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What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?

 What is the importance of soft skills in our life and what are these soft skills ?

What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?
First of all it is important to understand what is skill? Friends, this means that no matter how difficult the work is, no matter how difficult it is, doing that work or mastering it is called skill.
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What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?
Friends, the process of learning skills is related to the beginning of our life and continues with life. To understand this we can take example from our personal life like when we are children. Then we learn to control our hands and feet, then we learn to walk slowly. When we grow up, we learn skills from holding a pencil to writing with it. Learn the skills from handling the bicycle to driving. And this process of learning continues throughout life. As we keep learning skills, in the same way we keep feeling new in life and also keep developing in life.

Well, there are two types of skills, hard skills and soft skills. Today I am going to tell you about soft skill and its importance in our life and carrier. How can this move forward our carrier and can also bring positive changes in life.

Friends, soft skills mean practical skills. From this name itself, it is understood that how much skill we have to behave. That is, soft skills mean that if we are doing any work and working anywhere, and working with anyone, then how should we behave for all of them.

Now we have understood what is a soft skill? Now we understand why it is important. Let us understand this with an example, suppose you are very expert in some subject. This is your hard skill and you go to interview for a job related to this subject. But your behavior is not good as if you do not have the ability to work in a team. You get angry very quickly. You lack confidence etc. So think if you will be able to get selected in that interview. Suppose even if you get selected, will you be able to make a good and long career in that job. The answer is no, because you lack soft skills.
What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?
Friends, one of the features of soft skills is that they cannot be learned from books. They mostly have to learn from different experiences that come in their life. Friends, it happens that most of us keep moving forward with our life experiences. Just we do not know that we are also learning soft skills from our experiences, it is necessary to develop those skills because they are useful in every area of ​​our life whether it is related to our carrier or family life. We also have to understand how to develop these skills and adopt those skills which are not in us. These skills are not limited to just acquired knowledge, they grow on the basis of our circumstances and experiences.

Let us now understand what comes in soft skills -  By the way, the field of soft skills is huge like a vast ocean. But I would like to tell about some skills here -

Communication Skills - That is, how we communicate with each other. Our way of talking should be such that the person in front can understand and like us. It should not happen that we go on speaking and he does not even understand our point and feels bad too. There are many people around us whose way of talking is different or wrong. It can be any member of your family, your friend, your boss, any employee working for you. There can be many shortcomings regarding the conversation, such as using the wrong words, talking in a loud voice, not giving a chance to speak to the person in front and not understanding his problem, etc.
The method of conversation should be such that the people between whom the issue is being discussed can be said about that issue properly and everyone gets a chance to listen and understand each other and some solution can be found. It should not happen that we are adamant on our own point of view and the person in front is not getting a chance to present his side or else instead of understanding the point of the front, an attempt is being made to put pressure on the other person. What we are saying is true, let you have your say.
What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?
Critical Thinking - That is, the ability to think deeply and logically to find solutions to any problem. Do not be such that blindly accept anything. For example, suppose you come to know about some issue and that matter can be related to any subject whether it is related to history, politics, related to a particular person. If you think logically and understand the logical relationship between ideas instead of blindly believing that thing, then this is your soft skill, it is called critical thinking. It is obvious that if we can think properly, then we will be able to take the right decision and can also find the right solution to any problem.
What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?
Time Management - Time management means to manage our time, generally which work should take how much time and based on that how and how much work we have to do. Which work do we have to give how much time. How much break to take? In how much time the work has to be completed. If any such situation comes which affects our plan time table, then how to arrange the time table to do it further.
For example, suppose you have to prepare for an exam and you have complete syllabus related to that exam. Now ahead of this, you have to manage your time according to that syllabus, how much time should be given to that course every day, that the preparation should be good and at the scheduled time i.e. before the exam and along with it the rest of your routine work should also be done.
What are soft skills and why are they important in our lives?
It is not necessary that you develop only those skills as I have mentioned here. It is important that you keep learning many such skills based on your experience and keep moving forward in life.

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