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Employment, migration and disintegrating relationships

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College days were over. I had accumulated many degrees one after the other. And what to say about  job? I had filled a lot of forms, given a lot of exams, had given interviews many times, but I was not able to get a job. In those days, the only thing going on in my life was fill the forms, prepare and go to different places and give exams or go to many places and give direct interviews. Listen to the taunts of my family members in between. If any boy or girl from my neighborhood gets engaged in a good job, especially a government job, then listen to his/her taunts separately. It seemed that the only goal of life was job, job and job. All my good qualities had failed in front of that, no character certificate in the world could improve my image. It would not be wrong to say that according to the circumstances of those days, "If you get a job then everyone should call you with love, otherwise whatever happens, we all will be seen as a burden."

This incident which I am going to tell also happened during those days. After knowing and understanding this, you will also be forced to reflect and think on some things.

It was evening In those days, I had gone to my village with my father because firstly, I had to give an exam in a city near my village and secondly, my father had to go to a relative's place for my elder aunt's death anniversary. After completing both these tasks, we were sitting at the railway station waiting for our train so that we could go back to the city. Along with this, there was also a wooden bat made in the village itself, which was accidentally left behind in the village itself.

Employment, migration and disintegrating relationships

Now I was carrying that bat again. Sitting at the station, I was looking here and there and my father was sitting at some distance from me, looking here and there. Seeing the surrounding places brought back some childhood memories. Looking at the empty space in front of the station, I remembered how some boys were playing cricket there and I was repeatedly throwing pebbles towards them. I don't know why I was enjoying teasing them. They were repeatedly complaining about me to my mother and my elder aunt who were sitting on a bench and talking among themselves. And both were scolding and refusing me.

And now look at the game of time. That space in front is the same but empty. Mom is old. Great aunt has passed away. And I have grown from a child.

After that my eyes went towards the back of the station where there is a field. I remember once during the Dussehra holidays, I came here on a bicycle with my father. The bicycle was punctured on the way and I had come here on foot with my father. After coming, I came to know that the fair was held yesterday, now it is over and the ground was empty. My eyes fell on a tree in the field where despite the fair being over, a flute player was playing and selling the flute. I asked him for a flute. While giving the flute, he said that you will have to play the flute as well, show it by playing it. I played as I knew how. He said what's the matter! very nice ! And some people nearby also clapped. There was a smile on Papa's face while giving the money. Now the heart yearns for that kind of encouragement. Now no matter what you do, it seems less. Now kings and queens and dream queens do not come. Now I only worry about employment and food and water.

After that, diverting my attention from there, I again sat near my luggage with the bat in my hand. I was also wearing dark glasses because of the strong sunlight and also to add some style. It was almost evening but the sun and heat were not decreasing. I was silently looking towards the railway tracks in front. Just then a group of three children were seen coming from the front.

Which will be from nearby houses. Those children were roaming around the railway station talking to each other, playing pranks on each other and observing the things around them. One of them looked at me and said that it looks like a big match is going to take place here. The other one said, "No brother! He looks like a hero of a movie. I kept smiling after listening to his words and looking at him. Those children kept walking like this, looking at the things around them, talking to each other and teasing each other. After all, why not do it, it is the phase of childhood, everything in the world is new and attractive, there is no worry of any kind, the mind is full of new enthusiasms.

Seeing those children, I also remembered that period of my childhood when I used to live in the village and used to hang out with my brothers and friends of the same age during holidays and used to talk and laugh a lot. . The time period was different. It was a big family but there was so much closeness. The courtyard of the house, the fields, the barns, the streets of the village all looked so big, open and beautiful. And today is the time when most of the people of the village have migrated out for employment. Today that village is empty of people but is getting filled with narrow streets, roads, small houses with courtyards, ruined fields and barns and hatred and separatism. Can't there be progress in villages like villages? There should be green fields and barns. There should be progress in agriculture also without any adulteration. Living in a village and farming should also be considered a good business. There should be no shame in farming after being educated. There should be progress in the villages without harming the natural resources there. It is possible that due to this, employment opportunities in the village will increase and migration will stop. I wish it would happen that problems like casteism would stop in the villages.

That culture of the village should be promoted which has been going on since long time in which the people around the village i.e. the neighbours, irrespective of their caste and economic status, are like Baba-Aaji, Uncle-Aunty, Bhaiya-sister-in-laws, brothers-sisters and friends. They keep each other informed and help each other in case of any need.

Although casteist thinking is less in the cities and in some places it is even non-existent, but there is not that culture of belongingness that is there in the villages. While living in the city, sometimes I miss it a lot because generally no one cares about anyone else in the cities. In cities the only thing that matters is work.

After some time, a man came there whose clothes were dirty. He was wearing kurta and lungi. In his hand was a long wooden stick, but it was crooked and twisted on top. He was probably a shepherd. Looking at my father, there was a joy on his face and he went to my father and said - "Greetings! Would you like some tea? Should I order something for you?" My father, who was sitting silently, seemed to suddenly wake up after hearing her words and said angrily - "Why will you give me tea and water? Why are you saying this without knowing?" My father spoke angrily and so loudly that everyone's attention and mine went towards them. I also looked at them with surprise, wondering what was happening? Could there be a fight?

At first the man kept listening to my father's bitter words and then said smilingly - "Hey! You are not recognizing me but I am recognizing you. I will definitely ask for tea and water. It is my duty."

Then my father started looking at him more carefully and tried to identify him. Then he took the name of someone he knew. As soon as he took the name, my father remembered it and recognized that man too. My father's face, which was looking angry and confused a moment ago, now showed a feeling of happiness and belongingness. Now he happily started asking about him and the elders in his family, like how is their health now? Are they still alive or not? And who knows how many things and about whom such things were said.

After some time the man went outside the station. I kept watching him go until he disappeared from sight. To this day I don't know who he was and what his relation is to me and my father. Neither did I ask my father about him nor did my father himself tell me about him. In those days, only the thoughts of job and good career were running in my mind.

After some time the train also arrived. Sitting in that train, I left for the city with my father, looking at the surrounding fields, but not alone, with some questions whose answers I have not been able to find till date. Or I can also say that in the race for employment I could not think about these questions. These questions and problems related to employment, migration and disintegrating relationships cannot be mine alone.

How to correct the mistake that my previous generation, I and perhaps the coming generation may also make? Now whether it is the compulsion of employment, the compulsion of good education or any other reason. Have we become so helpless that we cannot do anything good or improve our native villages, ancestral homes, farms? Does progress in life mean migration from one's native place? Do education and degrees only mean Is it a good package? Can't we bring positive changes in our native places with the help of today's education? Does being educated mean the mentality that where employment opportunities are more available, take your degree there and spread your hands for employment? Can't we educated people bring some change on the basis of our education? Will the salary we get once a month decide where we live, how we live, who we meet and who we don't meet?

Employment, migration and disintegrating relationships

I can expect answers and solutions to these questions only from the general public and those who think openly and not from any government or administration because I know I will not get the answer, on the contrary I will get defamation, useless, vulgar and personal comments will be received by any IT cell. Now whatever happens, the common people have to find the answers to those questions and also find solutions.


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