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Understand Self-confidence in practical life, adopt and get success in life

It's about school days. One day after the end of the break, one of our heads came to the class very angry and started scolding everyone who had broken the plums by going outside the ground despite their refusal. Many people started looking at a girl and the head got a hint that she must have broken it. Sir started scolding that girl. Initially, the girl kept refusing that I had not plucked the plum, but when the scolding of the head did not stop, she confidently placed her bag on the table in front of the head and started speaking with great confidence without fear that if the plums are broken by me, then it will be in this bag only, whoever has doubts should see it in this bag. As soon as she did this, the head became calm and started explaining that I was not speaking only to you. was speaking to everyone. Now if someone goes out of the ground to pluck the plum, then it will not be good for him. Whoever he was, now it will be good for him if he does not make such a mistake.
Understand Self-confidence in practical life, adopt and get success in life
Later it was found that the girl had plucked the plums. Those plums were in her bag. But she put that bag in front of him with such confidence and lied that no one dared to prove her wrong and our heads also became calm. I do not say this nor do I support the fact that one should lie by making a mistake. I am talking about the Self-confidence due to which that girl changed her opposite condition at that time. Just imagine when, despite being wrong, that girl did not allow herself to be proved wrong because of her confidence. So if we want to do well in life with this confidence, what can we not do?
But the question arises that what is this confidence? How does this get into us? Do's and don'ts to maintain confidence?
Understand Self-confidence in practical life, adopt and get success in life
What is Self Confidence - Self Confidence means believing in yourself that you can do everything. How do you look, what are your weaknesses, what is the person in front of you, what is the situation in front of you, it does not matter if you believe in yourself that I can deal with any kind of problem and whatever the problem may be I can solve it.

The meaning of self-confidence is hidden in its word "self" i.e. "I" and "belief/confidence" means "trust" and both the words together have become self-confidence i.e. my belief in myself. It is because of self-confidence that you get the courage that you can face the problems in your life.
Understand Self-confidence in practical life, adopt and get success in life
Your self-confidence depends on how you see the skill you have and the ability to do something, that is, how is your attitude towards your skills and abilities. Like if you want to start any work or business in which you have the skill and you also have the ability. But if you start thinking that I do not know how successful I will be and how much recognition my work or business will get among so many people. And instead of focusing on your weaknesses, focusing on your strengths, and focusing on the problems and solutions at work, and trusting yourself that you can do it, you hold back thinking that I failed. If I do, you will never be able to start that work and thus you will never be able to do good for yourself in life because of not having faith in yourself.

How Self-confidence comes in us - Self-confidence is already inside us. No one is born with the feeling that I am self-confident and like me many people are born self-confident and there are many people who are not born self-confident. Self-Confidence is there in everyone, just someone believes in it and someone believes that it will not happen to us or we don't have the ability to do this.

How Self-confidence develops in us - Friends, when we come into this world, we keep going through many phases of life. With the passage of time, we keep on getting a lot of experiences and we keep on learning a lot. Due to these passing time, experience and knowledge etc., and on the basis of these, our self-confidence also keeps on developing. And because of these factors, if something happens which is negative, which creates fear in you or there is any such experience which is not right, then your self-confidence will not develop or It can also be said that you may have trouble believing in yourself that you can do anything in life.
Understand Self-confidence in practical life, adopt and get success in life
What to do and what not to do to maintain self-confidence -
1. Never compare yourself with others, whether it is about complexion, height, height, studies, success or failure, or about anything, avoid comparing yourself to anyone. You think that whatever the above has made you, you have been made very good. You have your strengths and weaknesses Keeping in mind the circumstances ahead of you, you have to set your goal and work accordingly to make your life better.

2. If you make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly or fail in some work, then in such a situation try to avoid the feeling of cursing yourself again and again and feeling bad and instead try to know what happened behind it. What is the reason and keeping that in mind what should be done next.

3. It is also important to pay attention to your health because if your health is not good then you cannot think well neither about yourself nor about anyone else nor about any subject. Many things come in making good health like doing yoga, exercising, right lifestyle, right eating, right habits, avoiding bad habits whether it is about food or lifestyle etc.

4. If you are afraid to do any work or are afraid to think about anything, then face that fear, do not let fear dominate you, that is, do not stop your work because of that fear. Keep trying to think about the work properly and keep doing that work continuously.

5. Don't be afraid to take risks in your life. If even before doing any work, if you are feeling scared in such a way that you do not know what kind of work, I will be able to do it or not, then take it as a challenge. And it will happen later that you will realize that I was not as scared as I was.

6. Maybe something very bad happened to you in the past, due to which you have become a victim of some mental disorder and that disorder has affected your self-confidence due to which you can lose your social life and professional work. If you are unable to do this, then you should seek the help of a professional psychiatrist.
Understand Self-confidence in practical life, adopt and get success in life
what a self-confident man is like - Just imagine what a confident man is like. A confident man does what is right or can say that he does what he thinks is right, he does not care whether people will support him or not. He doesn't even care what people will think of him. He does not even care about how famous the work he is going to do, he just thinks that he is interested in this work, he can do this work very well. He knows that there will be problems in the work he is going to do, so he is ready to take risks. He accepts the mistakes in his work and also corrects the mistakes and learns from them. He listens and understands the reaction of the people whether it is in the form of praise or even in the form of evil. He observes those reactions and takes the right steps forward. If I say in short words, bringing confidence in yourself means nothing more than just having faith in yourself.


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