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Multitasking - skill or imprudence

Multitasking   means to do a lot of work, or   it can also be said to do one thing as well as tackle other tasks. Thinking about what a great option it is. One who becomes expert in this will be very successful in life. It will create a good image among the people that it has done so many things. But is that really so? The concept of multitasking  ,   that is, multiple tasks at once, started in the 1960s. It was first used by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), a computer hardware company. It was used to negotiate how much work a computer could do. Or you can also say that the use of the multitasking concept was introduced to discuss how much the computer is working and how much it can be done. Multitasking  Later, when this concept of multitasking reached among the common people, people liked this concept very much. People started feeling that with this they can use their routine or time better. People started to believe that if they do many things at once, they will

Swindle Promotion, Charm and deception

It was two weeks ago. That day I was sitting on the commode in the morning, passing time on mobile. I do not have the habit of watching too much mobile but sometimes I look at mobile at such times. By the way, I like to read a newspaper at such a time even if that newspaper is old. But when there is no newspaper, I time pass on YouTube in mobile. The advantage of this is that along with the rest, there is also a little entertainment.  catchy advertisements That day, while watching YouTube while sitting on the commode, I got an eye on a smartphone ad. The smartphone was so attractive in appearance. All the features of that smartphone were present in 5G, Color Blue, 256GB ROM, 8GB RAM, 8MP Quad Camera, 4000mAh Lithium-ion battery. This much cost only 5,499. My wife's smartphone has started giving a little problem, thought this phone is very good, it is getting so much at a low price. Why not buy this phone and surprise it Later I will show it to friends. Thinking this, I clicked on t

focus and success

We have all read and heard many stories in our lives whether they are related to any religion, are related to any corner of the world, or are related to any language. These stories are very funny and are very good to listen to. Whether these stories are true or fictitious, we do not know, but if we consider these stories, then in these times too, they help us to decide how to live, what is right, what is wrong, etc.  Decision One such story is of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. In it, Guru Dronacharya, who was the guru of the Pandavas and taught the Pandavas the use of war and weapons. Once, he decided to test the archery of the Pandavas by hanging a fake bird on a tree. He called all the Pandavas and told that all of you have to turn and shoot on the eye of the bird hanging on the tree. Everybody was ready. Guru Dronacharya called everyone one by one and before aiming, he asked one question, what do you see in front of you? His answer would be that I could see the sky, the tree, the leave

Common people and cleaning

The common man contributes a lot in running a democratic country. In a democratic country with the government, the common man also has many responsibilities towards the country which he has to personally understand and carry out. One of them is to take care of cleanliness around you. It is worth noting how the common man takes care of cleanliness in our country -  clean place Cleaning your neighborhood - Every ordinary person who is doing a good job and is about to retire, then his next step is to buy a good place in a good city and build a house. Buying land and building a house is fine. But the problem starts when the thing is to leave the path to come, here most people start encircling the path instead of leaving the path. And hope that the people of his neighborhood will leave the way. This causes controversy and due to narrow road there is no cleanliness in the locality. In the rainy season, the condition of such Mohalla's becomes pathetic. narrow neighborhood Spitting habit