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Practical life and education

One afternoon, taking a short break from my work, I was walking and sunbathing in the gallery of my terrace. What is it now that it was feeling cold that day. Then my eyes fell on two kites flying in the sky. It was nice to see those kites. Seeing those kites, I was thinking, I was also fond of flying kites when I was a kid and in the village. I have flown many kites, sometimes by buying them and sometimes by making them from newspapers. I don't know whether I will be able to fly kites like this now. standing in gallery That's all I was thinking while watching the kites flying. Then a woman living in my rental came, covered with cloth with something in her hand and asked about the mother, then I told that she would be in the kitchen downstairs. She went downstairs and I started looking at those kites again. I saw a kite got cut and started falling free somewhere in the air. If I was a child now, I would have run to loot the kite. Seeing that cut kite falling, I remembered that


How important is behavior in our life that it should be understood by everyone. When I think of behavior, I remember an incident from school time. In those days, along with studies, I was also interested in school work like speaking news on stage, giving orders, speaking ideas, participating in drama etc. Because of all these things, I was a well-known face of my school. Once I spoke a thought on stage about behavior. I went in front of Mike as usual and said something like this - "Hello today's good thoughts, behavior is bigger than religion. Because all the work that happens in the world depends only on the mutual behavior of people. So, behavior is bigger than religion. After my idea, there was applause as usual, but a teacher who taught social science and was also my class teacher and also looked after the work of the stage was very impressed. mike He came on stage and praised that today's thought is very good and can be adopted in life. I was standing on the back stag