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Looking for a pen

It was a Sunday and had to have breakfast outside as food was not available in the hostel mess on Sundays. I thought let's go out for a little walk today and have to buy a pen too, I will buy that too. By the way, I must have come to that city only for about two months and due to work I could not get out of my room much. Although most of my work is done on the laptop for searching and typing, but I also have a habit of writing with a pen from the very beginning. That's why there was a need to buy a new pen that day. Thought I would buy a pen along with having breakfast and go for a little walk. I went out in the morning after locking my room. While passing through the street of the locality, I saw a dog crying and felt bad and said in my mind to God that oh God, what kind of world is this, do something good for him. Maybe he was crying from hunger. By the way, I too have been wandering in this city for some time just to feed myself. Leave everything else to God and focus on you