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What to do when scared

Fear in the mind is like a mischievous monkey. Whenever there is any problem in life, it bothers a lot. It dominates our mind, our thinking. It does not allow us to think right. It puts pressure on us to succumb to trouble. It comes like a storm and leaves the mind with a ruckus in order to come again. After defeating it, it attacks again and more quickly than before. Attacks again and again and continues like this. At this time it is most important to take the right decision keeping this fear under control. Because it happens that our decision making ability is most affected at this time. We do not understand what we should and should not do in such times. If there are people giving opinion around, then at this time we do not understand who is giving right opinion and who is giving wrong opinion. We make wrong decisions in our life mostly in this condition like-

Choosing the wrong job - Choosing the wrong job starts from the very beginning when we study in the big classes while getting the school education. Because most of us do not know what kind of employment we are likely to get in the future from the studies we are doing. We are just busy in passing the exam or just playing with numbers, if we get good marks then we will be happy and if we get bad numbers then we will become sad. In such a situation, we either do not know the skills that are growing inside us during that time or we keep ignoring it even after knowing it. In this, the pressure around us remains on us. Because of this, we remain in a state of confusion about our employment and fear remains in our mind about how our future will be. And because of this fear, we are ready for any job. Fear plays a very important role in this. Due to the fear of what others will think of us and what our family members will think, we ignore our skills, due to which we choose a career in which we do not get any happiness and we struggle even more to make our life better. have to do. Sometimes there is a possibility of being cheated.

What to do when scared

Not being able to say right as right and wrong as wrong - Due to always being afraid and suppressed, we are hesitant to say right as right and wrong as wrong. We often say what the crowd or most people say and it is not necessary that what the crowd or most people think, believe and say is true. Like if your manager in your office is saying something wrong and you say yes to him because you are afraid of him that if you do not do this then your job will be in danger, because of that fear you cannot think that if he is like this then he will harass you with any excuse and there is no guarantee that if you give his yes to yes, then he will not do bad to you, so without fear and in the right way, say right to right and wrong to wrong.

It is often seen that when any problem starts then it is very small or it is at a small level and later it increases and becomes of big level. Therefore, without fear and hesitation, one should try to end any problem as soon as it starts.

To understand this more correctly, I would like to give an example which is an incident from my school days. In those days we had a group of friends in our class. Our group used to be together almost everywhere in school like eating together during lunch break, playing together during the period of games and always joking with each other.

One such day a friend of mine made some jokes about another friend's family. Although I did not like that joke too and not even the friend who was made fun of, but that friend did not stop him even though he felt bad and avoided the matter in laughter.

Sometimes it happens that whether they are big or small, sometimes instead of stopping the things on the heart in the beginning, they start tolerating because of fear and hesitation and they become a big problem later. The fear is that if I interrupt, the friendship may break and things may get worse.

Now that joke started happening with him everyday and every day the talk would be on his heart. And one day it so happened that due to that joke, there was a quarrel between them and the matter reached to a fight. Had my friend not feared and hesitantly asked him not to joke like this on the very first day, then there would not have been a quarrel and a fight later. After all, for the fear of losing the friendship, he tolerated the bad thing, that friendship finally broke up.

And this happens not only in children or at school level but at every stage of life and it happens everywhere whether it is office or home. That's why we should try our best to do any work or talk in the right way and without fear and hesitation. Together I would also like to say that when we are doing a job for someone, instead of working with the one who is our boss, we start getting scared of him and considering the job as a compulsion, we start doing slavery in a way. We do not say anything even if we feels bad about his wrong things. Although not everyone is such that there are some good ones who want the good of the whole team along with them. So it happens further that because of your fear, the one who is doing wrong to you starts doing more wrong and the matter increases.

Just think, will you be able to do that work properly by working out of fear? And will you be able to live a good and happy life? And if you think that if you say the right thing, you may lose your job and there can be a shortage of money, then you should also remember that job, money and career are made for man, man is not made for them. As it is said, eat to live, don't live to eat. Similarly, to be successful in life, hard work, right behavior, improvement in skills are necessary. Believe me, if you have talent, and you work hard to be better in that skill and always keep trying to learn and do something new and better, then you will definitely be successful. But it is also true that there is a problem in doing any work and in such a situation, our fear starts dominating us and instead of solving the problem, it starts forcing us to bow down to the problem. But we should keep doing our work keeping our fear under control.

