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Old Memories and Heal Power

Does the past have no importance in our life? If anyone is listened to, especially motivational speakers, they definitely say that sometime forget the past and live in today and move forward in life. . But in reality it is not so. The past is just like a computer file which can never be erased from the computer's memory. That file can either be hidden or forgotten for some time but cannot be completely deleted. Our past and the memories related to it come in front of us at some point or the other. Some memories make us feel good and some memories make us feel regret and bad .While thinking this, I got this dialogue from a Hindi film That I remember my country sometimes as a pain and sometimes as a medicine.

One evening when I reached the railway station to drop off my family members, seeing the view of that evening reminded me of an evening a few years ago. Although it was winter season, but that evening was feeling like summer season. And that evening which I was remembering was also in the summer season. Falling evening, people coming and going at the station, platforms spread far and wide, wind passing slowly through the station. Due to all this, I was starting to feel the same way as I was feeling that evening when at the same time sitting in the train I was going to give an exam towards North India and near my village. And that train journey was the most memorable and pleasant journey ever. Because there were some elders on the seats around me who were businessmen who had come to Mumbai for business work and were now going back to Allahabad. By the way, I had filled my exam center as Banaras but the hall ticket mentioned was Allahabad, so I was also going to Allahabad to give the exam.

The talk of the elders traveling with them was unique because they had many stories to tell along with the goods of trade. Sometimes one of them used to tell funny stories from his childhood, some used to tell stories of Akbar Birbal, some used to tell some spiritual things based on his experience.

Old Memories and Heal Power
Old Memories and Heal Power

Although I do not mix with anyone easily during the journey, but those people's talk was different. I mingled with them and narrated some of my own and heard some of theirs. The journey to Allahabad was very pleasant and enjoyable.

Talking during the journey, one of the elders gave the opinion that you should do something according to your ability on your side, that is, in your village, it is not that there is nothing on that side, if you want to do, then there is a lot to do Is. It is not right for everyone to run towards the cities. His point seemed right and he was saying on the basis of experience because he himself was a businessman and traveling in connection with work in big cities and small towns was a part of his business. And it's not even that he was telling something new, the same thing was going on in my mind. I live near Mumbai but I didn't feel like going there. In those days I tried my best to settle down towards my village as per my understanding. In those days, I deliberately used to choose the cities near my village as centers of any examination so that I could keep coming to my village or nearby places.

But there was also a problem that my other family members in the village like my father and uncles always have estrangement on one thing or the other. Because of this, I used to go to my own side in those days, but instead of going to my native village, I used to go to one of my maternal uncle's place and spend a few days there. However, even before the journey I am talking about now, I had made a journey and with the consent of my parents and maternal uncle, had gone to my native village for a short time and had come together with everyone. All of them were surprised to see me coming suddenly. They welcomed me very well. Inquired about my well-being and in that short time I met as many people as I could and went around my native village as much as I could.

Meeting my family members, roaming in my own village, the atmosphere of affinity, everything felt very good. And one purpose of life was also being understood that I should do something for here, but what should be done was not understood at that time. I was just running after the job and giving the exams. Now I understand that just by running after a job, no matter how well paid that job may be, I can neither bring changes in my life as per my wish nor can I come back to my village whenever I want. I am nor can I do anything for there. It is a different matter that I was not successful in getting say a government job or say a job with a very good salary. I tried a lot.

Well now coming to the day when I was traveling and the journey till Allahabad was very good and enjoyable. That train journey, two days spent in Allahabad, acquaintance with some new people, loss of my phone for some time and my being away from contact, due to which my family members got worried and then first contact with family members again. And the next day, getting the phone again, listening to the people on your side during the journey, knowing their thoughts, trying to understand them was very exciting and felt good and fun too

Stopping of the train at one place, moonlight night time, some houses and farm barns visible far away in that moonlight night and Bhojpuri atmosphere around it was making us feel a special kind of occasion at that time. The journey from Dildarnagar to Zamania was also very pleasant like a golden dream. And all this seemed good also because due to more restrictions due to studies, my own habit of being engrossed in books, after growing up, I never got a chance to live life openly due to preparation for exams. After that, those days were spent at my maternal uncle's house with his family. Due to maternal uncle's house being near the station, trains pass from one direction and river Ganga flows from the other direction. The crowd of the market between the station and the canal that came out of the river Ganga was also very memorable.

Old Memories and Heal Power

I love the banks of the river Ganga, the canal that emerges from there, the green natural scenery. I often used to wake up early in the morning and go out to run towards the river Ganges and used to do yoga and exercise there and sometimes came after taking a bath in the river Ganges. I mostly roamed there even in the evening. Sometimes looking at the flowing waves, sometimes watching the swimming fishes, watching the herd of ducks puck and puck, sometimes coming inside the water and sometimes coming out of the water, filled my heart with joy. After that, looking at the green fields and trees, I used to go to the banks of the river Ganga filled with white sand. Sometimes I used to watch the boats stopped on the shore and sometimes I used to sit in those stopped boats and imagine how they would float in the water.

I wish my exam would have been cleared, then today's talk would have been different. Well, I tried as much as I could. But it seems my fate is also like those flowing streams of the Ganges which flow from the Himalayas and get mixed in the Bay of Bengal but do not return to their origin.

Those days were also so good, I started trying to get out of here. The familiarity of the village used to pull me towards him. Started traveling alone. It was overwhelming to meet and talk to different people. Life had started moving, it was not stopped like today. Someone has rightly said that life looks good while it goes on.

Old Memories and Heal Power
feeling energized again

After thinking and realizing all this, I felt the same energy and passion to do something that I used to do in those days. In those times of lockdown, family problems, long unemployment, I was feeling very depressed and lonely, and remembering that day and feeling the urge to do something worked as a medicine for me. By the way, it would not be wrong if I name it a kind of heal power. Being healed  means getting rid of any problem or problems, whether it is physical or mental. Friends, there are many such moments in our life, by remembering which we can live happily in the present and also get the spirit to do something good, we can also get rid of any kind of stress. Friends, whenever there are moments of stress and despair in your life, try to remember some of your good moments.

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  1. Definitely, we try your method to get heal from bad times in ours life.


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