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Common people and cleaning

The common man contributes a lot in running a democratic country. In a democratic country with the government, the common man also has many responsibilities towards the country which he has to personally understand and carry out. One of them is to take care of cleanliness around you. It is worth noting how the common man takes care of cleanliness in our country - 

Common people and cleaning
clean place

Cleaning your neighborhood - Every ordinary person who is doing a good job and is about to retire, then his next step is to buy a good place in a good city and build a house. Buying land and building a house is fine. But the problem starts when the thing is to leave the path to come, here most people start encircling the path instead of leaving the path. And hope that the people of his neighborhood will leave the way. This causes controversy and due to narrow road there is no cleanliness in the locality. In the rainy season, the condition of such Mohalla's becomes pathetic.

Common people and cleaning
narrow neighborhood

Spitting habit - Most people in our country have a habit of spitting. Somewhere along the way, they spit while walking, as if they had no responsibility for cleanliness. Many times I have noticed that those people who retire from good jobs and talk big about the country and society and spit more than talk. On one side there are big things for the country and on the other side, spreading the dirty things by spitting from the same mouth.

Common people and cleaning

Garbage in empty space - Most people have a habit of throwing garbage anywhere. I have seen many places which are empty where people are less likely to come. Such places remain clean and green for some time, but as time passes, they turn into garbage heaps because people have a habit of throwing garbage in empty places.

Common people and cleaning
trash in empty space

Trash in open spaces - By open spaces I mean places that are not very popular but these places are very suitable for walking, exercising, fresh air. People like these places very much. Often people like to go to such places on vacation or to take their own time apart and enjoy the atmosphere there. Many people take the food items with them and Later they leave the garbage there. Because of this, that place changes from a clean and well cleaned place to a dirty and smelly place.

Common people and cleaning
garbage in open spaces

Old beliefs - Some old beliefs are also largely responsible for spreading filth, such as shedding bodies in rivers, shedding material after worship, etc. These beliefs have been in place since a long time when people's lives must have been forever. There will not be much pollution in the environment. The number of people will also be much less than today. So at that time there would be no harm to the environment by these assumptions. Apart from this, those common people who are poor and not educated are also responsible for spreading filth because of their habits. Such people use the nearby rivers and plains for defecation, bathing, washing clothes etc.

Common people and cleaning
garbage in rivers

Carcasses of animals - It is also often seen that carcasses of animals are thrown here and there, such as on the roadside or in an open place. I would also like to say that there should be a sacrifice for animals in us. They too have the right to live. We humans use animals for our own purpose and treat them badly. Our humanity is questioned. This is why it is important to say that cleanliness should not only be outside but also inside us.
Common people and cleaning
compassion for animals

It is also important to say this because what is happening in today's world is very worrying. Wherever the situation is worse due to corona, there are battles in two countries where many people are going to death. Despite all this, our politicians are not ending politics among themselves. The common people are getting confused in the matter of frivolity and are not removing their estrangement.

Common people and cleaning
settle the conflict

Odd habits - People also have strange habits that affect the cleanliness of the surroundings. For example, I would like to share my experience. Sometimes relatives come from my village who have a habit of open defecation. They do not like to sit in the toilet. They say that we do not feel well in the toilet and our stomach is not clean properly. So take us outside to some forest.
It will not be wrong to say that the common man needs to be aware of cleanliness and needs to change his thinking and habit. It is also to be kept in mind that cleaning is not only outside but also inside itself.

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