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Ticket fine

After reading this article you will understand how I got into trouble because of a ticket. How did I face that trouble? Whatever happened, I got some lessons which are beneficial for everyone.

It was summer. It would be four o'clock in the evening but the sun was very strong. In those days, I was very fond of preparing for competitive exams, so in those days I used to stay in the library for a long time even after all the classes of the college were over and used to see and read different books.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

That day too I had come out of the house since morning and now it was evening. Thought I'd go now, it's too late. Due to waking up early in the morning, I was getting sleepy and had to go home and do exercise in the evening. I left the college towards the nearest bus stop. But the bus had left that day. So I went to another bus stop, about two and a half kilometers from there. After a while the bus was found and got a seat to sit. As soon as I sat on the seat, my desire to sleep increased and thought I will take a little nap till my stop comes.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

I took a five rupee coin for the ticket and sat down with my eyes closed and thought that if the bus conductor comes, I will take the ticket and if he does not come, the ticket money will be saved. I was sleeping a lot because I had come out of the house since morning. It was too hot. Books were also read a lot. Had to walk a lot in this heat for the bus. So I slept with the five-rupee coin in my hand and resting my head on the front seat. When I opened my eyes, I came to know that my stop is about to come and the conductor did not even ask for the ticket. I thought let's save money for today's ticket.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

On coming to my stop, I got down and saw a team of ticket checkers standing ready to check tickets. One of them also asked me for a ticket, I did not understand anything and I put my hand in my pocket, then I got a ticket and I gave that ticket to him and started going forward, that man called me from behind, I went back to that man. The man said that this is not today's ticket, it is an old ticket, I panicked and said that my stop has come, so I must have left the ticket inside.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

He said go inside and see where you were sitting and get the ticket, I went inside and started thinking where did I get stuck. Where was the ticket going to be found inside, I didn't even buy the ticket so how could I get it? I went back out through the second door, I found that man standing at the other door as if I would run away but if I had to run then I could not even come back when he called me.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

I told him that I am not getting the ticket. He lovingly told me that son tell the truth, you have not taken the ticket and the money is in your hand. If you have not taken the ticket then do not be afraid to tell that you have not taken it. Hearing the word son from that old man's mouth and speaking with his love, I told him the truth that I was sleeping, I was asleep when my eyes opened my stop had come. You just cut my ticket.

After saying this, his attitude changed, he said that it does not happen that you will have to pay the fine. In the meantime, the rest of the ticket checkers also came and other people also gathered. People said take the fine and let it go. I also agreed to pay the fine, those people asked me for 250 Rs, I opened my wallet and showed them that there is only one hundred and fifty rupees in it.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

Those people started pressurizing me to arrange from anywhere or ask for a borrow from anyone only on this. In this, a friend of mine came over there and asked me what happened, I told him what happened and said that now these people are troubling me, man, if you have a hundred rupees, I will give it later. Unfortunately, he didn't even have a hundred rupees. Those people started pressurizing me that hurry up, other passengers are getting late. I said ok I will give you money, make me a receipt, how much I have to give and how much I am giving you now. Those people were not agreeing.

Those people said that it does not happen that if you give full money, then you will get the receipt. Then I told them that you have to walk a little far with me, there is an army area nearby and from there I can get you money from one of my acquaintances. Those people were not even agreeing to it. This was happening to me for the first time so I was quite shocked. Those people were threatening me that you will have to go to the police station. When I said that I have not done anything intentionally, give me a receipt for the amount of money you are taking from me now. But those people were not agreeing, despite what the people around them said. 

They threatened me and took all the money I had in my wallet and also took my bag and college identity card and said that note down the number of this bus and deposit the rest of the money by coming to the nearest bus stop. And take your stuff. I reached home riding a bicycle from there with a heavy heart. Nothing seemed good. I didn't even feel like exercising. The same things kept swirling in my mind again and again.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

I also told God in my mind that oh God, do something, I will not make such a mistake again. And at the same time I was feeling sad and angry at this wrong behavior of those people. After that I talked to a friend of mine about this. That friend used to come workout with me everyday and was also my friend from school time. He suggested that you should take your bag and college identity card by paying the rest. Do not leave your original ID card anywhere. You should have got the receipt anyway.

After that I took a hundred rupees from home and took a cycle and went with a friend to the nearby bus stand. In those days, I used to use a bicycle for commuting and my friend too. After going there I came to know that those people have gone, I have to take my luggage by going to the main bus stand of the city. Then my friend advised that you have to go to the city anyway, tomorrow one day don't go to computer class and college, go to the bus stand tomorrow.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

As the night passed by. The next day my journey started. I set out on the cycle keeping in mind my goal for the day. After cycling for about five kilometers, I had to go further by bus. By the way, this was my daily routine, first I used to ride a bicycle and cover a distance of about five kilometers and after parking the cycle at one place, I used to go to college and computer class by bus.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

After reaching the city, I decided that now I will go on foot till that bus stand. In those days, I used to travel mostly on foot or by bicycle. Since I was an NCC cadet and used to do yoga, running and exercise every morning, walking long distances was not a big deal for me. 

