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Smartphone addiction and remedy

Been wondering for a long time how to get rid of this smartphone addiction. It is a strange addiction, it has to be used when it is needed, but it is still used when it is not needed. It has become a necessity everywhere from going to the toilet to the bedroom, that is, from the beginning of the morning till the time of sleep, it keeps on being used. Sometimes it happens that eyes and brain also start answering that now enough is enough. And we are also understanding this thing but do not know why we convince ourselves and midnight is passed by doing little and just a little more. After that it also feels that this is happening too much, now it has to be controlled, just now its use ceased. But the same thing happens again the next day, despite knowing that we have decided that this habit has to be controlled. But what about the mind? The mind is always fickle, its nature is to be attracted anywhere. viewing on smartphone The smartphone has all those characteristics to attract the mind

एड्स जागरूकता का पहला अनुभव

सुनें 👇 कॉलेज शुरू हुए लगभग एक महीने हो चुके थे। स्कूल की तुलना में कॉलेज की जिंदगी काफी अलग थी। खासकर स्कूल के जितना अनुशासन का पालन नहीं करना पड़ता था। पुराने दोस्तों की जगह नए दोस्त बन चुके थे।  एक दिन पुस्तकालय से निकलते हुए हम सभी आपस में बातें कर रहे थे ,तभी दो और दोस्त आये ,उनके चेहरे खिले हुए थे और बड़े ही उत्सुक होकर उन्होंने बताया की पता है कल लाइब्रेरी के रीडिंग हॉल में एड्स के ऊपर सेमिनार होने वाला है। तुम लोग आ रहे हो क्या ?हम तो आने वाले हैं ! वो एक-एक चीज़ बहुत खुल के बताने वाले हैं ! बहुत मजा आएगा ! तुम लोग भी जरूर आना !😉😋 दोस्तों का मिलना  मैंने भी सोचा ये लोग बीमारी के बारे में जानने से ज्यादा बीमारी फ़ैलाने में इंटरेस्टेड लग रहे हैं। मैं जानता हूँ इन्हें एड्स की जानकारी नहीं चाहिए बल्कि एड्स होने से पहले क्या-क्या होता इन्हें वो सब सुनना है वो भी पूरे इमेजिनेशन के साथ😉😁। अब क्या करें उम्र ही ऐसी है। वैसे भावनाएं मेरे मन में भी हैं लेकिन मैं अपनी भावनाओं पर काबू रख सकता हूँ। 😇 आप यह वीडियो भी देख सकते हैं  👇 एड्स जागरूकता का पहला अनुभव वीडियो अगले दिन मैं लाइब्रेर

Is it necessary to go to gym ?

Those who are health-conscious and want to build a good body, they must have once said that can the body be made only in the gym? Exercise You must have heard from many people, especially in your friend circle talking about health. I want to go to the gym but what to do I do not get time to go to the gym. I do not open my eyes in the morning. And after this it is a matter of course that if you cannot go to the gym then do a workout at home. So the answer is that there is no such thing in the house that is in the gym as there are lots of equipment, trainers, and seeing people exercising, we also feel like exercising or say that there is such an environment. Lets feel like exercising. exercise equipment So the answer to all of this is that if you have a strong will to exercise and build a body, then you can make a good body by exercising anywhere in the gym or at home. Willpower is fine, but how can equipment like a gym be brought home? Suppose those who have a big house and who can buy


One day I was thinking about richness and poverty . If I get more money then it will be so good . I will get rid of eight or nine hours of work. I will be able to do my daily routine according to myself. Will get up early in the morning. I will see the rising sun. I will feel the fresh air of the morning . Will be able to come to my village anytime according to my wish . Will keep visiting relatives. And if there is too much money, then I will roam around all the good places of the world . I will sleep peacefully at night. I will invest some money in good works. Desire But one thing will always be kept in mind that I will live in a very simple way . I will live as I am today. I wake up early in the morning , do yoga and exercise , eat simple and vegetarian food. I will not spend money to show my wealth like I would not buy a car if my work is done by driving a motorcycle . I believe that money feels good in the account and not in the mind . I have seen a change in the behavio

Ego and the game of time

We all have heard some stories in our lives. Some of them are correct, some are fictional, some are very funny and listening to or reading gives them entertainment as well as learning something, especially about moral values like this story which I read somewhere. Once, a king riding on horseback with his servant reached a dense part of the forest. There the king's horse suddenly collapsed and died. There was a problem before the king to return to the palace. Seeing the king upset, the servant suggested, "Maharaj, please sit on my horse. We both sit together on the horse😇." But the king felt insulted by it and the king refused to sit on his horse. The servant understood the king's mind😊. He told the king that you go on my horse, I will come on foot😊.The king sat on the servant's horse and walked. The servant started walking. King Slowly, the news of the servant's paradise spread all around😧. The king was very sad when he came to know😩. He too came to shou

Right decision with Peace and endurance

Sometimes something happens in all of our lives in which no one is at fault. It is better to think ahead considering it as your luck. But it is not necessary that if something or very bad has happened to you today, then bad will always happen to you. Time keeps changing, circumstances also change. Circumstances are not always the same. There is also that saying that happiness and sorrow are the two rules of this world and keep on coming in everyone's life. Peace and endurance You can also watch this video 👇 Right decision with Peace and endurance In English When sorrow comes in our life, then there is turmoil in our mind, that is, our mind does not remain calm and we do not like anything in the world at that time. Everything seems to be bad. We cannot do everything in our own bus but if we try, our mind can be kept calm which is not as easy as it seems to say. When the mind is disturbed, then one should avoid taking any decision and wait for the right time with patience. Sometimes

Seemed impossible. But still happened

It was time for the lockdown. Roads were empty. The congestion had vanished from the markets, which had stopped wherever it was. Neither one could come off from work nor could anyone leave from home. Shopping could be done only on medicines, groceries, vegetables, etc. Work at home either according to your skills, or entertain yourself with TV or mobile😎. deserted In the same morning, a relative's phone call came in the morning, which is in the army. He is posted in second place. His house is in another locality, a little away from my house. I thought it had been a long time and there was no possibility of him coming home due to the lockdown. So he must have called to ask for the Well being. But no, he had to buy TV. As soon as possible. In such a situation😕 Understand The reason behind this decision was that his children were upsetting his wife a lot. They are naughty but the main reason is the "Smart Phone"👈 A smart phone is smart but not a child. Children are raw of

One day with tubeless tyre

I was very anxious that day because the lockdown time was prohibited to go anywhere. There was also a lot of boredom in the house. For many days I was thinking that I wish I could go somewhere and that day I got that chance by luck😀. That day I had to take the exam for the post of Army School teacher, thought that both will be done and I will give two and a half hour paper and after that I will roam somewhere😀. The examination center was slightly ahead of my college and was about an hour away from my house. I was relaxed that day by preparing online offline and all the way but sometimes I think I do a little more preparation but I know that the more I relax now, the better it will be to concentrate in the exam, instead I thought how to fix it Now what is the answer to all the questions, I do not know that it is not necessary, no matter how much preparation, the syllabus of the exam is never complete😉.  Before the twelfth board exam, my teacher said that at least two hours before the