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Please think, understand, then give opinion, don't just say anything


While watching some videos on my smartphone, I saw a video, seeing which I was forced to think. In that video, a gentleman was sharing the knowledge that if you want to be successful in life, then leave all these comfort level, good lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, relaxation, comfort. All these things are nonsense. If you think about all these, then you will never be able to succeed.

Please think, understand, then give opinion, don't just say anything

Although those who have said this are very big celebrities. Obviously he has a lot of money. There is also a lot of capital. There will be all kinds of facilities in his house. After all, if people like him do not have it then who will have it? Common people will not have it. If comfort level, healthy lifestyle etc. are such bad things, then why do all the rich people and big people build big bungalows to live in, then a single storey house which has rooms according to the needs of all is enough. Why buy more vehicles even after having one vehicle. One car is enough for them to come and go. These people have nothing to do with agriculture, then why do they build big farmhouses. When they go to some other place then why do they stay in big expensive hotels where all the things of their comfort and convenience are available.

Please think, understand, then give opinion, don't just say anything

These people hold the mike in their hands and say anything to the common people. They give any opinion. Before speaking anything, these people think that there is a difference between their way of living and the way of living of the common man. Where even a little bit of their health deteriorates, then the service from the family doctor to the best doctor of the city will be available for them in a jiffy, whereas if the health of a small child deteriorates due to the change of weather in the common man's house, then he To get his sick child examined by the doctor, he has to first take an appointment and then go to the doctor's clinic and wait for his turn in a long line.

While waiting, on one hand, he gets worried seeing the health of the child, on the other hand, he is also thinking whether he will be able to go to office on time or not, or he will have to take leave after requesting the boss. And in this process, he may have to listen to the harsh words from his boss or senior. It is possible that even after making a million requests, he may not get leave. And after completing the doctor's work, he has to go to the office immediately. In the meanwhile some rest is necessary. Due to not getting rest, it may have a bad effect on his office work and because of that also he will have to listen to a lot of criticism. This is just an example.

There are many things in the life of common man which those celebrities do not have to face. And it is also a matter to be understood that due to employment and other responsibilities, the common man already lives by killing many of his desires. And if seen, he does not have any option to stay in comfort. The common man who thinks a little differently and has high dreams has to go through a lot of opposition, especially from his own people. In such a situation, such statement that you leave the comfort level, healthy lifestyle is nothing, etc. seems absurd and misleading.

There is no need to say what kind of mental, physical and social problems people have to face in today's life due to hectic life, stress etc. If you look at the people and environment around you, then everything can be understood.

Please think, understand, then give opinion, don't just say anything

If celebrities cry once somewhere, then it becomes news and a large population likes to know, listen and give opinion about them. But only the common man has to understand the problems of the common man. And even if the common man faces any problem, whether it is big or small, it is not hidden from anyone that he has to go where and how many times, but still it is going on.

It is also true that no successful person can become successful like this. His own story behind the success or it can also be said that there will be struggle. But still speaking without understanding because people like to listen to you is not right. You tell about your struggle, give tips for success, it is a good thing that those who are struggling get some help.

But it is also a matter to think that why they are always asked to leave the comfort level, to leave the comfort, to leave the healthy lifestyle, who are struggling, who if they think of rest, it will seem that they are working. are running away from. If they think of a healthy lifestyle, then they will have to make a lot of changes in their daily life and also struggle. Why not call those people who are capable in every way, who have more than enough resources. If not forcefully, those people can be requested by holding the mike that you should use your resources properly, do good to the people and the society, bring awareness, bring equality, make life easy to live. After all, it is also a matter to think that the progress made by science, under which new things were discovered, was done so that life could be made easier and not to be thrown into a new kind of struggle.

Let's also accept that those who have their own resources, have a lot of wealth, it is either due to their hard work and struggle or it is in their luck. They can use that property as they want and live their favorite life. This is their wish. But it is not right to give advice to others that leave comfort level, leave healthy lifestyle etc.

If a common man gets good employment in his village itself, he can live a happy and healthy life with his whole family, then what is wrong in it. Will the welfare of the society and the country stop if this happens?

And it is a request to those who are successful that if you cannot help others, then enjoy your life. At least avoid giving any opinion without thinking anywhere.

By the way, this thing is not only about the difference between a big man or a common man, but it is worth understanding by everyone, whether he is a common man, a special man, a woman, a man, a student, a successful person, a failed person, etc. Everyone should understand that first please think, understand, then give opinion, don't just say anything.

There is also a couplet of Kabirdas ji that boli ek anmol hai, jo koi bole jani, hiye taraju tauli ke ,tab mukh bahar aani . It means speech is a precious thing. Before speaking it should be known that first we have to weigh it in the scale of our heart, that is, we should understand what we should say, only after that we should take it out of our mouth or speak it.

If you look around you, anyone says anything about anyone, like a person who has been relieved from a good post, can be found finding shortcomings about new people at every point. Especially in terms of employment. And its opposite can also happen that a new person can be found coming out of the shortcomings of an old person in his house. Without understanding that what is the difference between his time and the time of those whose shortcomings he is finding and what could be the reason. You can find more examples around you.

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