But I was going to that bus stand for the first time. The sun was also very strong that day and the city was crowded and noisy too. Walking around and asking for the address, I reached that area and asked the traffic policeman standing at the signal nearby about the main bus stand, then he said very angrily that which main bus stand there are two bus stands there. Which of the two bus stands do you have to go to? I calmly said that it doesn't matter, I will go ahead and ask someone else and I went ahead. 

After asking, I finally reached the bus stand. I went to an office there and told an officer sitting in that office about my incident, then he said that you should have taken the receipt from them anyway. And it was he who told me that the fine is sixty rupees. I was surprised and also felt bad to know that they have taken 150 rupees from me and have also collected the goods and are turning me around for money.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

 After that the officer said that the main bus stand is on the side and go there and see. I went to the main bus stand on the side and spent the whole day waiting for those people roaming around that bus stand but could not find any of them, neither the bus conductor nor those checking people. It's too late so I was asked to come the next day.

Well I am back home. Next day I went to another friend of mine who was in my same college and was with me since school time and we took admission in college together and used to go to college together everyday. Just that day that friend was not with me. I told him the whole thing and asked to go along and he agreed to go.

But this time I didn't feel any rush and nervousness to walk. We were relaxed and roaming comfortably and reached that bus stand and after waiting for a while we found the conductor and started telling my friend about me how he got into trouble in order to save the ticket money and along with paying money Been upset for two days. I even liked what he said but after that thinking about what he said about those ticket checkers, I feel a little bad and also laugh.. He said about them that those people were good who did not go to the police station and did not bother you much.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

I didn't say anything to him, kept listening silently. But I also decided in my mind that I will not make such a mistake in future. And even if such a mistake happens, I will keep my side firmly. And I will not show so much decency and honesty that someone takes wrong advantage of it. And it was also sad to think about those ticket checkers that how they took wrong advantage of my helplessness. All those who checked those tickets were elderly and were also very experienced, yet they behaved like this.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

After his talk was over, I requested him to give me my bag and identity card and asked him to take the remaining 100 rupees. He said go to the front office and take it. Then I said that yesterday I wandered here all day, I did not get the bag, bring it and give it to me.

He took money from me, put it in his upper pocket, shook hands and took my bag and identity card from the office and gave it to me and said that take a ticket from here, a bus is going to go there in a while. We both happily took the ticket and sat in the bus.

We both started talking amongst ourselves that today it is too late, now we have to walk at home, there is no use going to college now. In this my friend was shocked and said that he had kept his ticket in the above, now he is not getting the ticket. Even after searching a lot, we did not get the ticket, then we decided that it is not right to take the risk now, there may be trouble again. We will take the second ticket from the bus stop near our college. Tickets will be a little cheaper from there and have never roamed in this area, so will roam around a bit.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

After that we started on foot and roamed in that area for a long time. That friend of mine was also in NCC like me and he too had the habit of walking long distances. The sun was too strong that day, the city was noisy and crowded, and we were sweating a lot while walking. But we were sure that the work was done, the trouble was averted and we were walking happily. After reaching the bus stop, happily and keeping in mind the need of the body, both of us drank two glasses of Mossmi juice.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

After that the bus came and we both left for our respective homes. And that day also passed, but as it happens, no matter how the time has passed and no matter what the experience, something or a lot is learned for anything.

When I remember those times, I understand some things which can be useful at some point in life. We should avoid doing any mistake and carelessness on our part as far as possible like I made a mistake that day due to laziness, exhaustion and greed to save money. Knowing my experience, you can understand that sometimes small negligence can cause a lot of trouble.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

It cannot be denied that there will be mistakes from human beings, even small mistakes may be happens. As far as possible, avoid making mistakes and be careful. But if a mistake has been made, accept your mistake and try to rectify it, but do not bow down so much in front of anyone that they take wrong advantage of your decency and honesty and you have to face more trouble.

Ticket fine (with English translation)

If someone makes a mistake in front of you, then whatever step you take, keep in mind that you are also a human being and the person in front is also a human being and whatever you have to do, do it keeping in mind the humanity. Take such a step that makes him realize the mistake and that mistake is not likely to happen in future. Please don't take advantage of anyone's helplessness.

Always be good with good friends and always keep in touch because good friends always come in handy when trouble comes.

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