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Why is it important to get enough sleep? My experiences

Why is it important to get enough sleep? My experiences

Listen -

Morning freshness -This morning was looking very fresh and cool. Water was filling the tank above. After checking the water, I started walking on the terrace and looking around. The cool morning breeze, pleasant weather, empty road a short distance from the rooftop, trees and plants on the side of the road, birds flying and the mountains spread in the distance were making me feel very good. It felt good also because I woke up early in the morning after almost two weeks. Till about two weeks ago, I used to wake up early in the morning and start my day with yoga and long runs.

Why is it important to get enough sleep? My experiences

But the rules have changed since some time. Everything has turned upside down, earlier I used to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning but now I have started staying up late at night and sleeping late in the morning. It's not that I still can't wake up early in the morning. I can get up, but based on my experience, I have come to know that to wake up early in the morning, it is necessary to go to bed early at night and get good sleep. About seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary to stay healthy and also to work throughout the day.

Incomplete sleep and negative consequences - A few years ago, it was such that no matter how late I slept at night, I used to wake up early in the morning and start the day with yoga, running and exercise. But its results started becoming quite negative. I started feeling lethargic throughout the day, especially after having breakfast, I felt like sleeping but no, I had to prepare for some exams and after that I had to leave for office in the afternoon. But to read and understand anything, it is important to get enough sleep and feel refreshed. What used to happen was that after having breakfast, I would force myself to stay awake and study but would not understand anything and while studying, my eyes would close and I would take a nap or two. Sometimes lack of sleep had an adverse impact on office work as well. Sometimes I had to face embarrassment in the office because my work was not going well.

Sleep and exam preparation - In those days, I never prepared well for any exam while half asleep. Sometimes it has happened that the preparation for the exam was done well but due to traveling to another city and lack of sleep, one could not give the paper properly. It seemed as if one should solve all the questions in the paper by whatever means possible and quickly turn in the paper and return home. While giving the paper, the picture of the train taking me back would appear in front of my eyes. It seemed as if when the paper would be over and when I would board the train and return home.

Why is it important to get enough sleep? My experiences

Sleep in exam - Some people used to fall asleep even during the paper. Some people would somehow finish their papers quickly and used to sleep on the table.

Once it happened that I had gone to a town near my village to give a paper. I reached the exam center about three hours before the time. I saw that a boy was sleeping on the sitting area and that too in deep sleep. I woke him up. When he opened his eyes his eyes were red. The face was also quite calm. When I asked him why his eyes were so red. He told that he had come by train from the neighboring state. Didn't get a seat so came staying awake all night. I said - "Brother, instead of traveling like this, it would be better to come a day earlier and stay somewhere or choose a nearby exam centre." He told that he had chosen the exam center nearby but But the exam center is from here. His financial condition is not so good that he can pay money to stay somewhere. I said - "But in this condition you will not be able to give the exam well. What is the use of being pushed like this? It is better not to come for the exam. He said -" What to do, have to give the exam. Who knows, this time the exam might go well somehow.

Sleep during interview-Something similar happened with me too. In those days, I had to go to Mumbai from my city for an interview and there were other friends along with me who had to give the same interview that I had to give. The distance from our city to Mumbai is about three or four hours. We all used to catch the 12 o'clock night train to save money. After a journey of three to four hours, we used to freshen up at the railway station and immediately reach the exam centre. After giving the exam, we used to immediately reach the station and catch the return train. In this way the cost of living and food in the city was saved to a great extent.

That night we were waiting for the train on the platform. That night the train arrived much late than its scheduled time. After boarding the train, all my friends searched for a place to sleep but I found a magazine which was already kept on the seat, I started looking at that magazine and reading it. While I was watching and reading the magazine, morning broke and the train reached its destination. We freshened up at the station and had breakfast and proceeded to the interview venue.

