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Hard work, Luck, Possibility, Courage

In this article, you will understand what can happen with hard work and luck and what is the role of possibility and courage in it.

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Hard work, Luck, Possibility, Courage video

Hard work, Luck, Possibility, Courage

Often I hear people saying that everything is a game of luck, whatever is written in luck, that is what happens. On the contrary, many people have also heard saying that nothing happens by luck, it happens by hard work. Luck also favors those who work hard. Don't rely on luck. Some people do not believe in luck and completely deny it, they say that nothing happens by chance, everything is nonsense and this is the way to fool people.

Hard work, Luck, Possibility, Courage

By the way, these questions are very complicated that are all the hard working people successful and living their desired life? Are there no people in this world who have not done any hard work and are living in all kinds of comforts? There is even a saying "getting pearls without asking" which reflects the belief in luck. There is also a saying, “The one who finds three finds deep water”, that is, you can get what you want by working very hard.

If you find out, then you will find many such people in this world whose life is spent very comfortably, there is no tension, they have all the comforts and facilities. There are people who didn't have anything special before and something happened in their life that once they got a job or something like that they got a way and after that one after another they got the ladder of success and they are Together they became successful. Such people would also be found who would have been very successful in the beginning and something might have happened in their life or might have taken some such decision due to which problems would have started coming in their life one after the other. They may overcome these problems on the basis of their understanding and hard work and with the help of someone or they may break down completely.

Hard work, Luck, Possibility, Courage

There will be people who will neither be very successful nor very unsuccessful. Their life somehow goes well. There are also people who have lived in extreme poverty or bad conditions and later become very successful. There are people who are already successful and have become more successful later.

In such a situation, the question arises that all those who have come from bottom to top, would they not have worked hard? Would they have never felt disappointed? Would those people who are working hard in their field like them? Would everyone have got success equally? If not, would it be fair to say that those people would not have worked hard? When it is certain that not all hard workers are successful and all those who are successful are not necessarily Everyone has worked hard. Anything can happen. It means that nothing is certain or certain that if this is done then it will happen for sure. Some things can be fixed, like if there is an injury, then pain will be felt, but this is also not absolutely sure, there may be some such changes in the living beings in the future that they will not feel pain.

In such a situation, the word that comes to the fore is possibility. Whatever is happening, whatever is going to happen, everything has possibilities. If you want to do some work, then there is a possibility of that work being good, there is also a possibility of getting spoiled, there is a possibility that you will work hard for that work, for some reason you may not be able to do that work properly. Yes, it is possible that the work may not be done so well in the beginning and it may be done well later. As with everything there are many possibilities.

Now what is the role of hard work and luck in this? If we see more benefits in any work and work with proper planning keeping in mind all the possibilities then we are more likely to succeed because after assessing all the possibilities we know about the risk and such We are prepared for what step should be taken. But if something happens that we didn't think or estimate because of which we may succeed, we may fail, or we may succeed but not as expected. I can say that we worked hard but luck was not good. If we were successful, then we can say that even after this happened, we were successful because luck was good. Or it can also be said that we continued working hard, did not lose courage and got success. It can also happen that you got a chance to do some good work, but you did not take good advantage of that opportunity or you can say that you did not perform well in the opportunity you got and did not work hard. It would also be fair to say that luck was good but there was a need to try properly.

Hard work, Luck, Possibility, CourageIf seen, it is necessary to have a balance of hard work and luck in any work. Suppose you are working very hard by setting a goal and something happens that you have performed well but the one who is going to select you has a different thinking and expectation and if you do not succeed in that goal then call it luck. The mind can also play the game of And it can also happen that you have performed very well, you have made a good impression on the person in front of you, and if you live up to what he expected from you and what he thought, then you can be successful and can say that I have worked hard. Did it and succeeded. From this we can understand that hard work and luck go hand in hand.

But it is not necessary that luck always accompanies hard work. Luck is luck nothing can be said for sure about this also. To understand this further, I would like to tell you an incident from my school days.

I used to study in third class those days and those days final exams were going on and the next paper was of science and that day I didn't feel like studying. I memorized the answers to a few questions and stopped studying. The next day I went to give the exam in fear because the studies were not done properly. But on seeing the science paper, my happiness knew no bounds. Only those questions came in the paper whose answers I had already remembered and there were some which I had memorized at night. I thought it was a wonder that it came from the one that I had read a little. And my paper went very well. And once the reverse happened as well. This is about his next year i.e. when I was in fourth grade. That day there was a social science paper. Everyone had prepared well and were eager to give the paper. But when the paper came, everyone's condition worsened. Because Sir had mistakenly put questions outside the syllabus.

From these two examples, we can understand that there is luck but it cannot be trusted and we should keep trying continuously without giving up. It is true that if luck has to do good, then when and how it will do good to someone, nothing can be said.

Hard work, Luck, Possibility, Courage

We should keep working hard, even after failing, we should keep taking the next step with courage. Who knows, today's hard work may come in handy in doing something very good in the future. Along with this, I would also like to add "Hard work does not always bring good taste, do not lose courage friends, because it is also true that sometimes it is useful, it never goes waste".

I hope that from this article of mine, you must have understood well about hard work, luck, possibility, courage. And those who always talk negative, always have one-sided views and curse when they fail in any work, must read this article.

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