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Looking for a pen

It was a Sunday and had to have breakfast outside as food was not available in the hostel mess on Sundays. I thought let's go out for a little walk today and have to buy a pen too, I will buy that too. By the way, I must have come to that city only for about two months and due to work I could not get out of my room much. Although most of my work is done on the laptop for searching and typing, but I also have a habit of writing with a pen from the very beginning. That's why there was a need to buy a new pen that day. Thought I would buy a pen along with having breakfast and go for a little walk.

Looking for a pen

I went out in the morning after locking my room. While passing through the street of the locality, I saw a dog crying and felt bad and said in my mind to God that oh God, what kind of world is this, do something good for him. Maybe he was crying from hunger. By the way, I too have been wandering in this city for some time just to feed myself. Leave everything else to God and focus on your work ahead. After having breakfast at one place, I went to the stationery shop nearby. But the shopkeeper was too busy with some work. After waiting for a long time I went to find another stationery shop. Then I remembered that I have to take some things from medical and maybe even a pen can be found there.

Other items were found on that medical, but the pen was not found. I kept on looking for the pen. All the stationery shops that were seen on the way were closed. I thought I do not know whether I will be able to take a pen today or not. I kept walking and saw a medical and general store shop. When I asked there, the shopkeeper told me that go to the Xerox shop on the side and you will get the pen there. After going to that shop, after taking two pens, when it came to pay, I came to know that there is no online payment facility, I have to pay cash and I did not have cash at all. I am now used to online payment only. I asked why is it not online. He replied that only people who give Rs 10,20,50,5 come to us more. Have you ever seen a transaction of Rs.10,20 in the bank statement? I said you are also right in your place and without taking a pen left from there in search of another shop. While walking around and looking here and there, I thought that let's work every day after being locked in the room, if I roam for a little longer today, then what does it matter, a little change is needed. It is amazing that a pen is not available in such a big city.

While searching, went to many general stores, there was no pen and many shops were closed. I went a long way while walking. Then stopped thinking that I have come a long way, now I should turn back and see if some shops have opened, then I will take the pen from there. After walking for a while, a general store was seen but the pen was not found there either. There was a shop of both toys and stationery beside the same shop, thought let's see if I don't get a pen here, I will take some toy for my son if I like it. There was a gel pen at that shop, not a ball pen. I said it is amazing, I have been looking for a pen since an hour, I can't find it. The shopkeeper said that today is Sunday, it is a holiday, so today the shops will remain closed, look around if any shop is open then you will get it.

Looking for a pen

I started walking again, looking here and there all alone. While walking, I kept humming this song in my mind, "walk alone, walk alone, walk alone, your fair is left behind, companion walk alone, walk alone, walk alone, walk alone". I had heard this song somewhere before and today I started humming it automatically according to the situation. Started humming and imagining that I should make a video and put it on social media. Then there was a stationery shop in front of me and I remembered when I came here for the first time, the helper of the landlord. Had brought me here and from here I had bought lock keys etc. And this shop is near the room and after roaming so much, finally found this shop. If I had seen here earlier, then perhaps there would not have been a need to roam so far. I also got a pen in that shop and online payment was also done. And I took two pens, thinking that I do not know how many more days I have to stay in this city, Why to buy again and again I take one more so that it will be useful in future also.

While returning to the room, I was feeling much better and my mind was also relaxed and I was feeling the desire or passion to do my daily work more than before. After reaching the room, my mother's call came from home and I got a little emotional. And then courageously started and finished my work.

Looking for a pen

This incident made me think that this is not just my story. It's not just about a pen. All this happens in the journey and career of life. Just someone else could be my place. There can be some other goal or reason in life instead of pen. Problems, obstacles, fears, emotions, feelings, success, failure, new old ideas, good and bad experiences keep coming in all these in different forms. If we try, then we can live this journey of life while enjoying despite all the difficulties.

Everyone has their own goals and problems in life. So live by understanding everyone and let everyone else also live.

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