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Let's rain love

Let's rain love  Trees have dried up in the sun of hatred enough is enough let's rain love feed the flowers of kindness Let's make this ruined garden green again Let no storm destroy this gulshan Let's make it strong from the roots again what I gave, what did you give what did I do, what did you do I'm like that, so are you Don't know how much time was wasted in this ignorance The time could have passed in belongingness and happiness which we lost in hatred and misery. Time also gave its verdict one day Broken some branches one by one in the storm of time and the roots were also shaken Let's forget each other's mistakes and shortcomings, just as we forgot each other's favors, belongings and the good days spent together too many distances Let's get closer now You come a little closer and we come a little closer let's start again Mistakes have happened, some from us, some from you now let them go This life grows more towards hatred and ruin whe

Ticket fine

After reading this article you will understand how I got into trouble because of a ticket. How did I face that trouble? Whatever happened, I got some lessons which are beneficial for everyone. It was summer. It would be four o'clock in the evening but the sun was very strong. In those days, I was very fond of preparing for competitive exams, so in those days I used to stay in the library for a long time even after all the classes of the college were over and used to see and read different books. That day too I had come out of the house since morning and now it was evening. Thought I'd go now, it's too late. Due to waking up early in the morning, I was getting sleepy and had to go home and do exercise in the evening. I left the college towards the nearest bus stop. But the bus had left that day. So I went to another bus stop, about two and a half kilometers from there. After a while the bus was found and got a seat to sit. As soon as I sat on the seat, my desire to sleep inc