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Experience letter

Today I went to my office after a long time, almost a year later in the hope that today I will get my experience letter. By the way, I never want to go to office again but it is helpless because it has been a year since I left the office. According to the rule, the experience letter should have come in my email account after 45 days of leaving the office.  After all, five years of life has been given in that office, you should take the experience letter. By the way, my work is of only 10 minutes but I will see how much time it take. Time Then I remember that I forgot to tell Kunal. We had decided that we will go together to get the experience letter. Thought it will be easy to reach office and call him. I didn't think before that I had to go to the office to get the experience letter. I came for another work which did not happen. After all, if I do not go today, I have to go sometime. There is less petrol in the motorcycle, there is also an ATM on the way to withdraw money and I wi

Work and luck and education

By the way, nowadays, information technology has made a lot of progress for the news of the country and the world. If you want, watch a different channel on television, if you want, find out through the Internet. But I still like to read newspapers. It's not that I don't use the internet. But I have been reading newspapers since childhood and I also feel a connection with it. While reading the newspaper, there is no stress on the eyes as it is while watching the mobile. newspaper News, entertainment, stories, articles on any subject, etc. in the newspaper, there is a lot to read. It is a different matter that the news in the newspaper is one day old. But sitting in one place can be read comfortably. Sometimes we get to read something that attracts our attention the most. By reading that, we get inspiration to do something good and we start thinking about the issues related to it. You can also watch this video👇  Work and luck and education Inspiration One day I read about Rames