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machine, development, pollution and our life

One day I was just spending time on social media. Although many things were seen on social media, but one promotion which was of an air purifier machine attracted my attention more. In that promotion, a celebrity was telling about that machine. He was very happily and confidently telling the advantages of that machine. And together he also said that he uses this machine everywhere like in his home, wherever he works.

machine, development, pollution and our life

It is not just about the air purifier machine, there are many things that need to be looked into which are advertised with great confidence. Look at the propaganda of the water purifier machine itself, in which it is said that by using it you can drink clean water, but at the same time you have to think that who makes the water dirty and who is making it so impure that a machine is needed to drink clean water. 

It is a good thing that we are making progress. Making our life easy and convenient. New things are coming in the market and their benefits are amazing. Install machine, drink pure water, install machine, get pure air, bring machine, get this, get that and don't know what you get.

Shouldn't we think about the need of this air purifier machine by promoting it? Yes, the answer of many intelligent people will be that it is only in your benefit. It is good for you and your family's health. If it is your wish, then take it, if not, don't take it, there is no compulsion. The process of buying and selling it will benefit business and economy and the possibility of employment will also increase, etc. But still this issue is worth thinking, understanding and implementing that why we need air purifier machine.

It's a simple matter because air pollution is increasing so there is a need. Air pollution is increasing so much that the air is not fit to breathe. We need a machine for pure air.

But there is no need to be satisfied with just this answer, since we are moving forward and making progress, then our thinking is also free, so we should also think that why the air is getting dirty.

machine, development, pollution and our life

This air pollution is not happening because of God or nature. Even if we assume that air pollution occurs due to nature, then it is not right to believe that there would be so much pollution that it would be difficult to get pure air. There is no doubt that we humans are polluting the air and are also looking for new machine-like solutions to avoid its outbreak. Is it not that on the basis of science, we humans are adamant that we will not stop playing with nature. Just keep buying these inventions and avoid the wraths that are happening because of our messing with nature.

Do we really need an air purifier machine - the answer can be yes or no, it depends on our lifestyle, how is the air of the place where we are living. If our daily routine is correct like getting up early in the morning, going out to the faraway mountains and forests for a walk or for exercise, then while doing this we will definitely realize how pure air is and how it should be. Attachment to healthy life, closeness and attachment to nature will continue to inspire us to make progress in such a way that natural resources are not harmed so that we do not need machines like air purifier machine.

Waking up early in the morning, taking fresh air, living in a simple way as far as possible and its importance is fine, but there is also the problem of employment. Suppose right now I am at such a place where trees, plants or should I say natural resources are in the right quantity and I am adopting the right lifestyle. But tomorrow due to employment I have to go to a metropolis where a lot of progress has been made. It is obvious that the places where there will be more progress, there will be factories spewing smoke, there will be a lot of crowd, there will be very big buildings, there will be wide roads, there will be people who are fond of vehicles and trees and plants will be nominal. If I have the status in such places and if I want to take fresh air, then I will have to buy such a machine, there is nothing wrong in it.

machine, development, pollution and our life

I have also heard about plants that can purify the air and can be kept in pots in your room.

One question also arises that the places which are developed, why there is more crowd, pollution and concrete jungle? Why are there very few trees and plants in those places? While the people of those places are more educated and their approach to everything is scientific and progressive. Still, why their every step or effort which is done for development is going to harm the nature. After all, whatever step is to be taken, what can be the right and wrong result, we can guess this and also decide that what can be better in whatever we are going to do, we should also develop and Don't play with nature and our health. why not take a step that is right in every way.

As I started this article by giving an example of a celebrity, but it cannot be denied that what kind of mentality the celebrities, leaders and VIP people actually have towards these issues, what steps they should take. A common man like me can only imagine but it is not only difficult to understand those people but it also seems impossible. But being a common man, I can definitely try to understand what a common man can do at his level and what not to do so that our life can go on smoothly without harming nature and health.

Fond of new vehicles - I have noticed this thing among people of my age and those after me that most of the people are very much fond of vehicles, that too not according to the need but according to the fashion. Generally newbies have this mindset that the better and latest model bike they have, the better it is and should be proud of it even if it does not serve any other purpose except style. For example, if I like a bike, then I will keep in mind whether it is in my budget or not, whether I really need that car or not, what is its average, etc. No matter how much money I have, but if I don't really need it, I will not buy a bike or a big car just for show.

Many people may have the opinion of me that if you don't like it, don't take it, but it is not right to give advice to others as to what they should and should not take. Those who have money and who like it will definitely take it. It is also true that it is their wish, if they have money and if they are fond of new vehicles, then they will definitely buy them.

machine, development, pollution and our life

But don't we need to pay attention to the fact that the way the population of us humans is increasing, in the same way our needs are also increasing and we are consuming more things. For example, if everyone will be fond of new vehicles and everyone will keep coming and using big vehicles, then the problem of traffic on the road will increase. To deal with this problem, new roads will also have to be built and the old roads will also have to be widened, trees will be cut and air pollution will increase and everyone will have to bear the brunt of it, even those who are not fond of bikes and big vehicles. It means to say that we should use things like bikes or big vehicles very thoughtfully, keeping in mind that we are not harming the environment around us and our health.

