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She was looking for me

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This is an incident from my college days in which one day I saw a girl while going home from college. Felt familiar. Then I remembered that once upon a time during school days she was in my class. She used to be very fat then but now she is very fit and beautiful too. Whatever happened after this, I got this lesson that one should not say anything about anyone in front of anyone and anywhere, even if it is true, because instead of understanding everything deeply, people mostly misinterpret.

She was looking for me

Like always that day also I left college to go home reminiscing my school days. By the way, if I could not get a direct bus, I used to walk till the second stop. But that day I was going by auto. The sky was overcast that day and there was a possibility of rain. Sitting in that auto, I must have reached just a short distance that the auto driver stopped the auto in front of a girl who was standing on the side of the road a little away from a signal. Perhaps that girl must have been his identity. That auto driver was asking her to sit in the auto but she was refusing that I don't want to sit, I don't want to go. Then that auto driver asked me to sit in another auto. I was surprised but I sat in the other auto thinking that maybe that girl was reluctant to sit in the auto because of me. She seemed somewhat familiar to me. Then suddenly I remembered that she was my classmate. Earlier she used to be very fat and cheerful too. She was always laughing and used to joke a lot. Seeing her after so many days, I could not recognize her because now she had become slim and fit and was also looking very beautiful. Some forgotten memories related to her got refreshed. I was confused whether to talk to her or not.

She was looking for me

Because of my shy nature, I thought it best not to talk to her, even when she was my classmate, I did not talk to her and even during college days I used to stay away from girls. But this doubt was arising again and again in the mind that why the auto driver was asking her to sit again and again despite her refusal. There has to be some emotional attachment, after all she has been my classmate, that too from school days.

Her father and my father were posted in the same regiment of the army and she was the daughter of the senior most officer of the regiment. And now I can understand that whatever may have been the reason, but no auto driver can force her. In this thinking, I sat in another auto and had gone away from there towards home.

But this thing did not end here. After a few days she appeared to me again. Then I was sitting in a parked auto with one of my friend to go to college after computer class was over and she was standing a little far away. She might be standing waiting for an auto.

Looking at her I said "Man I know that girl probably."

The friend said, "Yes, she was in our school for two years. Earlier she used to be very fat and used to laugh a lot." After hearing this, I told her name. My friend was surprised to hear this. I told my friend that before here she and I were in the same school. After that, I told many stories related to that girl in short cut. Especially the story of how a friend of mine had started liking her and had even sent a message that if she did not come, he would not cut his birthday cake. Don't know what I told at that time due to emotions which should not have been told. That auto driver was also listening to our words carefully. I realized this later.

She was looking for me

After that I did not see her again. Days passed by. I also forgot her in my daily routine. Gradually, the condition of that city also changed. For some reason riots had started in the city. Because of this, we had stopped going out much. We used to go out only when it was very necessary. We used to go to college only when we had to give exams. Time passed like this. I had reached the final year of college. Final year exams had also started.

One day after the exam, a friend told in the parking lot of the college that a girl wants to meet you. I was surprised and laughingly said - "Why do she want to meet me? I haven't even talked and befriended any girl for so long. She won't have to meet me, she will have to meet someone else." But the friend said - "No, she really wants to meet."

She was looking for me

I said - "Brother, you got me to pull my leg today. It would have been right if you had taken someone else's name." After that the other friend laughed and said "I don't know whether she wants to meet you or not but she is only looking for boys named Rakesh and she says that she likes to be friends with boys named Rakesh."

Pointing to one of my friends, I said - "Get him, his name is also Rakesh."

One of them said - "He has already met her yesterday. You can also meet her, who knows she is looking for you." Those people said jokingly.

I said - "Whatever it is. Why would she look for me. I only talk to you people a little and I don't say hello to anyone. Whatever it is, will be seen later." After that the discussion started on other issues. . It seemed strange to me to think that a girl only wanted to find boys named Rakesh and be friends with them. I have never met that girl. Anyway, at that time there was an atmosphere of riots. Curfew was imposed everywhere in the city. The place was guarded by the police. It was almost closed to meet anyone. In such a situation, I had forgotten about meeting that girl. It's been a long time since the end of college.

She was looking for me

One day I remembered this thing and suddenly I thought that it is not possible that she was really looking for me only. I remembered the incident of that day that how I had seen my classmate and some old memories related to her were refreshed. How I had narrated the stories of that girl to that friend of mine and that auto driver was also listening to me.

She was looking for me

Is it not that that friend has gone and said something to that girl. He have said something or a lot. He have said a few more things after making them up from his side. Or the auto driver may have said something that touched the girl's heart. May be she is not remembering me properly, she has somehow come to know my name and in this way she is looking for me. Or it could also be that it is just my illusion. There should be no relation between these two incidents. But I was definitely scared for a while that if I had met her, I don't know what she would have done. I remember she used to laugh and joke but was very quick to get irritated. It is good that I did not meet her.

She was looking for me

She was looking for meWhatever it may be, I have understood from this incident that never, anywhere, in front of anyone, anything should be said about anyone, even if it is true. There is a proper time and place to say everything. We should also understand that in front of whom what should be said and what should not be said. These things always matter in life.

By the way, even now when I think about that incident, sometimes I feel that it was my illusion and sometimes I feel that she was looking for me only.


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