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Behavior and Faith in today's world

Like always, that day I went to the shop which is some distance from my house to get some printouts. The shopkeeper is an acquaintance of mine. There was some movement. And after checking my well being, he asked me the reason for not coming to a Shivcharcha. He said that you are not seen in Shivcharcha in the evening. You should come. I told him that I do not get any time from my work. Then he said that this is not right. I don't want to say anything but you should come. I found his words threatening. But then I put forth my stand that people from my family do go. And my work is such that sometimes I am very free and sometimes I have so much work that I don't get time to go out.

However, if I wanted, I could have replied that it's my choice, I don't like it, if you like it then you can go happily but don't call me like that.

But I do not find it appropriate to give such answers and if it is understood properly, then as far as possible one should avoid giving such answers and using words.

Behavior and Faith in today's world

It is true that one should not speak in this manner but it is not necessary that if the other person is talking wrongly then we should also talk wrongly. However, how one should behave depends on the circumstances at hand.

But as per my circumstances which I have just told you, I did not answer him in his manner because there is a reason behind it as well as benefits.

 For me, he is not just a shopkeeper but also my friend for a long time. There have been many such occasions when due to some reason I have less money or there is a problem of change, then he often leaves that much money or postpones it saying that it is okay, give it later.

I still have a lot of work to do from him. Due to friendship and acquaintance, he sells me the right things and sells them at the right price. Shivcharcha, temple, mosque etc., all these are matters of religion and devotion, we should avoid debating on these issues as far as possible. If someone has faith in such a thing, then we should not hurt his heart as much as possible and if faith Even if some such words come out from him under the influence of this, then we should listen to him quietly while respecting his feelings. He is not more educated than me nor is his financial condition better than the financial condition of my family. For as long as I have known him, I have found him to be very pure at heart.

Being a less educated but good business man, he says what he is without any hesitation. Although he is not more educated than me and his understanding on religious issues and such issues is not more than mine, then I should try to make him aware in some other way which does not hurt his ego.

Now it is not that I am perfect either. My perspective may also be flawed. Yes, it is true that I can think openly and rationally on any thing or topic. Even if that thing or topic is of my choice or not.

Behavior and Faith in today's world

Similarly, the subject of God and faith is very serious and complicated. If seen and understood then no one has seen God as he looks. What they like and what they don't like. If you believe then God exists, if you believe then he does not. Those who do not believe are called atheists. You will find many scientists, thinkers and common people among them. Among them you will also find people who belong to a community which, if history is read, has been persecuted by a particular religion or caste for a long time in the name of God and customs.

Those who believe that God exists are called theists. There is a lot of difference in these also, there is a difference of viewpoint regarding God. Customs differ. According to them, God also has different houses and those houses have different names like temple, mosque, church, gurudwara etc. The most surprising and confusing thing is that sometimes everyone justifies his own faith and belief in God and rejects others' faith and belief. In this confusion, sometimes some matters become very heated. There are some people who believe in God, including me. We assume that God exists and if not, then there is definitely some positive energy which is running this world. If not, then there must be some reason behind the formation and functioning of this world. That's why people like me take every religion or viewpoint in a positive light and bow with reverence everywhere. But avoid following too many customs.

Behavior and Faith in today's world

The most surprising thing is that no one has seen God but sometimes most of the fights and disputes happen in the name of God. Thinking about all this, I remember a story read in my childhood. Hope you have also read it, in which four blind men go to an elephant and guess by touching the elephant. The man who has touched the feet of an elephant feels that the elephant is like a pillar. Anyone who has touched the trunk of an elephant feels that the elephant is like a pipe. This is how everyone feels differently. And what happens next is that all the blind people start fighting among themselves regarding their views that I am right and you are wrong. Just then a man comes among them and explains to them that you all are right. The elephant is exactly as you all have felt; the elephant is as tall as a pillar because of its big legs. The trunk of an elephant is like a pipe. All of you have felt something different by touching different parts of it. And then the matter is resolved and the fight ends.

But if we talk about God and faith, it seems almost impossible to have a single opinion on it. Because in the case of the elephant the issue was resolved because many people had seen the elephant and knew that only a few people were not able to see it. But no one has seen God, be it educated, illiterate, scientist or religious leader. Therefore, it is almost impossible to form an opinion on this. Sometimes it seems that the solution can be found only when God himself comes forward and says, look humans, I am God. I look like this. I am the one who has created this world. I like these. Don't like this. These things said about me are true and these things are not true.

Now just think about it, people who argue about God and prove each other wrong and fight can be even more foolish than those blind people. Or there may be some very clever and vicious people who may be looking for their own benefit and benefit by spreading ignorance and confusion among the people and making them fight among themselves.

And today's world has progressed a lot scientifically. Whatever issue comes before us today, it is better to start thinking logically rather than blindly arguing and dividing by taking one side or the other.

In today's era, we are basically alone individually and may feel a kind of loneliness, but socially we are all connected to each other. From our smallest to biggest needs, we all depend on each other, even if our views on any subject do not match with each other. For example, from the production of milk to the preparation of tea in everyone's kitchen, there are many processes involved and services to different types of people.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that even if we all have different views on religion, faith or any other issue, we should not spoil our behavior with each other because of those issues and keep helping each other.

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