What to do when scared

I would like to tell you through an incident that happened in my childhood, how our work can be done successfully while keeping fear under control -

One day in the evening I was playing cricket with my friends. While playing the ball got stuck on a very tall tree. It was a thorn tree, the ball was stuck from above at a place where there was a bee hive. The ball was stuck right next to the beehive. One, climbing that tree was a very risky job, if there was a slight mistake in taking the bee hive from above, then there was a fear of being bitten by the bees and also of falling. And there was no option to throw the ball with a stone because the stone could hit the beehive and cause trouble to other people along with us. Now we had only two options, either forget the ball or climb the tree very carefully to get the ball from the side of the beehive and throw it down.

Everyone tried once to climb the tree but everyone got scared and came back in half. I dared and climbed the tree for the second time, took the ball very carefully from the beehive and threw it down. It is not that I was not afraid, I was also scared as much as everyone was feeling at that time. My legs were trembling with fear when I climbed the tree to a great height and came very close to the bee hive and the ball. There was constant fear and it also seemed that I should go back down. But facing my fear and with utmost care, I took out the ball and threw it down. After that I got down carefully and there was a joy in my mind that yes I did it. My friends were also very happy and gave the ball to me forever. But I would also like to say here that I used to do exercises in addition to sports in those days. That is, if you learn a skill and keep doing some work while facing your fear, then you can definitely get success in that work.

If you think about it, it seems that the way to keep fear away is that when you are feeling afraid, then try to do more of that work while facing the fear that you have taken in your life at that time. You should just be interested in that work and your skill should keep on developing in doing that work. The fear starts to go away.

What to do when scared

There will be fear and it will also force you to bow down. But keep fighting with fear, do not bow down and keep doing your work continuously. Then you will have this fear for your work and you will do your work better than before, that is, this fear which was forcing you to bow before the problem, the same fear will ask or force you to move forward. It would not be wrong to say that one aspect of fear is negative and one aspect is positive. On the one hand, the same fear compels us to succumb to the problem and then the same fear also helps us to move forward and do good work.

God has created everything in the world in abundance, but we have to use things according to our own understanding and keeping in mind the need. For example, if we take the example of food, then salt, sugar, spices, turmeric etc. are available in large quantities in our kitchen. Using too much or less of any of these things can affect the taste and quality of the food. In the same way, love, anger, feeling bad, feeling good, fear etc., all these say God or nature has given us and they are there in all of us. We just need to know when, how much and how to use them.

I have heard from many people that don't get angry, don't be afraid. you can't stop being afraid even if you want, you can't escape from the feeling of love. Sometimes you will feel good in life and sometimes you will also feel bad and this will continue throughout life. Just understand that this anger, love, fear, etc., all these work as turmeric, sugar, salt, spices etc. in life. We just need to understand, how much and how to use them and it is also true that everything is fine only to an extent.

What about fear, even if you are doing very well, you will be afraid that nothing goes wrong. And even if it is not going well, there will be fear that I may fail , I do not know what will happen next. Even when you are away from that work or at the time when you are not doing it, there will still be fear in your mind that I should start my work soon, lest anything go wrong. With fear you will not be able to enjoy life and this fear will bind you with some excuse or the other.

By the way, most of the things happen that the things that scare us thinking about them, they happen or in reality are not as scary as it seems. Like I have heard somewhere that if a mountain is seen from a little distance, then it seems that how can we climb such a big mountain. But when you start climbing with courage and with caution, you are bound to climb. There are many such occasions in our life also when fear starts dominating us like fear of failure, fear of not having money, fear of not getting job, fear of losing job, fear of what people will say and think, I will have to work so hard in this, the fear of whether I will be able to do this work or whether this work will be done by me or  not, I will be able to handle or not and also I do not know what to fear.

As far as I know there is no such medicine for fear that one can drink and stop feeling afraid. You just have to believe in yourself that you can do it, you can handle it, you have the ability. Fear will continue to be felt with some excuse or the other, while facing that fear, you have to stick to your decision and keep doing your work.

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