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It was Holi day

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Sometimes the obstacles that come in the way and the changes that come from those obstacles make our life happy. The same thing happened to me that day, which made me realize that sometimes those whom we consider as obstacles, come as solutions for us. You will understand by reading this story of mine that how it can be possible. This is my story of that day when everyone in my locality had a holiday because that day was Holi festival but my college did not have a holiday and when I got ready to go When I came out for this, something happened that I got a solution to my problem and that day became a memorable day for me.

It was Holi day

Now I will come to that day. I was not feeling well but what if going to college was also very important and the college staff was very strict in this matter. Couldn't take leave just like that and certainly not because of the festival. But my neighborhood friends were ready to paint me. And I was waiting for the opportunity when those people would be here and there and I would leave for college. By the way, seeing the surroundings, I was also feeling like celebrating Holi, but what to do, I was helpless. When I was going to take a bath, a friend called from outside the house and started calling me out to play Holi. My mom told him that he didn't have leave and he was getting ready to go to college. Friend said that Ombir Bhaiya also does not have leave but he is also not going to his college. Mummy said that it is necessary for him to go, his college people are very strict.

It was Holi day

When I got ready to leave, my mother told me to wait for a while and go, those people were saying to each other that for how long will he survive, he will leave only through this route. Although most of the friends of the locality were younger than me in age and used to respect me too, but they did not listen to me. After a while, I peeped here and there outside the house, none of those people were visible. I thought the way is clear, I will leave. And if those people are found, then with love I will apply a little color on my cheeks, what difference will it make. I took my bag and went out on the bike but in no time they all of a sudden appeared and surrounded me and I had to stop the bike. I smiled and said Happy Holi to all of them and one of them said "Yes yes Happy Holi, Aise kaise sukhi sukhi Happy Holi." One took my bag. One said, "How are you escaping like this?"

It was Holi day

I said ok man put it on my face and by saying this I took off my helmet and glasses. But they painted and wet me everywhere except my face. After that, my face and head were painted and painted with gulal and massaged in such a way that my whole plan was ruined. Where a while ago I had left for college after taking a shower and getting dressed properly and now I was feeling completely wasted. My demeanor had completely changed. That's why my mind got shocked and I told them that now I will also celebrate Holi with you guys. Just wait for an hour, I have to keep this bag at home and go to college, let's see how they don't give me leave in this condition.

It was Holi day

After going home, mother said that I told you that those people are going to paint you. I said -" Now I am going to college, I will come soon after taking leave. Mother said ok be careful. I said -" Yes I will come soon. ,

After that I got on my bike and left the atmosphere of colors and gulal towards the city for my college. But no effect of Holi was visible in the city. The world of the city was going on as usual. It seemed that day I was the only colorful person roaming in the black and white world of that city.

It was Holi day

When I reached college everyone was surprised to see my changed appearance. I was just sitting in the class when I got a call from the principal's office. When I went to the principal's office, at that time the principal sir and some professors were sitting waiting for me. Everyone was happy to see me and everyone had smiles on their faces. Principal sir made me sit very lovingly and asked about my changed appearance then I told him how I tried my best to come to college and how my friends surrounded me and painted me lovingly but forcefully. Those people were also enjoying seeing my appearance and knowing the reason behind it, it was telling me the happiness on their faces. Principal Sir kindly explained to me that look son Rangpanchami is celebrated here which is after a week so could not give leave now. I said "yes sir, I also noticed that where I live now, Holi is being celebrated with great pomp and as soon as I came here for college, there is nothing like this here. Then sir said that it is okay. Now you take leave today and enjoy Holi, I also thanked everyone and left for home after wishing everyone a very Happy Holi.

As soon as I reached near the stairs to get down, there was a voice of some girls from my class who were calling me to the class. Maybe they'll have to take a selfie with me. But where did I have that much time, I had to travel a long distance back home and also celebrate Holi with friends. Anyway, I was discharged with great difficulty. I left for home.

It was Holi day

On the way I remembered to meet a friend of mine who would be waiting for me at a stop as he and I used to go to college together. And that stop will be on the way in some time. I went to that friend of mine and parked the motorcycle and took off the helmet, at first he could not recognize me and after recognizing me, he started laughing and then I told him the whole story and left for home with goodbye. By the way, that friend of mine was not of my religion, nor did he celebrate any such festival, but listening to this story and seeing my appearance, he was also very happy and happy. In this way, I got a break that day for Holi without hurting anyone and with love.

After knowing this story of mine, now you must have understood that sometimes the obstacles that come in the way and the changes that come from those obstacles make our life happy.


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