After sitting in the waiting area, I started feeling very sleepy and I kept trying to control my sleep. But how long can you control yourself? Sleep is still sleep. I didn't even realize when I fell asleep while sitting on a chair, leaning forward. And I was also sitting in the very side row where there was a path leading to the stage of the interviewing officer.

When I woke up, I saw that the interviewing officer was standing on the stage and my friends and other people were standing to welcome him. I stood up hurriedly and was a little worried thinking that this officer must have seen me while passing by. Don't know what he will think about me.

Why is it important to get enough sleep? My experiences

I looked at my friends around me and thought that they should wake me up. Well what is the use now? All of them were looking at the officer in a cautious manner. I also stood at attention and started listening to what the officer was saying.

Later, while going back, when I asked my friends why you did not wake me up, my friends said that the officer had already seen you sleeping before us. When you got a chance to sleep in the train, you should have slept. Then you didn't sleep. What could I say after this, it was my fault, I should have slept. If I had slept on time then there would have been no need to sleep at the wrong time.

Night bus ride and deep sleep -This is from school days. I was returning back to my city with my sir and friends after the scout camp was over. It was already late at night. After getting down from the train, we boarded the bus for our further journey. The passenger sitting with me was very sleepy. Well, I was also trying to sleep but I was not getting that much sleep. But the passenger next to me was unable to control sleep. He was repeatedly falling on his face a little above my knee during sleep and was doing the same again after waking up. This was happening again and again. I was feeling very uncomfortable. I thought of a prank at that time. In those days I used to do a lot of mischief. I started looking at him sideways. As soon as he was about to fall on my knees under the influence of sleep, I quickly removed my leg. His head hit my suitcase placed in front and a snapping sound was heard. He woke up as if he had never slept. He started looking at me with wide eyes and open mouth. I looked at him once. I was laughing a lot at his condition. I looked away and tried to control my laughter. The man did not say anything and fell asleep while watching and moving with the bus. After that he did not fall on my feet again.It is possible that he may not have time to complete his sleep. Even if he had time to complete his sleep, he might not have slept on time. If he had got enough sleep earlier then he would not have had to suffer all this.

Why is it important to get enough sleep? My experiences

There is a saying “Jo sowat hai woh khowat hai” i.e. he who sleeps, loses. But what does one achieve who does not sleep? You can understand from some of the experiences I have shared, what can happen to you in your personal and professional life due to lack of sleep. Not getting proper sleep also affects our health. Lack of sleep is an important reason for most of the diseases occurring today. Due to lack of sleep, mood is not good, digestion and other body functions do not occur properly. Gradually your body gets surrounded by many diseases. You may become irritable. This has a negative impact on your behavior with other people.

It is important for everyone to understand and accept these things about sleep -

1 If you want to wake up early in the morning, it is important to sleep early at night.

2 If you want to enjoy the morning breeze and pleasant weather, then it is important to have a good sleep at night.

3 If you want to wake up early in the morning and do yoga, exercise or running, then it is important to get complete and good sleep at night.

4 To digest food properly, it is important to take adequate sleep at the right time.

5 If you want to avoid major diseases in future, it is important to get complete sleep.

6 If you want to remain fresh and in a good mood throughout the day, it is important to get complete sleep.

7 If you want to do good work throughout the day, it is important to get complete sleep.

Keeping these points in mind, if I say, "The desire to live life happily is incomplete without complete sleep. Happy is the person who, if not wealth, has good health, good mood and who has complete sleep", then it would not be wrong. 

Why is it important to get enough sleep? My experiences

Another option for sleep -If we talk to anyone about sleep or try to spread awareness around us, we may definitely hear that what to do is that our job is such that we do not get enough sleep. What to do: Things go on like this in our house that we are not able to sleep early. What to do is like this, what to do is like that. Instead of imposing this question of "what to do" on others, if everyone starts thinking at their own level and tries to find solutions, then at least some solution can be found. This question of "what to do" can shut the mouth of people or the other person but cannot find a solution. No matter what you are doing or how forced you are, it is important to get complete and good sleep. there is no alternative to this.


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