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Education and Employment

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Suppose you have a glass full of water in front of you and you are thirsty, what will you do? It is simple, you will raise the glass and drink the water. Imagine if it happened that first you should remember the definition of water and glass, it should be known in detail like the whole process of drinking water should be known. Make notes about all these and submit in the file. Give a test If possible, give an interview. And after that, on the marks found in all this, it should be decided whether you are eligible to drink water or not.

Education and Employment

There is also the problem of vacancy, merit list etc. Maybe a bribe will have to be paid for this. And if someone opposes it, then he should get some answers like this - "You know how priceless water is and how important it is. How little fresh water is there in this world, only three percent of the water is fresh. 1% of this fresh water is suitable for drinking, the rest is locked in the ground, glaciers and ice caps. And that water What process has to be done to bring it to you? Hey brother, when you don't know here what is thirst? What is water?  So how can you be given water in such a situation? Are the rest of the people crazy who are working so hard day and night?

Education and Employment

Think, to drink a glass of water, you have to do so much that you have to remember the definition of a glass first. You have to know and remember how glass is made. How is water made? One has to remember the definition of water etc. and for that classes have to be conducted and fees have to be paid.

After that, the fees have to be paid for giving the exam. Even after doing so much, you cannot say that you will pass the exam and will be able to drink water or not because written test, interview, medical, merit list and don't know what stages you will have to pass and don't know who. Don't know for what reason they get out in this stage and the main reason behind all this is that those who give water are less and those who drink water are more.

Imagine hearing about someone that the poor man tried a lot to drink water and spent a lot of money, but due to the last stage, he kept on drinking water. To drink water, it is necessary to be thirsty for water, but those who are not thirsty are also struggling to drink water because drinking water should become a matter of respect in the family and society.

And some people like me who get upset and say that it is enough, now I will extract my share of water myself, whether I have to dig a well for it or adopt some other method. And after all the failures, we get to hear this taunt that those who are deserving and those who are really thirsty and working hard will definitely get water and those who fail are worthless and it is their fault, there is no fault of the system. So wants you to drink water but you are not ready then what should the system do

Think, don't be different even among those who have taken the contract to give or distribute water. One opinion can be that the one who gives water is the owner and you should be grateful to him that because of him you are getting water. Think after doing so much brainstorming and after being able to drink water, you have to believe that you are drinking water because of someone's kindness. The second opinion may be that some people who distribute water may have this ideology that we are lucky that we have got the privilege of distributing water, drink it yourself, even if you drink and use more than you need, and give others a little too.

Thinking of all this reminds me of a line from the Hindi song "Socho Kabhi Aisa Ho To Kya Ho"

Think, isn't there a similar process for providing education and employment? Whatever I have said about water above, instead of water, try keeping education and employment in it. Complete schooling from childhood until about age 18 or 20. After completing that, it is understood that it was nothing at all. For good employment, still more money has to be spent, still more studies have to be done. Apart from fees, everyone knows how and how money has to be spent, but it cannot be proved or told openly. Because everyone must have their own arguments, compulsions or reasons. There is also a saying which seems to be true on this situation "Apni Dafli Apna Raag" even after doing so much there is no guarantee that you will get a job.

And if after completing your degree education, you have golden dreams of your favorite job and again you prepare wholeheartedly for that job by paying fees and under someone's guidance. If you make it, you are great, and if you don't make it, no matter how good you are, no matter how hard you work. So you will not have that respect. No one will take your responsibility, neither the system nor family and society. Overall it is your fault because you are unsuccessful and someone else is successful in getting the same job.

Education and Employment

It is a different matter that everyone's thinking is not the same, only a few people will understand the matter, show sympathy, do not lose courage and encourage you to do something. But mostly you will be made to feel that you are a failure and in some way a burden to everyone. And this cycle will continue until you find any other job or source of employment to meet your expenses.

It is not that everything is bad. The basic education i.e. the initial education that we get is very good. That childhood with early education is very memorable and never to be forgotten. Perhaps, along with many reasons, this can also be a reason that we may be at any stage of age, whatever be our status, we keep remembering our school days. No matter which part of the world we are in, we always like to see and remember our school. Whether that school is in a big building in a big city or in a small town or village.

But when it comes to morality, quality education and practical education, employment in the youth and in citizens, and if you think about it calmly and correctly, then I think you will also feel that something is going wrong, in which we can say change or Say improvement is necessary.

It is not that the system is responsible for everything, in this everyone needs to think, whether it is the central government or the opposition, common people or special people or whatever the people are, everyone has to think unitedly.

 After all, life is precious and it is necessary for everyone to live it properly. Be it employment or education or anything else, they are there to help in living life in the right direction and right. Lest it happen that we have this mentality that we were born only to live according to the system and for the compulsion of employment. Now what can I say more than this, what I said earlier by giving the example of water, I hope you must have understood a lot through that. So in the end I would just say keep the water clean, use it properly, be healthy and be happy.


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