Compulsion of employment - To some extent, pollution also increases due to employment. When we enter in higher classes, then only we start worrying about employment, since then our thinking is that somehow we can make a good career. After having such thinking, we remember everything keeping in mind that it will give us good marks and later we forget it. 

We do not even think that what we can use it around us and in our life and what is its importance in our life. We can understand this with an example - during school time and college studies many times we get this information on pollution and we also read it sometimes in the form of essay, in the form of news, in the form of poems. Many of us must have done a program on the stage on this subject, such as reciting a poem, participating in a drama related to it, etc. If we have prepared for any exam, then at some point or the other we must have read about this issue. But why did we do all this? Have we really done it to understand the problem of pollution? The answer is no, because we read about it so that we get good marks, we perform well in some program, we get a lot of applause, we get good marks in the exam for a good job, if this issue comes up in an interview, then that But it can be spoken properly so that we have a good impression on the person in front of us. It is a good thing for these reasons only but we keep talking about this issue.

machine, development, pollution and our life

But the common man really needs to be aware of this and also take measures. We do not have to forget the measures related to pollution just considering it as a syllabus, but really need to adopt it in our lives. But our biggest problem is that unemployed people are not respected in our families and society, no matter how good they are and how hardworking they are. In our society, there is a thinking that first earn money and do anything for it, no matter how you earn money, and due to this ideology, issues like good, bad, right, wrong, pollution remain suppressed because such issues seem useless. Huh. And being a common man, I can understand that after coming home after doing a job, a man thinks that now he should be a little relaxed, now he does not even feel like doing anything else, because if he is not relaxed, then the next day he will not be able to do his job well. By the way, this thing is also true, sometimes we have to think that the job should become the strength of our life, not the compulsion of our life.

Lack of morality - It is true that with the passage of time many people got educated and freed from the bondage of farming and traditional employment like farmer's son will become farmer, hair cutter's son will also cut hair etc. And went out of the village and adopted other types of jobs and progressed more than before.

But it is also true that it also had a bad effect. In most of the families, a kind of competitive spirit started to show themselves better than each other and instead of living together, the feeling of separation after a while got strengthened. Due to this reason, the places which had agriculture and gardens also started getting divided and houses started being built in those places as well, due to which fields and gardens are less visible in many villages today. Even though people live outside after getting employment, but due to separatist thinking and partition, they build their own separate houses in the villages too and those houses are built only on agricultural sites.

machine, development, pollution and our life

When I go to my village, I definitely feel sorry that my village is no longer full of rolling fields and gardens like it used to be. Now only houses are visible there. Houses and shops are also visible at such places where my childhood was spent playing in the gardens and fields. This is also the reason for increasing pollution. We have to be aware to live life in the right way and to save our environment. It is also true that even though people were not very educated before, but they had more sense of morality. Earlier, people used to live happily together even in large families because of morality, but now people are not able to live happily even in small families. It is not that it is not taught during studies that there is strength in unity and we should stay together. But as I have mentioned above that we study only to get the number and keep employment in mind then how will we bring that knowledge in our practical life.

Our mindset about development - If we imagine about the development of a place, then what kind of picture comes in front of us, not only that the place which is being developed will have very good and wide roads, street lights, big buildings. , there will be big factories, there will be employment opportunities, there will be state-of-the-art machines, the more money he earns, the better he will be and the better life he will have, even if he has to work day and night like a machine with machines, if sick If needed, all kinds of medicines would be available, just take the medicines and start working. In such a situation, if someone talks about the conservation of nature, talks about a simple life, then it would seem that he is talking nonsense.

machine, development, pollution and our life

Once I went to give an exam in a famous and developed city. While traveling there in the local train, I became friends with a passenger. While boarding the train there and going to another train, I noticed that the crowd is more than the limit and the way the local train comes to a stop and suddenly starts moving fast, there is a possibility of getting badly injured and killed. I asked that passenger that how is your life here. My condition is getting worse in such a long time. He said oh no wonder. In this condition, people die everyday here. Right now we are standing here in some other corner because of this crowd and someone must have died after being hit by the local train. It doesn't matter to anyone. Here life goes on like this and there is no other option, one has to do all this for one's daily bread.

It is possible that in response to this, I have to hear from some people that such small things keep happening in big cities, Rakesh, or it can also be heard that in these cities there is nothing, but a lot. It happens, you will not understand Rakesh. But still I feel that conscious citizens will have to think sometime or the other that what is such a development, and what is the compulsion of a job that a death of a man should not seem like a big deal, it seems that it goes on and on. Why  shouldn't every common man try to change his mindset regarding development and imagine such a development which can provide right employment and also give an opportunity to lead a right life. Sometimes it seems that employment is not for the good of us and our life, we are made to do employment.

machine, development, pollution and our life

We common people also need to work more consciously to plant trees around us and to keep our environment good, that too according to our status. For example, if a person's monthly income is 10000 rupees, then he can spend 50 to 1000 rupees from his income to plant trees around him and take care of them. Similarly, there can be many other measures which the common man can do to keep the environment around him good.

As much as it is important for us to earn money and progress, it is equally important for us to take care of the environment and live life properly.

machine, development, pollution and our life

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