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Life is what it is today

  Life is what it is today. We often forget our today while waiting for the future. We think let's live like this today. There will come a day when we will have fun. They used to say wrongly that people should suffer today and have fun tomorrow. It is true that the trouble is also today, the solution is also today, the hard work is also today and its fruit is also today, it seems that this is the secret of living life properly.  By fruit, I mean that how successful we will be in that work depends on the future, but if we are doing that work today, then we must have the satisfaction that yes, we are working, it will definitely be good in the future. You can also watch this video 👇 Life is what it is today I would like to tell this issue on the basis of my experience so that you can understand it better. By the way, I always go to the market near my house to buy goods, but this evening when I went to the market and came out with the goods from a shop, I thought that let's take

Is important

If you believe that it is necessary to live life properly So we need to understand and adopt the basic habits need to sleep early at night need to get up early in the morning If possible, it is necessary to sweat a little It is important to be healthy, to be happy, to be cool Good habits have to be tough on yourself Be it small or big, it is necessary to respect everyone. It is necessary to be with everyone with love but without fear have to fight hard someone breaks your heart again and again Don't have to suffer so much fight for right It is necessary to say right to right and wrong to wrong without fear It is important not to fly too much when you win and understand the lesson when you lose. It is necessary to learn something new from your defeat and try to do better and better than before. It is important to laugh at yourself and make others laugh too Life is precious, don't go into sadness Don't know when this journey will end It is necessary to live freely and spend i