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Multitasking - skill or imprudence

Multitasking means to do a lot of work, or it can also be said to do one thing as well as tackle other tasks. Thinking about what a great option it is. One who becomes expert in this will be very successful in life. It will create a good image among the people that it has done so many things. But is that really so?

The concept of multitasking , that is, multiple tasks at once, started in the 1960s. It was first used by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), a computer hardware company. It was used to negotiate how much work a computer could do. Or you can also say that the use of the multitasking concept was introduced to discuss how much the computer is working and how much it can be done.

Multitasking - skill or imprudence

Later, when this concept of multitasking reached among the common people, people liked this concept very much. People started feeling that with this they can use their routine or time better. People started to believe that if they do many things at once, they will be more successful and productive employees, better parents and will be able to do many things.

This idea of ​​multitasking was very attractive but was it really as good as it seemed? Slowly psychologists started to suspect that people are considering multitasking as beneficial? Is it really so beneficial? 

Finally, in 2001 The idea of ​​multitasking was rejected because MRI imagery (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), a medical imaging technique that uses radiology to show the inside of the body, revealed that what we perceive to be multitasking is actually there is a process, or it can also be said that the mind has a nature or habit, due to which our mind keeps moving between different subjects or works.

For example, if we calm down in one place and think something, then we cannot think on one thing continuously for a long time, different issues keep coming in our mind, and then we think, oh, what did we think of this Then we start thinking on our first issue. This process goes on continuously. Like it has already been said that the mind is fickle.

Multitasking - skill or imprudence
focus on

But if we talk about doing some work, then we can focus on only one task at a time. We cannot concentrate on more than one work at a time. Many experiments have been done by psychologists which shows that when people try to do a lot of work together, the work is late. Chances of making a mistake in work increases. Because the brain is unable to concentrate on many things at once.

 Many people still try multitasking. Efforts are made to get multitasking not only among the people but also in many offices.

I, too, have made the mistake of multitasking in my life. It was a matter of time when I took admission in college. Apart from attending a college class, I had also joined a computer class outside, besides I had also joined class to become an insurance agent, a friend circle to play football in the evening, every Sunday I would have to go to NCC. It was my daily routine to get up early in the morning and do yoga.

In those days I wanted to learn more and almost all kinds of things in less time. I used to think that the more classes I would join and the more I would work, the more I would specialize in different things and I would be successful in life. You can guess how my whole day would have gone.

But it happened that I did not master any work. Due to my multitasking thinking, I also had to struggle a lot for employment.

In those days, if I had worked hard focusing on one goal, then today things would have been different.

If we pay attention to our routine, then we will find that we do not have only one task throughout the day that we focus on one task and complete that work and be sure that we have done the work. Not every day, but sometimes it happens that a lot of work has to be done at once, then the question arises that what should be done at such a time. On the one hand, it is being said that multitasking should be avoided as far as possible and on the other hand, if there is a need to do many things at the same time, then it is not right to refuse to do any work thinking that doing only one thing at a time is okay. So in such a situation, we need to understand how to give priority to our work and why it is important. We can understand this with the help of an example, so let's understand -

Multitasking - skill or imprudence

How to give priority to your work and why it is important - Suppose you go to the market to get some items of the house and after going to the market you start taking the goods. After coming home, you remember that hey, I forgot to bring some things and I took many such things which are not necessary now and I forgot some important things which were to be taken. Think why this happened. Because you did not give priority to your work, nor did you make any planning or list in advance, which items to take and which are the more important items and which are the less important items. In the same way, in our personal and professional life, say some work or say the goal, we keep on coming, which we have to do by giving priority and with planning. This is called prioritizing your work and goals.

Multitasking - skill or imprudence

Friends, it is necessary for all of us in personal and professional life. You can start this with your daily routine because everyone knows about their routine, what is going on when. You can make a list of your next day's tasks at night and try to do those tasks which are more important and more difficult first. You also know when and why there is a disturbance in your routine between work. Think about its remedy, manage time accordingly. Then review your work later. This will help you to understand which work has to be done, how much break should be taken, what are the obstacles in doing those things and what can be their solution. In this way, you can also multitasking in your personal and professional life and achieve your goals successfully.

Multitasking - skill or imprudence

I hope that you have understood about multitasking by reading this article of mine.

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