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What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?

  What is the importance  of soft skills in our life and what are these soft skills ? First of all it is important to understand what is skill?  Friends, this means that no matter how difficult the work is, no matter how difficult it is, doing that work or mastering it is called skill. You can also watch this video 👇 What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?   Friends, the process of learning skills is related to the beginning of our life and continues with life. To understand this we can take example from our personal life like when we are children. Then we learn to control our hands and feet, then we learn to walk slowly. When we grow up, we learn skills from holding a pencil to writing with it. Learn the skills from handling the bicycle to driving. And this process of learning continues throughout life. As we keep learning skills, in the same way we keep feeling new in life and also keep developing in life. Well, there are two types of skills, hard skills and so

Bold steps should also be taken in life

Bold steps should also be taken in life but why should one take it. I would like to tell this to you through an incident that happened in my childhood. Whenever I mention bicycle, I definitely remember that evening incident in the village when the key of the cycle was lost and I found it again. It happened that at that time I lived in the village with my mother and elder brother. We had other relatives in the village and also brothers and sisters. When my father was in the army, he used to come occasionally or once a year for a holiday. Me and my elder brother used to go away from the village to study in the schools of the district. We both used to go to different schools. I used to study in a private school and used to go to school in the same school bus. But there was no bus facility in my elder brother's school, so father bought a new cycle for elder brother. I was also very fond of cycling and learned to ride a new cycle. Sometimes I used to hit the bicycle here and there. That