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Work and luck and education

By the way, nowadays, information technology has made a lot of progress for the news of the country and the world. If you want, watch a different channel on television, if you want, find out through the Internet. But I still like to read newspapers. It's not that I don't use the internet. But I have been reading newspapers since childhood and I also feel a connection with it. While reading the newspaper, there is no stress on the eyes as it is while watching the mobile.
life and education

News, entertainment, stories, articles on any subject, etc. in the newspaper, there is a lot to read. It is a different matter that the news in the newspaper is one day old. But sitting in one place can be read comfortably. Sometimes we get to read something that attracts our attention the most. By reading that, we get inspiration to do something good and we start thinking about the issues related to it.
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life and education

One day I read about Ramesh Babu in Bengaluru in a newspaper. His story was a combination of both hard work and luck. In front of that news, I did not find any news that day special.
 His story from an ordinary barber to a millionaire is interesting. After the father's demise, Ramesh Babu started taking over the saloon. He bought a Maruti Suzuki Omni car for him in 1994. There came a time that he could not repay the loan installment of three months.

life and education
bad condition

The advice of the woman where his mother worked, changed the fortune of Ramesh babu.. The woman advised to rent a car. By the time he saw, he had seven cars by the year 2004. He put all the cars in his tour and travel company. Those who use Ramesh Babu's luxury cars include many big film personalities, big politicians and industrialists. 

life and education
He charge Rs 50,000 daily for a Rolls Royce car. After reading this news, the desire to become a millionaire by doing something different in my mind was emphasized, as well as remembered the story of childhood, in which a beggar who survives by begging gets a pot full of flour one day. He is overjoyed and takes it and hangs it inside his hut on top of his bed and falls asleep on the bed and dreams of becoming rich.
life and education
He dreams that he will sell flour and buy chickens and when they gives chicks, he will have lots of chickens and chickens, by doing this he will raise many animals and become very rich, he will have relationships with big houses. And then he will be married to a rich and beautiful girl and then have children. While dreaming that the children would do mischief and he would beat them, he really started moving his hands and feet and one hand hit the pot and the pot broke and all the flour was scattered. 
life and education

There is a difference between the two stories, one was successful and the other's dreams were shattered before coming to reality. One had not dreamed of becoming rich nor had any future plans, only trying to solve the problems of his life, and the other could only dream. There is no role of special degree in both stories. On the basis of these stories, if I say that life has taught walking and degrees has taught division, then it will not be wrong.
life and education

It also does not mean that we should not study and take a degree. But it is important to know that what is education? Why are we studying? What is the need of it in our life? What is the mindset of the people around us towards education? And how much is that mindset right and how much is wrong? Like there are many issues in our society in which some things are true and some things are superstitions.

life and education

Education is a very sensitive issue. Very few people think about what the child's interest is in doing. But everyone knows that everyone's interests and abilities are not the same. Some are very good in studies, some are very good in any one subject, some are very interested in music, some are very interested in sports etc. And these interests come in children from small classes.

life and educationv

It needs help to understand and refine it. And this is the responsibility of teachers and parents. But most of the time it happens that instead of skill, emphasis is laid on getting maximum marks. The more good marks he gets, the more respect he gets in school and society. Parents also feel very proud that my children are scoring very good marks.

life and education

There are also many ways to score good marks. By working hard or copying. There are two things in working hard, either you are from a family in which you will get help in studies, that is, the members of the house will be helping you in studies and you must be studying very diligently and you will understand everything or you will be able to memorize. You will be very expert. You must be memorizing the entire syllabus and forget it after the exam.

Now you are passing the exam by working hard or by copying but you are running behind the marks. Are we learning the skill of living life in true sense by running after numbers? Are those qualities really developing in us by what we read in books and give exams? Or we are studying so that examinations should be passed with good marks and interviews should be done well, one should get a good government job or some other private job with high salary. When we are taught a lesson, no matter what age we are or any class student, do we know that what is being taught to us is of importance and use in our life. We take that as a course and forget after the exam.

life and education
after the exam

If we look at the story of Mahesh Babu, then it is understandable that while battling with the situation of his life, he somehow understood that what is the skill in him and what good he can do and after working hard, he Got success.

Although these are my personal views but based on experience. Not everyone may agree with my views because everyone has their own point of view.

But I can hope that this article of mine will help in giving right direction to your life.

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