

The drains were full. While running, I came to a place where the road was full of water and there was only one corner to go through which had to pass. I was running from that corner and was leaving Munna, who was a friend of my locality, came from the front. He was also coming after defecation in the morning and seeing me said in Bhojpuri - Ka ho ka hal ba Rakesh (How are you Rakesh) But it started flowing. Munna said - Hey marde it had ka dehal (Hey man, you have done the limit) In this way even the dappu came running and said - hey itt pantway mein hug dehlas (hey he pooped in his pants).Munna went away.

Dhappu took me ahead as he too had to go to the toilet. Well after that we reached home. This thing spread in the whole family like breaking news of today that Rakeshwa aaj pantway mein chher del s (Rakesh pooped in his pant today)

Bold steps should also be taken in life

After that talk started between father and mother on this subject. Papa was saying that it is good that this did not happen while cutting hair, otherwise no one else's hair could be cut. Then the mother said that even if it is fine, what would have happened if it had been done in the school bus. It is good that the bus did not come today. Well, there is one thing that sometimes whatever happens happens for good, it happened that the bus did not come on that day.

And whatever I was getting that day, I was asking something like this - "Ka ho Rakesh sunani han ki tu aaj pantwe mein hug del ho (How are you Rakesh? We heard you defecated in your pants today. )

Bold steps should also be taken in life

That's why this time I slowly picked up the cycle and left with a heavy foot. By now I had come to ride a bicycle sitting on the seat. It was evening and it was starting to get dark. I parked my cycle at Pradhan ji's dera (farmhouse) and went to defecate in the nearby field. When I came back after defecation, both Sunil and Dhappu brothers also came to me and said, wow, today You have brought a new cycle, just give it to us to run. I refused and said no, I have to go soon, brother will kill me.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

But as soon as I put my hand in the pocket of the pants, I did not found the key, I do not know where it has fallen. I was completely frightened, I have brought the cycle secretly, the key has been lost and it has become dark too. What do I do now. I told Sunil and Dhappu getting upset that - hey brother the key is lost, what should I do now brother will kill. Those people gave their opinion, you must have looked in other pockets or it must have fallen somewhere here. Searched a lot but the key was not found, neither in other pocket nor nearby. my condition worsened What will happen now? Then I decided to go and find in the field where I had gone for defecation. Both of them gave their opinion that what is the use of searching in the dark now, if there is anything to be seen or not.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

But I had to find the key anyway, what was it, then I went towards the field in the dark and went from place to place and started searching with my hands, it is good that my hand did not go to the wrong place. The key was not found, neither near the bicycle, nor on the way, nor in the field. Now I was getting even more worried and was wondering what will happen now? What do I do now ? Even in that childhood, I thought with a cold mind while looking here and there. I looked at the source of the water from where I had used for cleaning after defecating. And the detective inside me said that why not once put your hand in the same depth where it was put for cleaning some time ago and at the same place and in the same angle. I did the same and got the key as soon as I put my hand. While cleaning, the key came out of the pocket and fell in the water.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

My life came to life. My happiness knew no bounds - yes I got the key.

On this condition, I am reminded of a line of the song - "Where did I find you, you found me here." Let's get it right here. After reaching home, I was scolded with love that despite his refusal, he went away with a bicycle.

One thing to note in this is that it is very important to take risks in life. Always being afraid and avoiding taking risks, we are not able to do anything new and there comes a time when everything starts getting boring. Like if I hadn't taken the risk of stealing a bicycle that day, I wouldn't have experienced all that I wrote today. It is a different matter that caution is necessary in everything, but it does not mean that we should always be afraid, do not be bold. Taking bold decisions in life is equally important as walking on the right path.

Bold steps should also be taken in life

Sometimes there are situations when we are not able to take any decision by thinking about right and wrong, then it is time to be bold because to know something new in life, to understand something new and to experience something new, we need to be bold. But this does not mean that we take the wrong path and adopt the wrong habits. We must take bold path in life but we should also know what is good and what is bad. We should know why we are taking the bold step we are taking and our intention should be good behind it. Like when I had secretly picked up the key in my childhood and went out with a bicycle, I had the right reason behind it and my intention was also right.

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