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Right decision with Peace and endurance

Sometimes something happens in all of our lives in which no one is at fault. It is better to think ahead considering it as your luck. But it is not necessary that if something or very bad has happened to you today, then bad will always happen to you. Time keeps changing, circumstances also change. Circumstances are not always the same. There is also that saying that happiness and sorrow are the two rules of this world and keep on coming in everyone's life.

Peace and endurance
Peace and endurance
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When sorrow comes in our life, then there is turmoil in our mind, that is, our mind does not remain calm and we do not like anything in the world at that time. Everything seems to be bad. We cannot do everything in our own bus but if we try, our mind can be kept calm which is not as easy as it seems to say. When the mind is disturbed, then one should avoid taking any decision and wait for the right time with patience.

Sometimes you get caught up in an argument even if you don't want to. Despite being right, you justify his point and want to stop the debate. Even then, the person in front wants to confuse you, it will make you feel very uncomfortable, it will look like I stuck man! And maybe quite angry too. Now the question is what should we do when this is happening to us. Many people will have different views in this, like I do not face such people, should stay away from such people, just have to keep meaning from work, they will do it in front of others, they will not do this before me.

Peace and endurance
control yourself

It is worth noting at such a time that the battle is not really from the front, but from yourself. What is going on in the front of the mind, why is he like this or why is he doing this, we can all think later. But the more we control ourselves, work in peace and keep our voice under control, the more successful you will be in avoiding that kind of situation and you will also have a good influence on the front.

Peace and endurance
test yourself

Many times I have encountered such a situation that I was very angry at the person in front. I felt like slapping him loudly, but I had read and heard that maybe the angry person should not take any action because the angry man always takes the wrong step and when later realizes it is very bad. Also seems. So while I was angry I did not take any step and kept talking to myself. The advantage of this was that I was saved from taking any wrong step and with time it also got resolved. Those circumstances taught me that instead of fighting, arguing with others, I should talk to myself, test my own good and evils, and take the next step on that basis.

It is not as easy to control oneself as it is in speaking, but through practice, thinking about right and wrong, through right lifestyle it is possible. 

Peace and endurance
right lifestyle

Thinking of this, I remembered a story that I had read somewhere. Reading this story will help you to understand this too.

Hope you like this story too.

It was years ago. Once a Mahatma was passing through a deserted place with one of his disciples. After a lot of walking, both of them were tired and very thirsty. The two stayed under a tree to rest. At the behest of the Mahatma, the disciple went to fetch water at a nearby mountain waterfall. The disciple saw some animals running and came out of the waterfall, which made the water of the waterfall very dirty. Seeing this, the disciple returned without taking water.

He came and said to the Mahatma, "Gurudev, the water of the spring is not clean, there is a lot of dirt because of the animals walking in it. I bring water from a distant river." The river was far away, so the Mahatma urged him to bring only the water of the waterfall.

The disciple went to the waterfall but returned empty-handed. The water was still dirty.

Peace and endurance
clear mind

The Mahatma sent him again for a third time to get water. This time when the disciple reached the waterfall, he was surprised to see that the water of the waterfall was absolutely clean. The mud sat underwater. The disciple filled the water and brought it to the Mahatma.

Peace and endurance
calm and bright

After drinking the water, the Mahatma explained to the disciple, "Same is the condition of our mind. Events in life also make our minds upheaval, but if one works in peace and endurance, like that waterfall The water was completely clear and the mud sat under the water. The mind also becomes calm and bright again. And in this way, we can make the right decision in our life

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