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That day - a true experience

That day my brother called from the shop that he has forgotten his bag in the house, quickly reach that bag to the shop. I took his bag and left the house on a motorcycle towards the shop. It was not even half the distance that the speed of the motorcycle started slowing down on its own and in a while the motorcycle stopped. I checked and found that the petrol of the motorcycle has run out. I thought how did this happen! Just yesterday there was more petrol, did someone take it out! Or someone might have used it too much. I should have seen it once while leaving the house. What do I do now ? Why does this happen to me?

That day - a true experience
riding a motorcycle

At such times, the memory of God comes. I also remembered God in my mind and said, oh God, how can this motorcycle be started and I should reach the petrol pump. After praying to God like this, I tried a lot to kick start the motorcycle but the motorcycle did not start. And then I assumed that the petrol has run out, the motorcycle is not going to run like this

After all, I have to walk because the petrol pump is on the way but it is very far from here. It was the time of the year 2019, it was a summer day, there was a lot of sunshine on that day. The road was also very long as the motorcycle had to be pushed over. Had to reach the shop early too. After returning from the shop, I had to take some rest and go to my office. My office used to start at noon.

That day - a true experience
pushing a motorcycle

Then thought instead of thinking so much, first one should reach the petrol pump. I thought that instead of pushing and pushing, I sit on a motorcycle and run with my feet, this will also reduce fatigue a little, anyway, when I was learning to ride a bicycle in my childhood, I started in this way.

What was it then, I sat on the motorcycle and with the help of my legs, I started moving forward while driving the bike. For some time, I would increase the speed of the motorcycle with the help of my feet and then raise my legs as if the motorcycle has not run out of petrol and I am driving comfortably. Some people were looking at me and they also felt very strange. Now if they feel strange, what can I do in this, I was doing my work according to the situation ahead of me.

There was a slope going forward, my bike started moving smoothly and I didn't need to use my legs. In this heat, the shade of trees and the slopes on the way felt a little relief and also started enjoying a little bit of bike riding.

That day - a true experience

But this fun was only for a short while. As soon as the slope ended. I had to use my feet again. After a while my condition started getting worse due to sun, heat and exhaustion. Still, I kept on thinking, oh God, how can I reach the petrol pump. Couldn't even call anyone at that time. The nephew had gone to school, the father had also gone away for some work, the brother could not leave the shop, there was no friend whom I could call. At that time everyone was busy somewhere

Now I was just remembering God and was going on like that. After a while a man's voice came from behind that why are you walking like this on a motorcycle. When I looked back, there was a very simple man sitting on a motorcycle. He was wearing a loose fitting kurta pajama. A lot of clothes were tied behind. Maybe he was a clothes seller. Looking at him, I said what to do, the petrol of the motorcycle has run out. He said I'll help you put your feet up and pay attention to the handle. I did the same. He started his motorcycle and grabbed my motorcycle from behind and in this way my motorcycle started running.

That day - a true experience
Look back

I thanked God in my mind and thought how good this man is, now I will quickly fill up the petrol and reach the shop. There is humanity in this world and also God. After reaching the petrol pump, the man said that we have reached the petrol pump. Fill petrol. And while leaving, I told him not only with words but from my heart that God bless you. The man looked at me on his way out and probably even smiled and left. I also filled petrol and started towards the shop.

That day - a true experience
trust in god

This true incident that happened to me made me understand that we should have faith in God. No matter what the situation is, we should not lose heart and keep trying. There is humanity in this world and good people too. That simple looking person was no less than an angel to me at that time.

Well, today is the time of corona pandemic. Nevertheless, news channels mostly carry only hate-spreading news. People are confused about religion, about political thinking and are also divided among themselves. But remembering this incident, this question also arises in my mind that if we all have the spirit of helping humanity like that man, then what difference does it make to us, what is our religion, what is our history, we Rich or poor. 

That day - a true experience
the spirit of helping everyone

Instead of choosing a wrong leader under the guise of a political party, we should choose a leader on the basis of humanity, who is inspired by the spirit of humanity and does good work for everyone. And the matter of God is that it is in our mind, whenever we want to talk. If you have any complaint then complain. What difference does it make to a temple, a mosque or a building of any kind? We can talk to God whenever we want, we do not need anyone else.

That day - a true experience
sense of humanity

By the way, I did not remember this incident after seeing the news channels. Actually, due to lock down and no job, I do not go anywhere. But yesterday for some important work I had to go out and pass through the same place and the memory of that day was refreshed. I thought this incident should be written and shared.

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