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First experience of AIDS awareness

It had been almost a month since college started. College life was quite different compared to school. Especially the discipline of school was not followed. New friends were made in place of old friends.

One day while leaving the library, we all were talking among ourselves, when two more friends came, their faces were blossoming and they said that they know that tomorrow there is going to be a seminar on AIDS in the reading hall of the library. Are you coming? We are going to come! They are going to tell everything very openly! Will be a lot of fun! You guys must also come!😉😋

First experience of AIDS awareness
meeting friends

I too thought that they are interested in spreading the disease more than knowing about the disease. I know they do not need information about AIDS, but what happens before AIDS, they have to listen to all that with full imagination😉😁. Now what to do, age is like this. Though emotions are also in my mind, I can control my emotions.😇

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The next day I arrived at the library a little late. The library was very crowded like a houseful theater. I got a seat. Friends had arrived on time. I also sat down and started listening. The voice of the hearer blossomed. The way he was telling. His happiness was clearly visible on his face. It seemed that he was more anxious than most😍.

The special thing was that he was telling all this in Hindi. Hindi speakers are considered a bit different due to the influence of regional language in this place. Due to the language, there is a problem in contact in such seminars.

He was telling how friends start talking about sex and how they reach the red light area. And to those who do not want to go, they say something like, "Come on let's learn, you will not know anything, tomorrow you will get married, if you mess up, your wife will leave you and run away." If you walk together, you don't do anything, just keep watching.😍

First experience of AIDS awareness

After listening to this, I also got up and started walking and had to go to lectures and also go to computer class after college. Anyway, there was more focus on things before AIDS than on AIDS.

As soon as I came down the stairs I found another friend, he asked, "Are you coming from the seminar?"😎

I said "Yes, it's time for the second lecture, so I am leaving. I'll go bye! I did not like this special seminar."😏

Then he stopped and said, "Listen, are there any girls in the seminar?"😜.I was surprised🙈, suddenly I looked at a girl who was new to college just like us. And roamed more with him. Don't know whether these two were just friends or more. Her face was red with shame. Looking down, she was shy, so much that she seemed to be melting. Now I understand why he was asking all this.😅

I said, "Yes, yes, boys and girls are all there. Go cool. No problem."😄

After that, I left for the second class. But one thing has to be accepted that in our society there is a great need to spread awareness about sex and AIDS and to spread awareness in the right way.😇

If I talk about myself, I am from a middle class family. There are restrictions on many things in my family, like I cannot talk openly with my elders, if they say something on any issue, then I cannot argue much on it, finally I have to obey them. Debate on issues like sex, affair and AIDS is a far cry. In the kind of family I come from, no one is allowed to choose his life partner on his own free will, whether it is a boy or a girl.

First experience of AIDS awareness

I have heard of many such families in which there is no such restriction. Thinking about the film world, it seems that those people would not believe in any kind of social bond. Well, we can only think about them and speculate. By the way, the kind of restrictions that I had to go through, I have got one advantage that I used to keep distance from girls. There was only concern about career and future, apart from that the focus was on fitness. It happened that I did not get a chance to do everything else. I have understood this much that nothing is better than what is needed, neither restriction nor openness. But it is important to have the right information about everything, whether it is the issue of AIDS or any other issue. If there is information, there will be awareness.

Just think when we come to that stage of age and along with the

First experience of AIDS awareness
change in our body, our thinking also starts changing and some new kind of feelings have taken birth in our hearts and minds. Our perspective starts changing for many things, especially regarding the opposite sex. This is such an issue about which one cannot even talk about it. Not even from those elders because of whom we have come into this world and with whom we feel safe from childhood till we grow up.

Such things happen only to those of our age or it can also be said that they happen to those who are going through that kind of phase at that time and they also have the same feelings inside us. But no solution can be found from them also because they also have the same feelings and questions in their mind that we have in our mind. They are surrounded by as much ignorance and misunderstanding as we are.

In such a situation, at that stage of age, what stops us from doing something wrong to some extent is the spread of dignity in our homes and in the society, which even if no one knows how to explain the definition, but it is understood by everyone, and this gives us It starts from our childhood in the form of rituals.

First experience of AIDS awarenessBut this limitation can stop us to an extent, but cannot give correct information about the feelings and desires that flourish at that point of age, nor can it solve it. Therefore, along with dignity, it is also very important to understand why it happens to us at that time and what is the real reason behind it and what is the solution. It is also very important to think, tell and create awareness about them. Here I would like to give my own example that I believe that I did not take any wrong and anti-social step due to the rites and dignity I got from my family and the society around me, but this is also right It is that for a long time I did not have any special knowledge about those things or should I say that I was not aware about those issues and gradually those feelings remained suppressed and kept on making me restless in between. I had adopted the values and dignity in my life so much that I did not make friends with anyone, especially I used to stay away from girls. It was famous about me during college days that He doesn't even realize he's young. One day I also realized that some girls consider me arrogant. Some classmates also had this curiosity in their mind that why is he like this, why doesn't he mix with everyone like the rest of the boys. Although there were other reasons behind my such behavior, but one of the special reasons was the dignity I got from my home and society.

First experience of AIDS awarenessIt is a different matter that during my job, when I became a little practical in my life, then I became many friends, among whom there were many boys as well as girls. And by then it was also understood that girls can also help in being good friends, mouth-spoken sisters, and in other works like we boys are ready to do by being friends with each other. Just need to understand each other properly and behave well.

I also cannot deny that at that stage of age, I did not take any wrong step because of the sense of dignity, But it is also true that there were no such men and women around me who could inflame the feelings that were growing inside me at that time. And further provoke the restless feelings and force them to take some wrong steps by seducing them. That's why it is very important to have the right information, awareness, whether it is the issue of AIDS or any issue related to it. It is good to talk openly on any issue but with dignity.

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