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Fraud calls

Friends, I am troubled since two days because fraud calls are coming again and again that your credit card payment is due and why you are not filling it, if not, then you will have to pay more amount in future. But after talking to the bankers, how can the payment of the card which I have closed a year ago remain pending.

If I go to the root of this incident, then it starts from the time of lockdown when the opening of the lockdown had started. I started getting calls many times from the bank for the credit card. Since I didn't have any job or new source of income at that time and my expenses were being covered by the money I saved from my old job, I refused for the credit card.

Fraud calls

Generally I do not trust credit cards and since I have come to know that taking credit card means giving boost to my spending habit by getting lured by some discount or offer and it is like taking loan from bank. The process is that the bankers lend now, there is so much discount on such and such offer and later I will repay it through debit card. And in this way, by increasing the greed inside us, we start spending more than necessary.

Since then I do not trust credit cards or any such offers. Although these are my personal views based on my own experience, but friends, you are free if you feel that you are benefited from credit cards or such offers, then you must use them but with caution.

Although many fraud calls used to come for credit cards, but later some calls were actually from the bank itself because they said that this card is being issued to you because you have had a good relationship with the bank for a long time. But I also told them that I do not have any job, so they said that no problem, your relation with the bank is good, so you are being given this credit card by the bank. Now I think whether the relationship was good or not, but there was a lot of money in the account, saved earlier and some invested. They also said that it is up to you to use it and there are no maintenance charges.

Well after talking to them, I called one of my trusted friend and took his opinion about this and he said that if there is no maintenance charge, then take it, what is the problem. Although I do not trust calls, but they asked me to come to the bank branch with the documents, so I trusted them.

The card also arrived in a few days. I have not used any credit card for a long time. After some time I started using that card. While using and in the greed of the offer, I got another credit card issued. And started using both the cards as per the offer. Earlier I used to do online shopping as per my requirement but due to credit card, I started shopping according to offers.

Fraud calls

But one day it happened that I saw an offer online which was a software and could ease and ease my editing and publishing work but after using the demo for a few days, I had to pay them online which was through my card. automatically cut off.

When I used that online software, I did not find that software so useful and I started thinking of stopping using it. But as soon as the time of free demo was over, they deducted money from the account and deducted more than the amount given in the offer. I thought that what had to be cut has now been cut. No further. I got my credit card blocked. And stopped using credit cards and falling prey to offers.

After this everything was fine for some time, but after many days, I started getting messages on my phone that you have so much due on your credit card along with maintenance charges. Phone calls also started coming. After receiving the call, a pre-recorded voice is heard from the other side that you have so much credit card due and so much maintenance charge is left.

Every time a call or message comes, the amount would increase. I thought let's fill it and I clicked on the link given on the message. After clicking, the bank's website opened and I had to enter my ID and password. Then I thought that when I have my bank's app then why should I login to it. Why not pay with my bank's app. This website can also be fake. If my payment is really pending, it will definitely appear in the app of the bank. After that I checked in the app but nothing like this was shown in it. I kept getting calls and messages on my phone again and again. I thought why not go to my bank branch and find out. When I went to the branch and found out, there was nothing like that, I asked if there was anything left to be paid, would it show in your system. They said yes. I got relieved and returned to my house.

Fraud calls

Those calls and messages kept coming to me. One day I searched about those numbers on the internet and came to know that those numbers belong to fraud people. I blocked those numbers. But I kept getting recorded calls and messages from different numbers. I would ignore and block them. And this cycle went on and this thing happened for me.

But from few days now I am getting lot of calls and calls are not recorded but sometimes some man and sometimes some girl or woman talks to me. An attempt is being made to scare me and mislead me that my credit card is active and the amount I have to pay is increasing with interest. And when I said that I have done all the inquiries and there is nothing like that then they say that it is visible in our system that your card is active.

Fraud calls

When I said that you should talk to someone in my bank branch or meet there, then those people are turning the matter around and repeating the issue of making payment again and again. When I again searched their phone numbers on the internet, I came to know that all are fraud numbers. I have blocked many of their numbers. They call again from some new and strange numbers. Since then this cycle is going on, gets calls everyday and I disconnect their calls without receiving them and am getting blocked. Don't know how many sims are lying with those people.

The only difference is that ever since I received their phone call and narrated it to them and told them to talk to the branch of the bank, since then their calls are coming less. But at least one call comes in the whole day. I think even those people must be thinking that if they try more, who knows, he may come in our words.

As of today I do not use any card. Worried, I have closed the second credit card as well. It is not even that fraud calls are only related to credit cards and banks, they are also related to jobs and keep trying to take advantage of greed or fear. It is not as if I am not using and trusting, so you should not too. You must use it according to your need, but friends, do it very carefully and avoid carelessness.

Fraud calls

For your information, I am also sharing some of their phone numbers so that you can get an idea of what kind of numbers these are.

912656815765 , 912656815487 ,912248248300 ,912656815921 ,912248248419 ,912248248556 ,912656815811 ,912248248361 ,91265681 5488 ,912248248460 ,914435089125

Some tips to avoid fraud calls and more such frauds - 

Friends, these people take advantage of greed and fear. There is also an old saying that greed is a bad thing. Take steps according to your circumstances and needs. Don't get lured by unnecessary offers.

When you are afraid, first try to control your fear. Don't take any step out of fear.

If you accept credit card and any such kind of offers, then no matter how long it takes and no matter how much the other person hesitates, take all the information from him and after that take a thoughtful decision or take the advice of an expert.

If fraud calls come and they say pay this within this time, otherwise this will happen, that will happen. In such a situation, do not be in a hurry at all. And take the next step very carefully. If the matter is related to the bank, then first contact the bank and get information from them.

If you are troubled by repeated calls like me, then first identify those numbers online and after that, if you want, after blocking them, you can also register an offline or online complaint with their cyber police.

By the way, nowadays with the help of the app, which call is correct and which call is fraud, it is known as soon as the ring rings, but still you have to be alert because when and how those people will find a way, nothing can be said. Like I don't have any such app in my mobile, so maybe they have come to know about it somehow, so they are trying to take advantage of my condition. It is not even that I had not used such an app before. I did but for some reason I had to remove that app.

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